M2U00275 #Australia #Corruption

song writer: sascha .w. schiller

Highest of praises

Labor party, labor party

Standardise rights to fair pay and conditions of work,

Labor party labor party

Keep the junkies in safe houses off the streets,

Labor party labor party

Fund public healthcare for those on struggle street,

Labor party labor party

Keep the police well and informed,

Labor party labor party

Keep centrelink and human services well funded,

Labor party labor party

Keep us safe, relieve poverty & crime

Labor party labor party

Maintain global efforts to safety, security & relief, reducing their impact on our shores

Labor party labor party

Thank you for restoring our pride and self worth through peaceful reconcilation and projects for our traditional owners of title

Labor party labor party

Welcoming genuine refugees within our means of helping

Labor party labor party

Thanks for super public road rail bus and ferry connecting a super continent

Labor party labor party

Thanks to you, funding aussie enterprise

Labor party labor party

Keeping legal equality in the nation & funding education,

labor party labor party

Leaving no one behind…

Labor party labor party

You give us a fair go you are the Australian dream

Labor party labor party

You are the common soul of man sharing wealth, laws and liberty’s

I hail the labor party & remember they are what the golden soldiers fought for,…

what it means to be at peace and to prosper in equality & liberty, …

every time we vote your principles before the parliaments and senate…

be it state territory federal or local mayor…

Respect the rich or respect the poor the labor party respects them all!!!

The labor party is at war, a war with: unemployment, homelessness, malnutrition, medical supply shortages & hospital waiting lists, disenfranchisement, mr speaker
Corruption & behind closed doors callusion & other dealings are “dis-agreebale” un-acceptable mr speaker

And the key to our success is tax payers contributing to collective needs, roads & infrastructure & development of enterprise & state services in this nation mr speaker

In the hope of: self betterment, just outcomes, self enfranchisement, self social resiliance, self reliance, a return to health mr speaker

To live happily in peace & prosperity with our fellow man

We believe in “in-alienable” un-deniable rights: sick leave, maternity pay, (offloading pay) retrenchment pay, right(’s) to shelter, possessions enlightenment, universal education, family mr speaker

Respect & safety on the streets in public places & offices, (&) at work mr speaker

We believe these things because we represent the common law & common wealth mr speaker
Because we dignify & respect the common man!!! & universal good!!!



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