LIFE THREATENING UFO REPORT!!? Holloman Air Force Base INSIDER SHOCKING NEWS! 6/19/2016 #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru

WOW THIS IS FULL DISCLOSURE! LIFE THREATENING UFO REPORT!!? Holloman Air Force Base INSIDER DISCLOSURE!!! 6/19/2016 Joe C Weidner TESTIMONY! Based at Holloman, New Mexico. The Air Force Missile Development Center #1 Most Viewed UFO Youtube Channel Thirdphaseofmoon Shares Your Incredible UFO Videos To the World! Upload your UFO Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! [email protected] Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone!

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38 Thoughts to “LIFE THREATENING UFO REPORT!!? Holloman Air Force Base INSIDER SHOCKING NEWS! 6/19/2016 #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru”

  1. I had a pregnated roach in my scull
    why does my backsides

  2. Mufon is funded by C.I.A. Or that's what I've heard by quite a few ufo detectives .

  3. 3rd Fake of the Moon again with another story teller who is been smoking his medical weed a little to much.

  4. You can hear Corey Goode ' s testimony on Giam, it's a show called Cosmic Disclosure. It's a must see, all about the breakaway civilization.

  5. I recently took a trip to Point Pleasant, WV to visit the Mothman museum. While we were there I talked to the owner and explained my exasperation with the show MonsterQuest for their treatment of the Mothman sightings. On the show I believe it is James McGaha who is their skeptic. He sets up a test to see if people driving by in cars at night could correctly judge the size of Mothman cut outs. The idea being to strengthen his case that people had mistaken an owl for a 6-8 foot tall man with wings!! The results seemed to prove that people were making that exact mistake. However, common sense tells us human judgements can be far more accurate than these debunkers want us to believe. The owner of the museum claims that he has 3 family members who took part in this test and guess what?MonsterQuest edited the video, because in fact everyone had gotten the size estimates right!! People like McGaha are not skeptics, they are debunkers trying to keep the cover-up going by continuing to ridicule people…even qualified professionals with PhDs!! I can't believe people still haven't caught on to this BS yet. All one has to do is read the Condon Report from 1969. Even in middle school, when I read it, I could tell that the conclusions did NOT match the data in the report. I suggest everyone listen to Corey Goode. He is telling us the real story of the breakaway civilization. They aren't just hiding the reality of aliens, UFOs, and the long history of visitation, they are hiding themselves. A civilization of humans who can travel beyond the solar system, are interacting with aliens, have trade with many races, and have access to technology hundreds of years beyond anything mainstream science is aware of or will acknowledge. We must stop this group…or groups from keeping the technology and knowledge to themselves, when we are paying for all of it!

  6. they are jinns and not all of them are evil some are kind and good but apparently the govs of the world choose to make deals with the evil ones out of desperation

  7. any one who has had an (out of body experience) will know you know everything in the universe you are GOD/ ONE OF GODS KNOWLEDGE TOOLS what you experience GOD DOES TOO you know what everyone else does as well ie what is growing on that planet in that galaxy where it is and its name, its the largest knowledge base ever and its yours and you know the answer before you ask the question
    but arrive back in your body and all knowledge is blocked again but a faint rememberance of how huge it was and how much you know now this guy has been affected by an obe i believe nothing can hurt you as you know all (evil is a faint bit of nothingness and you are everything else) you are that energy you are GODS CHILDREN love is above it all its the highest creation

  8. I know who this magaha is.

  9. I have never seen a UFO.

  10. I do not believe the guy who is talking.

  11. very interesting story i hope to tell mine

  12. I was in the USAF in 1974… As some have stated, we're called Airmen, not Soldiers. Further, name tags only show your last name, not your entire name. And this guy says he saw three names on the officer's name tag? And he couldn't figure out the officer was a Major, even though he saw the gold insignia?

  13. I have this great idea everyone. Oh wait. I forgot it. never mind.

  14. the thing is – if the US government have aquired alien technology to advance things here oñ good old planet earth – why oh why oh why the fuck didn't they ask em for a cure for cancer or aids or how to use less fosil fuels or radical futuristic shit like time travel instead of mobile phones , laptop PCs , microwave ovens and oh yes that other great invention Velcro – ffs

  15. I'm sure glad that forgot your idea thing never happened to Albert Einstein or we would still be living in the stone age. Personally all my ideas were stolen because I didn't know how to file a patent and didn't have any money to do it anyway. I thought up the no soggy bowl for you cereal bowl that had a food separator to keep it from getting soggy. I saw it for sale on line the other day. I am also the true inventor of the dog stake that kept the rope from wrapping around it which now sells everywhere. I tell you of many more as a matter of fact tthat are now on the market. No bullshit.

  16. this guy is for real, I've heard fake quaks but this is genuine.

  17. I actually orresponded with James McGaha before he is a disinfo agent for the CIA, another one of the CIA's disinfo agents is James (Jim) Oberg, these two CIA insiders are total schills and should be disregarded whenever they appear on tv or radio or online. Never believe a damn word they say to you, they are lying to you.

  18. How the hell do people believe this shit? THIS WAS FROM A FUCKING MOVIE!!! Dumbasses…

  19. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer! Can't bear to follow this slow narrative. Any point to this rambling story?

  20. PRS

    You would think the AirForce knows by now that these are nothing but fallen angels …all demonic entities.

  21. you would sound more creditable if you didnt rape your vids with ads cause you look like a money hungery fearmongerer and its sad

  22. No I am not new. But aren't we trying to get this information out to the public. I am just curious as to why the media isn't more interested. I am on your side but we need more coverage outside of the Internet.

  23. Was witness to the after effects of a well documented case in the 90's. Near a small town (Almonte) in Ontario Canada. I remember the strange lights that night but more so the dozens of unmarked black helicopter that followed. It was extremely eerie. They flew back and forth from a nearby military base (Petawawa) very low over our home in sweeping patterns. I believe there is still amateur video of a landed craft still on youtube supposedly from that event. It was big news at the time, big enough for a fleet of helicopters to be scrambled into action. Of course the story simply faded away as so many of them seem to have a nack for doing. I'll never forget it.

  24. they don't let idiots like this in the military….usa jack

  25. me doont gitt it…  :O

  26. and the "officer" left the room laughing not believing this guys gullibility…

  27. why cant i watch any of the new videos they posted the one with saturns f ring is unvailable/deleted . its nasa mannnn

  28. Man's name is Michael James Mcgaha .

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