Legalized Corruption of Government Exposed by Abramoff

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff (who spent time in prison after pleading guilty to corrupting public officials) exposed how the U.S. government is legally corrupted. The Young Turks Cenk Uygur breaks down clips from his 60 Minutes interview.

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26 thoughts on “Legalized Corruption of Government Exposed by Abramoff

  1. do u wanna see pay for play in your government,
    cop's killing people.
    bill clinton and Jeffrey Epstein (google that)
    the government posting and watching child pornography thats entrapment.

  2. You guys always have a lot of interesting and informative videos.

  3. The funiest part is where he says we don't have a democracy anymore lol you never had one.

  4. For sure, OBAMA and BUSH SR and JR are all EVIL SERPENT spawn CIA predator-killers. But, a person must do their research, check CHIP TATUM and what he reveals. Check Barry Seal and what he has to say. Read THE FRANKLIN COVERUP to see the darkness, covered up at the highest levels in State, Federal and local Law enforcement. Read Stewart Webbs' material. Check on Lt Col Michael Aquino and MIND-CONTROL using trauma-child rape CIA NAZI techniques. Just a few suggestions for research.

  5. If only the US had stayed with Britain for a little bit longer then you would have had parlimentary democracy.

  6. an you young Turks disagree with Trump hes being saying this

  7. "Members don't read the Bills!" I guess that's why they have to pass them to find to find out what's in them, as Pelosi so infamously said!!! Our corrupt politicians are only thinking about the campaign money and their future employment opportunities when pushing legislation through … and the people be damned!!!  Makes me wonder how Obama could afford that super multi-million dollar estate on the beach in Hawaii. Did he get the money from kickbacks by the health insurance companies???  Also makes me wonder why he bought a mansion right on the waters edge, when he is pushing climate change so vehemently!!!  My mind is made up and it won't be changed – I'll be voting for Trump or not at all.

  8. On occasion I tend to agree with the young turks. This is one of those occasions. It's called "Crony capitalism", and it's wide-spread, and deep-rooted.

  9. So can you tell me why we shouldn't send those congressmen and the lobbyists to prison for the rest of their lives? But I buy a dime bag and I go to jail for over 10 years in some places and I'm a felon FOREVER. We have a 4 tier justice system.

  10. Republic, NOT Democracy.  We re-institute common law Grand Juries in every State, indict every one who has a record of constitutional subversion, corruption, greed and supporting domestic terrorists such as the IRS and many other agencies… and THEN we have executions of those who refused to repent of their crimes… live, on national TV for the whole world to watch.  That will be a start!!!

  11. we need a prohibition on lobbing and the money that goes with it, just like alcohol prohibition, we use all those armored cars and cops to go smash up the lobbying offices and go back to the source and just take the money that's being used to corrupt our system. call it a zero tolerance tax and use it to pay for their wars

  12. anarchy is the true state of existence even in so called "society" it's nothing but anarchy being stifled by state run intimidation

    the human spirit at it's purest state is free through chaos not "order"

  13. right on turks time to get the pitch forks and head to Washington wake up America and grow some balls

  14. The world is corrupt ! After working 10years straight, 40hours a week, €8 a hour i could barely pay my monthly bills and struggling to get some food and water. At this point i cannot find a job anymore and i dont get social welfare, im forced leaving my house in a month or so and live on the streets ):.

  15. The lobby is legal, and people dont give a shit, they obviously have no problem with people paying officals to run legislation they want. Its happens everyday and no one gives a shit. Your all guilty because lobbying is totally legal, that would be the first thing to address but nobody cares. So shut up about corruption and enjoy your police state and cower in the fear it provides. Your sheeple.

  16. This shit has been going on since JFK murder

  17. Judges and attrorneys suck each other dicks.
    To see evidence of this. Please type this name ( sadat mousa ) on YouTube. Watched the videos and Make your comments.

  18. Many are beginning to learn about the corruption of the government via the internet. Don't be afraid to speak about it in person with family and friends, because people tend to be. Spreading the word is KEY. Back up your arguments with documented facts.

  19. He was bought out. He was asked specifically if he would , as president, over turn the federal reserve bank and their henchmen the IRS. His answer was….NO.

  20. This is an eveil government. No wonder Mark Sanford wanted back in congress. What a corrupt person.

  21. Abramoff is the King of corruption, he taught DC how to do it.
    Lesly Stal is a tool of the corrupt media.

  22. You mean Talmudic bankers…..who their ancestry HAVE BEEN "DOING THIS" since The Land of Nod. OH! Eden when their father raped Eve….THE ENMITY!
    THEY MURDERED JFK (and COUNTLESS others….) because he was promoting Nationalism, void of israeli nukes, USURY, and world domination.

  23. "we don't have a Democracy anymore Man?" – I thought it was supposed to be a Constitutional Republic? over there in the US o fA

  24. it docent mater who is president it will always be this way cause everyone has a price…..

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