My Pizza Gate Video Sh*t Storm! & MORE!! #PizzaGate #Corruption

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22 Thoughts to “My Pizza Gate Video Sh*t Storm! & MORE!! #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. you're a good dude…the proverbial gentle giant. these law makers, politicians, billionaires, have all the underground black market resources at their grimy fingertips. the ideologies of the occult and Satanism run deep, more than the average American citizen can understand or even believe. ppl need to do some serious in depth research and see how bad it is. this is where their "powers" emanate from, it's the source where all darkness lives and breeds. the easiest way to throw ppl off the trail is to simply label things as "conspiracy theories" or call investigators conspiracy nutjobs. they need to be eradicated and eliminated from the human race…send them back to the flames from where they came.

  2. Those people definitely look like the are capable of doing that.

  3. there's a lot of people who don't know about pizza gate. they know about the spirit cooking . people need to be aware.

  4. You are spot on brother! This topic is putrid & we need to stand against this! You are a kind humble and intelligent soul, this issue has called to you for a reason, you are a warrior and defender of truth & Good! Your honesty and ability to admit fault speak volumes to your character. don't allow ppl who are too shallow/frightened to look at the evils of humanity deter you from standing in the role you are here to fulfill. Your heart & spirit are as mighty as your physique & you would allow others to feel confident, or safe in coming into their power and sovereignty as we declare our intentions & pick the side we are here to defend. I am honored to see you awake, aware & ready to make a difference and stand with our brothers, who can stand with integrity against weakness & deceit. we need to inspire others to try harder & demand better of ourselves & society. We need to keep up the pressure on these cowards, this has gone on far too long, look to ted gunderson & the franklin cover up. as well as jewish ritual child murder. look into history on how this has happened confirms this isn't a psy-op or a political attack. I have solutions but would rather talk about it in private ideally.

  5. Someone in the American government worked with Assange to snag all the e-mails on Weiner’s laptop. Assange let the word out that he would make 30,000 of the e-mails available. Thousands of people with websites went to Wikileaks and downloaded the e-mails to their own computers. They were college students, religious and Christian prophesy websites, alternative news websites, no matter how small, all over the country and even in other countries.

    Then these citizens of all kinds combed through the e-mails that were on Weiner’s laptop, and the FBI confirms that these are the exact e-mails that came from Weiner’s laptop. These citizens of all kinds read the e-mails, did searches on words they never heard of or did not make sense in the context and separately made many different videos publishing and explaining all the information they got by reading the e-mails. The research they did was obvious from the content and the names of people in the e-mails. This information that was researched, along with actually showing the e-mails themselves so that anyone else can do the same research. The different people from all over the country and the world, working separately came up with the same pictures, videos, pictures of artwork, and more separately looking into the e-mails. They did the investigations that were easily done that the FBI should have done. Even separately the information done by all these researchers comes out the same.

    They all found the same obvious evidence of unbelievable treason that resulted in war, equipping and adding to ISIS, causing the lack of any vetting of immigrants from countries that paid money to the Clinton Foundation, money coming from foreign governments for favors detrimental to Americans and Europeans and raising money for charity in Haiti that was all pocketed by the Clintons. Haiti never saw a dime. Children were taken out of hospitals in Haiti and never seen again.

    All this treason was dwarfed and little discussed because of the greater evil found in Spirit Cooking and all the evidence of child trafficking and child sexual abuse. The information available right from the e-mails is so dark and evil, it makes a persons mind feel sick and so horrified that it can’t be handled psychologically. That is Pizzagate. It is evil beyond your wildest dreams, and because so many people were able to come up with the same proofs separately there is absolutely no doubt it is real.

  6. Call the local Maryland B.A.C.A Bikers against child abuse .Let them hangout at comet pizza. 410-212-9642

  7. Sounds like you are a moderate Libertarian if anything.(politically speaking)

  8. i wish the worlds politicians thought this way

  9. You should go crush their restaurant bud. I'm pretty sure you could do it like crushing a walnut in your bicep.
    P.S. You should make a video of crushing a walnut in your bicep.

    3:9 *

  11. Good job James let's look in to this because main stream won't ! Amen Brother Wow your so freaken  truthful ,Love this channel ! Your a human being peace !

  12. Once again. Everybody. Go to CometPingPongs website. Click on "friends." Click "heavy breathing." Then "enter website." Absolutely terrifyin

  13. Spot on, these people are sick and it's all over the world, Your opinion and views are shared by all carng people, Not the demonic animals involved in their sess pools of vomit. A new subscriber, that enjoys intelligent men opening there thoughts. Good job

  14. There's nobody like Americans to buy into bullshit conspiracy theories

  15. brother James, check out Ted Gunderson, an X FBI agent. this shit is ages old and is even written of in Ezekiel 8, go check it out.
    may God bless you, this stuff is very, very real.
    james in Lahaina

  16. Thank You… check out the audio book on youtube Righteous Indignation, Breitbart. my gift back to you.

  17. this guy reminds me of joe rogan before he went all Hollywood

  18. What is this Pizza Gate stuff? This is the first I've heard about it.

  19. Lets face it.. Some of wikileaks revelations have been rather disturbing.

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