Ladies On Topic: A Slight Case Of The Conspiracies [#FidelCastro #PizzaGate #Recount2016] #PizzaGate #Corruption

Welcome to Ladies On Topic, a show where only the most lady-like of ladies go to ask lady questions like, when an airplane lands, does it then become a groundplane? And if we only use towels after getting clean, how do they get dirty? But today we’re looking into three conspiracies that range from silly to serious. Castro-gate. Pizza-gate. Stein-gate. Will someone please close the gate already!? Grab your tinfoil and enjoy.
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➣#FidelCastro: you are Trudeau’s father! No, not really, but you’re dead. Definitely dead.
Justin Trudeau:

Bizarre theory Fidel Castro is Justin Trudeau’s DAD emerges online as photo of Canadian PM’s mum gazing adoringly at late Cuban leader goes viral

Everyone Else:

Tariq Nasheed:

➣#PizzaGate: Fresh WikiLeaks Emails w/ a side of secret sauce
Emails to examine:

“Fake News” targets Pizzeria:

James Alefantis Interview/Responding to #PizzaGate:

Snopes says it’s false… of course:

Dinner at Comet Pizza/Forum Notification:

More Info:
https:[email protected][email protected]omet-ping-pong

➣#Recount2016: Jill Stein has integrity and wants you to pay for it!

Jill Stein Can’t ‘Guarantee’ Money Will Go to Recount, Changes $$$ Goal

Hillary Clinton joins her:



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21 Thoughts to “Ladies On Topic: A Slight Case Of The Conspiracies [#FidelCastro #PizzaGate #Recount2016] #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Conspiracies are bountiful at the moment
    it's kind of sad that people crave fantasy in their life

  2. I demand a recount… Gibs me money's

  3. i think knowing the signs makes it obvious, something is going on for sure, ether they are big pedos or something else is going on, i think the smokescreen is the "satanic" stuff and they are just big pedos and they use the satan card to say see they are crazy they think we are satanic or something and when they are just fucking little kids.

  4. So NC is basically Margaret Trudeau's secret (grand?)daughter.

  5. I love tropico, you've got good taste in games.

  6. Also Comet's operating company is called Big Cheese LLC. Big/Little pedo dynamic anyone?

  7. I think NC is basically right about the whole pizza situation.
    *equips tin hat of the foil +3 *
    It will be used to show how stupid "fake news" can get, and how something should be done about it, AFTER the whole thing goes too far.

    Say "someone" gets really pissed by the pizza thing, and trying to do the right thing, under the influence of "fake news" plants a bomb near/at the pizza place.
    It would be just as convenient as a random plane crashing into the Pentagon and surgically destroying evidence of actual shady stuff (hopefully not child trafficking) and it would also be a great way to push legislation under the guise of preventing "fake news" from influencing the simple minded into doing crazy things.
    Of course that "someone" would have conveniently left their papers and a letter for the authorities to find and the case will be solved really fast, without ever touching on actual wrong doing that may have occurred there.

  8. check the end when tucker asks if all money is going to recount.

  9. The moon is being projected from Saturn, as is the entire physical existence on this plane is. Saturn has been bound in rings by the reploids feeding off the human souls in this plane, and the moon is the false light at the end of the tunnel when you die, recycling you back to the earth for reincarnation as a reploid hybrid slave.

  10. The conspiracy theory about men (as a class) oppressing women (as a class) throughout history is pretty spicy.

  11. Hot Dog Stand is a common euphemism for retirement in the governmental sphere My dad often talks about his hot dog stand. He will be retiring from a governmental job soon. This person is planning on retiring to Hawaii.

  12. So uh, who else was pretty turned on by Presidente Nyleved Concepcion?

  13. Conspiracy Theory: Breitbart readers are only pretending to boycott Kellogg's to trigger SJWs into buying gross cardboard cereal.
    Conspiracy Theory: "Journalists" eating grasshoppers is not just a dumb meme, it's a code to communicate their undying allegiance to ZOG.
    Conspiracy Theory: People are only hesitant to give NC a job for answering that she wants one to purchase a firearm because they hate America.
    Conspiracy Theory: The Guberment was setting Missy up with psychos and/or people with psycho relatives to keep the white woman down.
     Conspiracy Theory: All conspiracy theories are invented by the Chinese steel industry to help them sell more gates.
    Conspiracy Theory: Justin IS Castro.

  14. The sixteenth episode of The Simpsons' thirteenth season called "WEEKEND AT BURNSIE'S" has many references to PIZZAGATE.

  15. 1) Fidel Castro dies……… 2)an entire soccer team dies in a plane accident in Colombia just before a final match…….3)Ukraine begins military exercises in front of Russia´s Crimea …… what else the iluminati "elite" plans to distract the entire world ????

  16. There is wind on the moon…..

    …..but only breaking wind and only FROM the moon…..

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