Mitt Romney Is Out, Rex Tillerson Is In, I Told You So! #PizzaGate #Corruption

Alex Jones breaks down the reason that Donald Trump has reportedly picked Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, passing over both Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, who had been on the short list to be America’s top diplomat.

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41 Thoughts to “Mitt Romney Is Out, Rex Tillerson Is In, I Told You So! #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. haha exon mobile is now some how good Alex keep bending till you break your almost there can't wait to see how you justify the economic hardship that is soon to come , the torture and more wars will be waiting for your downfall

  2. Rex tillerson he's. the only terrorist I know

  3. thankyou Alex for being a big voice exposing those sicos and knowing the truth one of the three things they can't stand is exposure and a well informed public another fine video God bless and thankyou Alex

  4. The swamp will soon be an ocean filled with sharks.

  5. This guy is playing you all for fools. He preaches anti-globalism but tells you it's okay if the head of the world's largest business is our greatest diplomat. Think about that for a sec.

  6. it seems Rex is a globalist, like to see Alex address this quote by him, it's got me a bit hung up:

    "One of the most promising developments on this front is the ongoing effort for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    The eleven nations that have been working to lower trade barriers and end protectionist policies under this Partnership are a diverse mix of developed and developing economies. But all of them understand the value of open markets to growth and progress for every nation."

  7. ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery has had pure evil in positions of power…I know because of was employed 13 years there and have a horror story. This is off on a tangent of course; it has nothing to do with this. Not that Mr. Rex would have a clue or even care about my story. I have always just wondered in the back of my head what the top banana would have done about the injustice.

  8. Trump is working the 7 habits. He only deals in Win/WIn scenarios(hence
    the deal with Carrier, for one) and surrounds himself with people
    smarter than he. Lefties think all these CEOs got where they are by
    being lucky or conniving or inheritance….sometimes this is true, but
    more often than not these are some highly intelligent, driven

  9. Good pick Trump,Rex stands his ground more jobs more money, Oil is black Gold  people need jobs in the Oil industry USA and CANADA.Mitt strike 3 you're OUT!!!

  10. We know yr in tight with the MIC Alex. How much is Lockheed Martin paying you to distract yr guests & play act which, btw, yr really not good at.


  12. Mark Levin has said that Rex Tillerson is also a globalist. Perhaps it is time to clearly differentiate between someone who is a globalist and someone who has simply done business globally. It is not good to have major talk show hosts claiming to be on the same team, but who fundamentally oppose each other on critical issues.

  13. HAHAHAHA!!!! Alex has been crying about globalism and the NWO for years and now he is sitting here trying to defend Tillerson who is the DEFINITION of what he has opposed for so long…

    It looks like your boy has turned his back on you… HAHAHA!

  14. The Globalists everywhere needto be executed. PERIOD, end of story. Treason should carry the death penalty and their assets should be stripped from them.

  15. If Tillerson is anti NWO/ILLUMINATI, he's the man for the job.


  17. Climate Change sickens. Climate Change is a substitute for religion.

    The EU is a joke of a proposition and it is doomed.

  18. Alex, respectfully I ask….please…show some respect for your Christian viewers. When repeating what someone said, please just say gd in place of g_d d_mn. It may not bother you but it's the foulest thing you can say to a Christian. It makes me want to stop listening to you if I have to worry about you spouting that out at any moment. Thank you.

  19. Rex Tillerson is not a good choice. He is not a conservative. Exxon
    supported Planned Parenthood (7 million abortions to date) and ruined
    the Boy Scouts of America when he was the honorary chairman for 10
    years. Tillerson supports free trade agreements, Big Oil and all its
    interwoven business in our economy. Tillerson is a lover of money. Rex
    is not a lover of the US Constitution. Trump made a bad mistake.

  20. Exxon Mobile was formed from Jersey Standard (a spin off of Standard Oil{Rockefeller})and Humble oil. Humble changed it's name to Mobile and Jersey changed it's name to Exxon. Standard Oil that was owned by Rockefeller was broken down into several smaller companies as ordered by the "Supreme Court". Jersey Standard was one of them. Just because you cut up a turd into smaller pieces doesn't change shit!!!

  21. Mitt Romney rom a way bye bye

  22. Yes you are right again!

  23. here alex does his best to calm the fears of his viewers for trump hiring an elite corporate globalist, so that the narrative can continue.

  24. So we're going to have a global petrochemical military-industrial superstate. I guess that's just what you wanted, right? #perfectirony

  25. I am so glad he did not choose Mitt Romney. I did not vote for him when he ran for president ( I knew he was NWO) and when Romney stepped out of the shadows to verbally attack Trump that was when I knew I would vote for Trump . ( I voted for Carson in the primaries) So thanx Mitt for helping me decide!!! Rex Tillerson is going to do a great job!

  26. Several months ago I thought Trump's comment on finding NATO to be no longer needed made no sense. Now with Tillerson's appointment and the Russian hacks during the election it makes perfect sense. Putin, wipe that smile off your face.

  27. NASA says climate change is real, not Clintons or other politicians…

  28. This is the message that I posted in Gary Franchis website: Please Alex comment to this. Dear Gary Franchi: This is the message that I sent President Trump in response to his Tweet about the experience of Tillerson: "Experience isn't enough MY PRESIDENT, what has he done with it? Look his past deeds (scary). Crooked Hillary has experience". Unfortunately you don't answer to message, the Supporters can not elicit a dialog to iron out concerns. I believe in Honest Intelligent Dialog, I don't believe much in one way indoctrination, is demeaning and angers me! I don't know much about Tillerson, but remember the Exxon Valdez that ruined the shore of Alaska and the fine was not even a fraction of the catastrophe that it caused.

  29. rex tillerson promoted homosexuals in the boy scouts when he was a board member. tillerson is a new world order ,pro planned parenthood, internationalist. he has made many speeches at CFR meetings ,praising that criminal group.i vote absolutely NO for him as secretary of state.

  30. There is a method to Trump's madness.

  31. Moskova approves. Suggested song to play at Trump inauguration:

    Россия – священная наша держава,
    Россия – любимая наша страна.
    Могучая воля, великая слава –
    Твоё достоянье на все времена!

    Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
    Братских народов союз вековой,
    Предками данная мудрость народная!
    Славься, страна! Мы гордимся тобой!
    От южных морей до полярного края
    Раскинулись наши леса и поля.
    Одна ты на свете! Одна ты такая –
    Хранимая Богом родная земля!

    Широкий простор для мечты и для жизни
    Грядущие нам открывают года.
    Нам силу даёт наша верность Отчизне.
    Так было, так есть и так будет всегда!


  32. Trump's motives behind the choice of Rex Tillerson (and Pence) is very clear. He is trying to turn the U.S. into a oil and gas economy like Russia, and with Russian cooperation. These people don't care about planet earth or the suffering their actions will bring upon all living beings due to pollution and global warming. They will torch the earth for money.

  33. wow, your voice actually sounds like a fart

  34. What a scam artist. People who listen to this guy are a special kind of stupid.

  35. Trump NEVER said he wouldn't be putting rich Ceo's in. In fact he said the opposite he said in all his speeches "I know the biggest best business leaders in the world! Those guys can be nasty, but there going to be working for you, for our country. Right now we have Political hacks."

  36. Trump hinted awile ago he liked Rex! He said he would "bomb the shit out of Isis, and I would put Exxon Mobile in there! Have you seen those guys there amazing"

  37. I think infowarriers are smart enough to work out this is a brilliant pick. From a pro-american company that sends good signals to the russians and basically an unparalleled experience of how the world goes round.

  38. thank god $hillary didn't win she might have put goldman sachs and multinational oil company ceos in her cabinet

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