Nancy Pelosi “Trump Owes Obama an Apology” for Wiretapping Lies #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

Nancy Pelosi is on the Trump attack again. It seems she just won’t give up. In my previous videos I showed how Pelosi’s recent behavior has been a cause for concern. Deranged, confused and forgetful, Pelosi has nonetheless been at the centre of attacking President Trump. Despite recent Wikileaks and popular belief that Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower, Pelosi thinks Trump owes Obama an apology for disseminating lies.

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21 Thoughts to “Nancy Pelosi “Trump Owes Obama an Apology” for Wiretapping Lies #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped”

  1. Some where there is a suitable length of stout rope not being properly utilized.

  2. I bet President Trump knows who his party's leader is…lmao, I can't believe this individual works in gov't! They scraped the bottom of the barrel when they brought her in!

  3. Fuck You Pelosi, you need to apologize to the country, " we have to pass the ACA before we can find out what's in it" you ARROGANT CUNT! please just DIE! and the SOONER THE BETTER!

  4. She is the dipsnort of the year!

  5. Trump will apologize when you Nancy apologize for being in Congress.

  6. Shut up Pelosi, President Trump will apologize when Hussein obama apologizes for treason against our nation and admits he is a muslim terrorist with the agenda to destroy America. Pelosi you sound like another libstards retarded woman…

  7. Bat shit stupid and so drunk on the demodumbass kool-aid that she has only one thing on her mind. That's destroy President Trump. We need term limits and she is the poster child for them. Please take you super rich stupid one track minded shit back to California A.S.A.P. For the good of this country.

  8. Obama owes the citizenry of the United States much more than an apology. Eight-years of mismanagement while in office, that witnessed the rise of islamic destruction throughout the world, the esclalation of welfare roles, domestically, the disregard for constitutional law, and impoverishment of the common weal. Now, we are left to clean-up the government responsible for all of it. How we permitted a man to double the national debt and provide little material growth for the nation's economy, is a travesty. He operated like a third-world dictator and got the same results.

  9. Looks like Pelosi has a lot of apologizing to do to President Trump before President Trump needs to apologize since she has lied about Russia and Trump and the election. She is much worse with her lies than President Trump. The MSM has proved that there are leaks and some form of surveillance from the Obama Administration which Obama is responsible for since it was his administration. When she talks about President Trump it sounds that she is talking about herself. I truly do not believe that President Trump lied. I just think they haven't found out how it was done yet. But the truth will come out and I hope that the libs are as far away from the explosion when it happens. They need to be distancing themselves from Obama and Hillary as far a possible or they are going to be caught up in the fallout.

  10. today it came out Obama wire tapped Trump for 8 years so you Ditzy Pelosi so now what you got to say. … and how much clarity was there. The Russian have Hillary. so check on her. you should of 20 years ago lol yet you career Politicans are still there even when you got Alzheimer's. right Bush is President.

  11. She belongs to the closest psychiatric hospital

  12. Next time use someone more knowledgeable, let's say Maxine Waters?

  13. How stupid you are! James Comey already admitted, that he eavesdropped Trump's phones. Comey is now indicted for treason and wiretapping. If that is not enough for you, read about Obama's $120M Drug Bust on "Lady Michelle" in French Polynesia. America had an illegal immigrant gay terrorist muslim thief and drugdealer for the past 8 years. Congratulations to all Americans who elected Soetoro aka Obama with tears in their eyes for a change, yes we can.

  14. What is the name of the planet she is from?

  15. What a Retarded moron of a Senile old Witch

  16. I want to know what Her connection in all this is!!!

  17. Obama wants Trump to apologise ?? Obama is organising protest against Trump, he's fucking mental ,Trump needs to understand how much power he has & use it, Obama took the piss & still is , Drug running with is Muslim brotherhood friends

  18. trump just gets them. if they claim that their was no wiretapping it means that all their narrative on russian connection was a lie.

  19. All these assholes are going to get kicked in the teeth this week.

  20. FBI have investigated, & nothing, she's a mad twisted cunt ,flynn did that & got paid for a speech in 2015,

  21. Are they going to apologize for the Russian bs that they made up and all the other lies!!! Nancy and Hillary can share a cell

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