Liberal Redneck – Where’s the Smoke, Comey’s Fired #LatestNews

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Are yall seein this shit man?!

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41 Thoughts to “Liberal Redneck – Where’s the Smoke, Comey’s Fired #LatestNews”

  1. C. I dropped my snack ! damit !

  2. B. The whole Russian collusion bullshit was made up by Fucked up liberals because Trump made 1 joke about crooked hillary's emails shit I could do this all day I have so much ammo on democrat corruption…

  3. get some facts A comey said 3 times Trump was NOT under ivestigation go watch the hearing fuck nuts

  4. LOL at all the leftists who suddenly find out they like rednecks.

  5. Andddddddd Comey said Trump did nothing wrong lmfao

  6. I like the Sturgill shirt, us hillbillys may be taking em on with the help of you both

  7. "Country before party" is not happening.


  9. You are cute when you're mad. But seriously you have a right to be mad and you speak for a lot of us. Keep up the creative backyard play set videos of wherever you like.

  10. bet you feel really fucking stupid now. well you should, you are.

  11. Off topic, I'm baffled why youtube continues to bombard me (someone rather liberal) with ads for a conservative not-really-a-college, before/during/after watching the mostly liberal youtubers I follow… js.

  12. I think you may be my new favorite person <3

  13. I wonder if Trump would explode into cheese whizz

  14. Yes, You tell them Trae.

  15. Wow, you could be Robert Downey Jrs. stunt double.

  16. "Also, I do it live on stage…"
    Cutting to an angry Bill O'Reilly: "We'll DO IT LIVE! FUCK IT!..DO IT LIVE!" lol

  17. Trae, why are you afraid of ideas that challenge your own? You petty leftist authoritarians are always silencing dissenting opinions in the little dictatorships that are your comment sections. Be a man, and put your ideas to the test of debate.

  18. "out of a cannon" LOL. I love you so much!!!

  19. Dude, I just took a look at your website and I'm seeing "sold out" a lot. Maybe it's time to stop doing the clubs and doing some venues instead. Unless you are doing that. I guess I just kind of assumed but there are venues of all sizes. Anyway, if you do ever happen to read this, you're the best.

  20. I would love to hear what you feel about Trump's denial of climate change 🙂

  21. Thank you Trae Crowder! Keep telling like it is. The only problem is that us liberals are listening but the tight wad republicans aren't. They continue to make excuse after excuse. I am a German-American. I was appalled the way Trump treated Angela Merkel. It was shocking. He's such an ass and he sure showed his ass that day. Have you noticed the way he sat? He does that when he's intimidated by leaders that are smarter and more powerful than he is. Did you see how he pushed the minister out of the way in Europe. What an ass! He is clearly showing his class and upbringing. Low class, cocky, and a legend in his own mind.

  22. We want him fired…we don't want him fired…..CRAP…make up your liberal minds.

  23. You are spot on and articulate well what so many people are thinking. While some newspapers and news stations are attempting to continuously reveal what is really going on, I believe it will be every day citizens who ultimately speak up, hold this administration accountable and send a clear message to the White House and Congress one way or another. Trump is assuming because he "won" that more than half of Americans support him, when first of all he didn't even win the popular vote among those who did vote and second of all the number of people who voted is small portion of our population compared to the rest of the developed world and even among that number, many Americans who technically voted left the presidential pick blank.
    I like what you said about "falling asleep at the wheel in November." I think moving forward with the notion that some people may not have expressed their like or dislike in November that doesn't mean people can't step up now. He will continue to have supporters who think his policies will somehow make a positive change in this country, yet he is spending tax payer dollars like it was a business account which he can declare bankrupt down the road. I cannot believe that fiscally conservative republicans are not up in arms over his ideas. Politicians who align with him are making their party look bad.
    Anyway, I could go on, but I do thank you for telling it like it is with humor.

  24. Dig the Sturgill Simpson Shirt, Trae! You should come back to the Sleepy Owl.

  25. He's really starting to look like Hitler….just sayin.

  26. I can't remember the first time I saw Trae, but I have been following for quite some time. Being a humanist-liberal in Mississippi is like living in a twisted southern version of Castaway, except you are not alone on that island and you are surrounded by soccer balls who have the literacy and mental capacity of….well…a soccer ball. I have struggled my entire life to find a way to communicate with them. Trae has expertly found a way to play at their own game.

  27. he undermined our democracy a little bit; at least he ain't a black guy lol

  28. your awesome trae. keep up the good fight bro

  29. I agree. But the chain of command afterwards is not much better. What do we do then?

  30. I'm still laughing over "Memaw's emails" 😂


  32. It's funny Trae has a big gold "T" on his hat. Love ya buddy ^_^

  33. "We live in a god damn matrix. The 'sum bitch that created it is off in his universe's version of Vegas on a space meth bender, while his 14 year old runs the show". Does anyone realize how profound of a statement this is? Fucking genius.

  34. Dam I love watching you. ha ha

  35. Mueller will get to the bottom of trump's swamp. As you said, he can't fire his way out.
    Don't expect 'country first' repubs to emerge, they have no accountability or credibility to
    the people.

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