Let’s Join the FBI in Scrutinizing Jared Kushner #LatestNews

Help us get this information out there, share this article around, make people aware of what is really going on.

James kicks off his monologue with breaking news that Jared Kushner has confirmed as a person the FBI is scrutinizing in its Russia probe before looking at the Trump-Macron handshake that shook the world.

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42 Thoughts to “Let’s Join the FBI in Scrutinizing Jared Kushner #LatestNews”

  1. Continue harassing Trump for his stupidity. Trump's (the fart) is an asshole.

  2. STFU James Gordon you stick to the UK and tbe Mooseslums that you obviously dont vCard are about that kill your people. The Russia shit is fodder the Facist left wants you to believe. Bill Clinton got paid 500k usd to speak in Moscow right after hillary signed away our uranium rights and got 5 million donated to clinton from FROM RUSSIA. Look up Uranium One,,. Clintons had more to do with Russia then the President ever did. !Stop being a poof and a goof and look that up. If im wro.g Ill come on your stupid show and tattoo your UGLYmug on my forehead. America wants you to please stfu and leave-that of which you know nothing about, out of your show. That being American Politics, We are sick of you crying. You sound so dumb to Us All and AMERICA HAS SPOKE..

  3. I'm extremely ashamed of Kim as Korean.

  4. the true space debate with degrass

  5. We all know James is just putting this liberal act on because most of his viewers are middle aged women who hate trump and hate straight, white males

  6. That Melania slap should be backed by the Snoop Dogg 'na na na nah' music!

  7. Seriously mate this is definitely not the kind of chocolate anyone was referring to 🙂

  8. hmmm interesting, am currently in Africa watching this and although i supported trump not that he was the best America could offer, but that he was and still represents the MIDDLE FINGER to the Establishment, i really am skeptical about a president that can act this way in public. what happens if he decided to use the "football" ie the nuclear codes to his discretion just because he is angry?

  9. I'd he a bridesmaid, priceless



  12. When a Frenchman has larger hands than you…

  13. Who finds this overfed obnoxious loudmouth funny? He's seriously one of the most annoying people on TV.

  14. Benghazi Scandal, Fast and furious Scandal, IRS Scandal, OPM Data Breach Scandal, Clinton Foundation Scandal, Clinton Collusion with MSM giving Questions to Clinton Scandal, Democrat nomination Theft Scandal, Missing nukes Scandal, Uranium one Scandal, Private server Scandal, Illegal spying on U.S citizen's Scandal, Big Money speeches Scandal, Arming ISIS Scandal, Illegal Refugee Scandal, Bureau of land management Scandal, Sharing intelligence Scandal, Clinton Rape, and Cocaine​ Scandal, Team Obama hack Scandal, unmasking Americans Scandal, Classified info leaks Scandal, Pedogate Scandal, George Soros Scandals, Obama's Approved BLM, And ANTIFA Groups assaulting Americans, Calling for the deaths of whites, assassination of Blacks, and law enforcement, burning Buildings and the destruction of Property, Burning Our Flag, using fear for political gain is terrorism Scandal, Propaganda News Scandal, Waco tx Scandal, Obama's 90 million dollar vacations Scandal, All Obama Officials pleading the 5th, I can go on an on with Scandal After Scandal from The Obama administration, Lib Dems Are Scandalous treasonous terrorist

  15. He is literally the biggest asshole on the planet. It is so embarrassing that he is our current US leader.
    #FollowTheMoney #UnitedWeStand

  16. please do a carpool karaoke with Taylor swift pleaaaaaaaase

  17. Love love love this so funny James

  18. Media is the Liberal mouthpiece. I'm glad Trump created the transparency which makes to all so apparent.

  19. carpool karaoke with shawn mendes please!

  20. My dad was going to get tickets for your show in London, but we found out I have to be 16, and I'm 14, so so disappointed, I love your show, hopefully next time☹️

  21. Yeah as a Brit stay out of American politics you fat piece of crap your not funny at all

  22. 🤗James Corden, you are so funny. Thank you for making me laugh on a day that I'm not feeling well. Laughing truly is good medicine.🤗


  24. He pushed through and put that dumb Ralph Kramden look

  25. Those two shook hands longer than what I give foreplay!

  26. Do Bruno Mars Mars carpool segment #2

  27. the liberals reaching has become too sad and cringy to handle get some good material or retire if you are going to make fun of trump at least put some effort into the jokes its embarassing

  28. Fat little English Piggy. What do you know about politics, what do you know about anything???

  29. Thank you for the laughs🤣👏🤣

  30. Instead, can we join the FBI on finding these TERRORIST FUCKS!?

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  33. What happened to James' left eye?

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