An unbelievable story on episode 5 of “This is Australia”. 
Stuart Paine from Dick Smith Foods tells us all the deceive and lies behind the so called made in Australia from Masterfoods. These people should be banned from the Australian supermarket shelves, for lying to Australian people. 

Stuart Paine from Dick Smith Foods brings it all out in the open. Many Masterfood brands ARE NOT Australian made products. Even the bottles are imported. What is the key to call it Australian Made and fool the Australian consumers? Add Australian water. And our system is full of flaws and the government can not police something so important so we eat whatever rubbish they bring from overseas and they pass it as Australian. Disgraceful. We will try to talk to Masterfoods next to hear their side of the story. 

 “This is Australia” .  Broadcasts Monday nights 7.30 pm Foxtel channel 183.
“This Is Australia” brings together a Unique view of Australia, introducing segments like The Solutioneers, our Aussie made products, the Makeoverists, lots of loughs, lifestyle and last but not least our Multicultural life!

“The Solutioneers” evokes the salvaging spirit in us all. Australia is the second highest producer of waste per person in the world. And a large majority of that waste can be re-used, revived or re-purposed. This includes pieces of Australia’s heritage like the Sydney Monorail and the abandoned 1920’s ferry “The Curlew.” It’s time to find a solution.

The next segment is about our great Australian made products and we will throw our weight in support of these aussies who still dare to keep manufacturing in Australia. 

Next are the Makeoverists. 
From the brilliant Saab convertible and the legendary Jeep Cherokee to the upgrade of a typical fibro house to the most environmentally friendly space to live, the Makeoverists will bring us some great stories.



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