Leftist Freak Out: Social Justice Exposed #PizzaGate #Corruption

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22 Thoughts to “Leftist Freak Out: Social Justice Exposed #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. I'm enjoying this video, with Dave's "to the point" analysis. One thought, instead of anti – SJW courses, how about morals training? SJ is a counterfeit for morals and ethics training. With no religious training the young minds crave a substitute.

  2. "Oh my God, anyone who disagrees with me is literally Hitler…" Dude, your SJW impression is spot on.

  3. this page is an SJW safe space… you are all OK guys 😂😂

  4. True, those social justice courses aren't about teaching people about certain views, they're about 'teaching' them to hold those views themselves by suppressing some information, misrepresenting it, and pushing their own agenda. It's indoctrination, they don't want you to make up your own mind.

  5. Speaking as a New Zealander, I find the SJWs to f**ing repulsive. And being NZer I consider myself a part of a more liberal society, in that this is the *only country to grant universal suffrage in the 19th century.

  6. The war on Social Justice has only just begun. This political correct movement will now be totally dismantled and finally destroyed.

  7. It's not bullying. It's ANTI-bullying. It's keeping a list of the bullies and when they bully.

  8. 3:53 This is a GREAT idea. The only way to drive these cockroaches out is to sigh a light on them and force them to scurry away back the septic tank they crawled out of. People need to get on board with this in a BIG way. We need to take a line from pro gun groups in the US and start up decentralized groups in every state to go after these regressive SCUM from every possible angle.

  9. Calling for a halt to the Frankfurt School's 'long march through the institutions' is long overdue.

  10. The most sheltered and coddled people in our society are the ones screaming the loudest about injustice, my cousin who was indoctrinated for years at school now thinks it's bullshit she has to work and sometimes work hard to make a living, , It's like she was expecting everything to be just handed to her after college, I would almost laugh at how out of touch she is with the real world but its actually sad and disturbing

  11. 6:45 I love how you say Conservatives, but show a clip where MRA is being harrassed, from the incident where Big Red was part of the group that pulled the fire alarm, so the MRA meeting had to be stopped, and the feminists could lecture them.

  12. The irony is amazing, glad to finally see these crybabies get a taste of their own medicine.

  13. Tim Hunt was lynched and taken completely out of context when that British Nigger Connie St Louis. She wrote an article which slandered him and completely warped what he said. He was making a light hearted joke which was received by the MOSTLY female audience well. Then Connie showed up and she got her racist lying pen and paper out. She proceeded to misquote him ON PURPOSE and slandered him which ultimately led to his firing. The ugliest part of the story isn't the lies though, and in fact it isnt even the visual hell that is Conie St. Louis. It is the FACT that Connie is a liar and a fraud. She lied on her resume's time and time again claiming to have written for paper after paper and for major networks. NONE of which can be found ANYWHERE in the aether. She has a history of inciting hatred of whites and anyone who points out how she has lied time and time again. They even silenced Milo on British TV when he brought up her lies about the professor and Connie' CV as they call it there. As soon as the words were out of his mouth Kate Smurthwaite (Cruella DeVille) IMMEDIATELY went into a whinging fit and was seen to be acting like a 5 year old calling for him to be silenced and to have his mic turned off, despite the FACT that everything he said was true. CONNIE HER SELF called for him to be silenced. Sh KNOWS she is a liar and a piece of fucking shitl

  14. 2:17 this is your common everyday negress pretending her life matters while claiming no one elses does.

  15. What's this china during Cold War?

  16. Part of me would love to see someone take that list and do to those listed EXACTLY what was done to professors accused of WrongThink. THEN, we can watch the liberal heads explode under the weight of their hypocrisy. If they are freaking out over the imagined outcome of their bullshit turning full circle to bite them in their non-existent junk, just imagine the reaction when the monster they are creating becomes reality. We saw how they lost their crybaby, whiny ass minds over Trump's victory after creating a monster through their own fears. I'd love to see them do it to themselves all over again. Eventually, it will get so bad that they will meltdown and either make a mistake that will cost them BIG TIME or they will shutdown COMPLETELY and be reduced to a state that suits their vacant facilities. I would love to see that; but, then, I'm the sort of person who dreams of the liar's pants actually bursting into flames.

  17. But don't you think it's wrong they teach these courses in something that has no real value in life and that many will put themselves in debt to take them? I'd like to see political courses stopped to end career politicians.

  18. That article you were quoting was one long example of Sargon's Law.

  19. I love the idea of that list, especially since they made one themselves and called it a "hate" list. Still, technically the right lost their shit too when the other list was published.

  20. Well well well, how about that, they don't like it when we use their tactics.

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