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Those ten values, along with the ministry’s definitions, are as follows:

• Freedom: “Freedom is the fundamental value of Danish democracy. In the Western tradition the freedom of the population is tied to the freedom of the individual.”

• Equality under the law: “Denmark is often at the top of international surveys on trust and low corruption.”

• Gender equality: “The Danish society is based on equality between the sexes. This means that men and women should have the same rights and opportunities.”

• Hygge: “Hygge is considered a special way of being together in a relaxed atmosphere. Hygge is its own word and many say it can not be translated.”

• Welfare society: “In the Danish welfare society, residents enjoy a high level of protection against social and physical risks and benefit from of a range of public goods.”

• Trust: “The Danish culture of trust is based on an expectation that one’s fellow citizens and public institutions are reliable.”

• The Danish language: “Danish is the mother tongue of more than 90 percent of the population in Denmark. Language is not just a communication tool; it is a culture bearer.”

• Association activities and volunteerism: “Associations constitute a basic way of organizing communities throughout Denmark.”

• Liberal-mindedness: “Liberal-mindedness is based on the premise that all people should have the right to decide over their own lives. To demonstrate liberalism means having an open-minded and tolerant attitude and mindset.”

• Christian heritage: “Christianity’s concept of charity and the Protestant ideas about the importance of work, personal responsibility and equality of all people before God have left their mark upon modern Denmark.”
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