Liars, Morons, and Maniacs – This is the Modern LNP #Australia #Corruption

Since 2013 the Liberal-National Coalition has been in government in Australia. It has proven to be the most regressive, economically incompetent and blatantly dysfunctional Australian government on record.

With unemployment at long time highs, industries shutting up shop nation-wide, gender and LGBTI equality being thrown back decades, frequent international relations blunders, three failed budgets, plans to cut HECS, attempts to eliminate welfare for the disabled, the elderly and the unemployed, ministers being sacked or leaving the party in droves, broken election promises, scuppered Gonski funding, a sabotaged “fraudband” NBN, plans to bulldoze remote indigenous communities, approval of mining that with obliterate sensitive ecosystems, horrific treatment of asylum seekers, and the inner turmoil of Tony Abbott being shafted by Malcolm Turnbull among a slew of other issues, Australia has become a laughing stock to the international community.

This video highlights some of the bizarre and backwards antics of the Abbott and Turnbull cabinets interspersed with testimony from senators and parliamentarians to some of the bigger issues this government has created.

Australia votes on July 2nd, 2016. It’s past time they should have voted for a government that works for them. Think before you vote.



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