Malcolm Turnbull Liberal Party Lies Broken Promises Elections 2016 #Australia #Corruption

Malcolm Turnbull Liberal party lies and broken promises Elections 2016 populism and propaganda to be re-elected:
As many years before the politicians are pushing their propaganda and populism to be re-elected. Mainly they forgot what they promised us the last elections.
This Election will be about Trust:
Who do you trust?
– Reduce the cost of living – FAILED!
– Boost small business and improve job security – FAILED!
– Reduce Government Debt – FAILED!
– Deliver budget surpluses – FAILED!
– switch over 457 Visa Slavery – FAILED!
– tax cuts , cut Government spending- FAILED!

Liberal party is working:
– for their wellbeing, their families and friends
– They need you just before elections
– 457 Visa slavery they made it easier that
their companies can make more money
– Support of their Corporate companies
and oligarchs
– Freedom and democracy for them is just a word,
457 Visa is a good example of how they support
slavery instead of giving jobs to unemployed
– Prosperity means to make the rich richer and
the rest of Australians will pay for it…..
– Serving of foreign interests not Australias
– Wasting money on over quoted government
tenders and giving it to their friends companies
– Employing their family members at Federal,
State and Council level
– Lie to public using propaganda and populism
– Creating programs like innovation that supports
their own interests and finances their friends
– Creating policies and tax cuts for their friends
– Wasting taxpayers money signing UN conventions
– Wasting money on projects and development
that support liberal party and oligarchs
LIES of the LNP!!!!



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3 thoughts on “Malcolm Turnbull Liberal Party Lies Broken Promises Elections 2016 #Australia #Corruption

  1. Who do you think who'll win anyway? it's bad enough the rickety rightist clan already have their bets all set up and ready to go the the next term, unaware alot of microparties are going to put a very bad image on a pre-school-like government. All they gotta do is work with the media and tell their viewers it's OK to vote for a party in which the fat cats will eat as much doughnuts; before blowing out hundred of millions of dollars – or even billions of dollars to build their own pyramid of tax distribution nonsense gathering around them. Pathetic is the right word to utter for them.

  2. Elections are close and again show of liberal and labor party. The biggest crap and Australians just vote between 2 parties. Greens have small % and that's it. No difference between communist countries. Political parties need just sheep's that will vote for them and they don't care lies for higher salary. 2 man show every 4 years. Last week they put some fake trade man for liberal party. Australians are easy to manipulate at least here it's all about 2 parties 100 years… Just squeezing Aussies every for years, empty promises… Shit

  3. I donť like them toooo :-(

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