Narendra Modi’s corruption exposed by Arvind Kejriwal

On 04-Dec-2012, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and other AAP members exposed the corruptions of Narendra Modi. The documents related to this expose:

Also see AAP’s Pol Khol page:
(Unofficial Aam Aadmi Party FAQs Page)



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10 Thoughts to “Narendra Modi’s corruption exposed by Arvind Kejriwal”

  1. लोंग लिव अरविन्द भाई। तुम्हें बहुत पहले इस दुनिया में आना था krishan बनकर। अधर्म का नाश करने हेतु।

  2. लोंग लिव अरविन्द भाई। तुम्हें बहुत पहले इस दुनिया में आना था krishan बनकर। अधर्म का नाश करने हेतु।

  3. So Vote for India Vote against corruption Vote for fast progress Vote for AAP
    If people keep voting for all corrupt parties (their report card mentioned above) you are voting for corruption and coting against India s future progress as it will all keep continuing as is today another 67 years will be lost!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jai Hind
    People who in social media are against AAP are those who are benefitting from corruption at lower level…

  4. One month lowered electricity bills and provide free water relief to even those millions of 
    people before under Congress had none.
    Increased and fast paced development 
    Inflation to be kept in Check and under control

  5. Now what is AAP offering…
    More decisions by the public in major govt laws
    Better Policing
    No MPs or MLAs  with criminal cases
    High level of Transperency in Govt

  6. 163 MPS out of 543 MPS have criminial cases against them still they have MP seat.
    DMIC and South India industrial corridor expected to create at least 25 new cities and industrial infrastructure huge projects all held up because of corruption

  7. So much has corruption become accepted and part of our lives that we have accepted it and even praise it. Inflation in India has hit 10% a year which is very very high brief view – Rs 1 held value in 1960 s today Rs 100 has no value… Salaries increased by 100% in cities only however inflation has increased by 600%……..

  8. Congress: 2 G scam, Coal gate, Adarsh housing society
    BJP Tehelka scam, Land scam in Karnataka, Yedurappa 5000 crore scam
    Modi invovled in power scam with Adani group
    Regional parties: Jayalalitha involved in 60 crore scam
    RJD Laloo yadav foder scam

  9. To My fellow Indians
    Greetings from an AAP supporter Please note below points and then decide
    1- 67 years congress and Bjp ruled at center with help of regional parties and committed scames leading to loss of US$ 45 billion (2 G scam itself worth loss to India 20 billion and Raja is out and roaming)

  10. Sanjeev bhat ne bataya

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