Known Liars and ISIS Collaborators Attack Trump #PizzaGate #Corruption

Infowars Nightly News Director Rob Dew ( @DewsNewz ) breaks down a clip from James Clapper and John McCain concerning Julian Assange



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19 Thoughts to “Known Liars and ISIS Collaborators Attack Trump #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. How can you people defend a person so evil like Trump? He's a traitor and a spy.

  2. Fact that Fox is half owned by Prince of Saudi Arabia. ..does not trigger some kinda bells ??? Hmm all news is fake now or staged …Views they need thier views. …

  3. Treasonists need thier heads chopped off you know it they know it…

  4. Trump is a known liar, what these other liars might have said will be a mere foot note Trump will destroy America if given the chance.

  5. Russian hack to influence the elections? What about the Saudi who funded 20% of Hillary electoral campain?

  6. Anybody with any sense can not believe one word that comes from McCain's lying mouth. He's the same guy that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and convinced Americans that they needed to invade Iraq. Hussein was killed along with innocent people and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. They knew there was none right from the start, it was all lies to promote their agenda and destabilize the middle east. It’s people like McCain, Obumass and lying Hillary Clinton that are making America one of the most hated nations in the world.

  7. if you wanna know who the 'establishment' is…they were here. btw where was FBI Director Comey?????????????

  8. you have to stop corrupt lying twats like these being anywhere near involved to begin with hopefully trump will get rid

  9. He is a liar himself .

  10. Great reporting! Thanks for your insights.

  11. John McCain needs to be EXECUTED!!!

  12. Get all the enemies of the Republic out of their positions of power. ….ENOUGH.

    Clean house, NOW.

  13. Tell the same lie often enough and the liberals will believe anything.

    Anytime you have the MSM all repeating the same talking points, you have a script handed to them from the WH.

  14. Saw somewhere that the CIA was training IS down near the Iraqi border. Not a week or two. Six month courses.

  15. Hey Everybody! Remember when Obama was live on the Crooked News Network (CNN) and said, "We are speeding up training of ISIL (ISIS) forces"???

  16. Trump better #draintheswamp and put in prison #crookedhillary because I'm sick of these Globalist Leftist creatures! No New World Order!

  17. Two words regarding McCain and Graham, Term limits.

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