Lady is Gaga for Spirit Cooking? [Batshit Crazy Zone] #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

A return to the Batshit Crazy Zone, apparently Lady Gaga is part of the Satanic Illuminati super Elite who sacrifice children while Spirit Cooking, because reasons!


Original Video:

Marina Abromovic Website:


Art News:

Right-Wing Media Mistakes Marina Abramović Dinner Party for Satanic Ritual

Her Religon:

Hillary Clinton Communing with the dead?

James Franco interviews Marina Abromovic:

Kenneth Anger Article:

Lady Gaga interview:

Lady Gaga 2011 Jimmy Kimmel Interview July 28, 2011

Aleister Crowley Reference:
Magick Book 4 Parts I-IV
– Part III: Magick in Theory and Practice
– Chapter XII, pgs. 205, 207, 210
– Chapter XX, pg 268
– Part IV The Book of the Law
– Chapter I, pg. 305
– Chapter III, pg 315
– Editors Notes pg. 739

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17 Thoughts to “Lady is Gaga for Spirit Cooking? [Batshit Crazy Zone] #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate”

  1. Ooof, this was painful to watch. I don't know how you sit through these & come out in good health. haha.

  2. I just…I can't even…

  3. I think there is a connection between Satanism and Spirit cooking, No way any earthly or godly power can make Ribs that tender!

    ….Slow cooking! Sorry I'm thinking of slow cooking, Carry on.

  4. Hehe. "Aleister Crowley does not hold the trademark for a triangle…" made me spit out my tea!

  5. Body language tells so much of the real truth, the critical element. If you watch (what's-her-name? Abramovic) at minute 26-27 mark in this video when she is splashing pig blood on a blankly generic statue and then brushing/basting the blood over it, you can see how reluctant she is to get any on her, with her back subconsciously arched away and her feet pulled back as far as she can balance. She's absolutely squeemish in a way that no simple rancher or huntsman would be. She is actually quite sensitive to the worry of "contamination" and is deeply affected by her own artistic process. She is repulsed by her own imagery.

    This is the body language of a city-kid who has never had to cull the herd or butcher fresh meat or, probably, even clean fish for her own meal. If she were some hardened "taker of life" who routinely made blood sacrifice of any kind, let alone human sacrifice of her own species, she would be dispassionate or even eager for the interaction, pressing forward into the splatter rather than recoiling from it. In a way, this is a bit of hypocrisy of her person. She wants to bring up disturbing imagery, but only as disturbing as it would be found by someone who had never had to cull the herd or butcher fresh meat for her own survival.

    I think Marina is a war protester who saw atrocities committed and was scarred by them in her youth, a soft soul who hasn't had to directly fight for survival in the same evolutionary sense as the average hunter-gatherer or herdsman. Still, she is not wrong in seeking a kinder, gentler humanity that does not desolate itself and its environment. I'll bet you she orders her steak medium-well so it isn't swimming in red juices on the plate.

    My complaint, if I would voice one, is that she has failed to embrace the reality of life-joining-life that builds itself into higher evolution and a way to take life off this rock into the greater cosmos. She just wants people to be nice to each other instead of cruel, and that is a noble sentiment. If this can be accomplished by bringing "shock value" to people who are too removed from their own means of survival amidst Nature, then that is some progress at least.

    Regarding the "cakes of light," I would be reluctant to eat them. While oil of cinnamon and galangal (ginger or "finger-root" extract) sound like tasty flavors, and any reference to "extracted/breast milk" probably means putting simple butter into your biscuit dough, myrrh was classically an embalming agent and fairly toxic. Such antiquated preservatives are not really good for the living.

    As for the rest of your analysis, it is valid and stands on its own merits. This guy is creepy and conflative and full of false associations.

  6. I never giggled so much listening to this guy! I loved the my mother dress me as a devil part…umm Halloween? perhaps? during her terrible twos maybe? Lady Gaga has been busy! Excuse me while I get a slice of cake of light with my coffee!

  7. Well fuck me to tears ! My former next door neighbor(lived next to me in Tulsa) who now calls New Orleans home knew the music of my old band(we stopped playing music together before she was born) knew some of our tunes before I ever met her
    Does this mean that I am some reptilian satanic illuminati musician with influences beyond my reconning some 25yrs ago ? Please if so , tell me now so I can "repent" against my EVIL ways when all I thought I was doing was playing good rock n roll ?
    You know what damn all that I am not embarassed or ashamed of any music I have ever written.

  8. I get sick of hearing Satan, Satanic, Satanist, the Devil and all the other bullshit.

  9. 5:42 Yeah because Wiki is a Good Source for Information.

  10. I have a dragon horns crown. I guess I'm a satanist and I spirit cook!!!

  11. why people are hammering abramovic , in youtube with lies bullshit its not fair at all .
    shes an excellent artist with her new philosophies ,

  12. omgs… she has a song that is all about god and finding herself. It is a good song. And I love how they are making wikilecks look bad…

  13. This guy sounds like he's talking down to a little kid.

  14. Your video's make my day.

  15. thanks for doing this your awsome!

  16. i like her older stuff. you should do a video on the viligant christian.

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