Latest Trump Attack Exposed #PizzaGate #Corruption

Alex Jones breaks down the latest attack from mainstream media and how they all get their talking points from the same source.

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23 Thoughts to “Latest Trump Attack Exposed #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. msm stop picking on us.

  2. Anyone notice that fish-mouthed BILL KRISTOL on this panel?

  3. Wow so sad the false new's reporters are so woefully misinformed lol

  4. haha, Alex Alex, English is not hard to learn. Slavic languages and Chinese Mandarin are considered by linguists the hardest to learn.

  5. I think you all look like fools CNN! no one is listening!

  6. And you have idiots saying now that the UK has left the EU that French will take over. LOL

  7. The reason English is the dominant language is because the British colonised half the world and the USA is the current biggest economy and world power. It has nothing to do with it being a "mogrel" language.

  8. They need to shut down CNN , their nothing more then Trash News . SKK .#boyecotmainstreamnews

  9. Wow we white Americans are so superior…dominant language, correct skin color, where angry white men in suits are seen as Kings!!!!!! Yee Haw

  10. SO everyone wants Freespeech but want to stop Trump from talking? You are too funny, careful what you ask for that pointer could be used on you!

  11. "English is one of the harderst languages to learn". Alex, you are welcome to Finland to learn some Finnish inflectons:

  12. Ana Navarro is the biggest hater of white people on CNN. Send her burrito eaten ass to Telemundo.

  13. I've been mad for 3 administrations Clinto, Bush, Obama I had to live with it! Now you sore losers shut the hell up enough already.

  14. Ana who are you working for?

  15. CNN Clintons News Network that should say it all!

  16. Trump has a right to defend himself and to give his opinion about things. Trying to sensor him, is wrong on so many levels. I personally love seeing him speak his mind, after all, that's one of the reasons he was elected – being honest and not being political correct.

  17. PULL the FCC license for CNN

  18. Bill Kystol, Don Lemon a bunch of screws and a stupid hipanic who need to go

  19. cnn a bunch of lying peices of shit! oh and idiots!

  20. the cnn experts ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  oh man ha ha ha ha ha  so funny , if they was to think on there own , well lets be clear the experts on cnn are puppets and they all failed , poor stupid cnn …cnn experts ha ha ha ha ha ha cnn your funny  more experts we need the humor

  21. I don't care if liberals are pissed. I just don't care. After all they didn't care about me or my kind for 8 years with their rolling over everything I was taught was right, and have shoved everything I was taught was wrong, down my throat. And then telling me how I should, shall, must, will like it, no matter what I think ….

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