Knock Knock – Who’s There? #PIZZAGATE (Run2Christ) 2016 #PizzaGate #Corruption

More proof pizza is being used as code and sex terminology in movies and tv shows. This time a movie called Knock Knock.

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34 Thoughts to “Knock Knock – Who’s There? #PIZZAGATE (Run2Christ) 2016 #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. sadly to say I watched this..I felt traumatised.. awful..very dark..

  2. you simple minded fools will fall for anything

  3. Yep! Way to focus on the history we already have to expose these pedos!

  4. The Pisos (Pizza or Pie) wrote the Bible in the Villa Papyri, in Herculaneum. The Gettys won't allow excavation. See Abelard Reuchlin. The Bible is the world's oldest psyop. It's the Masons' final secret. 33 Degree.

  5. Dodgeball pizza scene

  6. could you please stop ✋ using jesus name with these foul videos Ta.

  7. What did they have to pick pizza though!!!??? Pizza is the perfect food!

  8. oh wow. Great title. Movie sounds disgusting. Point well taken though.

  9. If we pay close attention and make the necessary connections, we will start to see a pattern- a vortex really. We will see that industries have been established with satanism, ritual sacrifice, and pedophilia at their very core. We will start to recognize that we have lived an illusion. The world that has been created for us by people practicing wickedness, appointed and instructed to keep their alliances secret and the truth guarded from the public to maintain their powerful positions. We will see that entertainment has been corrupted and embedded with the coding of their depravity at the very core of popular culture. Even traditions that we have grown accustomed to, respect and recognize have been systematically engineered through the works of evil to distract, distort, and keep us away from truth.

  10. Defiantly an excellent find 👏👏 keep them coming buddy ✌️️

  11. wow!!!! what's bell mean?

  12. This perversion has been going on for decades. It is not possible that we can stop it since the entire system is in on it (justice department, law enforcement, government, media, etc..)

  13. THEY GOT NEO!!!! WTF!!!! NOOO!!!!!! MORPHEUS!!!!!!

  14. my friend, i LOVE that you censor the cursing words. Who does that nowadays?! props to you and thank you.

    Praise our Creator's holy Lamb! our King and Savior!

  15. Watch "communism by the backdoors" SHARE BEFORE ITS BANNED.

  16. Interesting that Keanu Reeves starred in Francis Ford Coppola's version of Dracula from the 1990's. There is an old doo wop song from 1958 by a group then known as the Rob Roys, called "Pizza Pie", all about a randy young guy who finds a sexy young chick ina pizza parlor. The lyric ends with lines ruminating over the death of the protaganist when it is his time to go up into the sky. Very strange symbolism in this song. Probably high connected Freemasons and/or Jesuits who produced and promoted that group back then, maybe even Italian Mafia is a good guess.

  17. I've seen this film, it was so bad didn't watch it until the end, however now I know about the pedo symbolism it is clear that the film has switched the roles of the abductor and victims to make it PC and thus watched by millions. Switch the role and there's your truth!

  18. In the movie land of the lost will ferrel makes a reference. The scene where he plots dinosaurs urine on himself and drinks some he sais " ah that's some early morning stuff right there"

  19. Whoa, dude! Most excellent!

  20. Crazy, goes to show you that this terminology is wide spread enough to show up in movie dialog. It's amazing to watch all the YT channels posting scenes from commercials and movies featuring pizza. At first I was like you guys are forcing the perspective but this one along with a few others are so blatant that one can't help make the connection – this one really makes the connection for you.

  21. Hi everybody………..THE SIMPSONS predicted this PIZZAGATE scandal !!! ….. The
    episode with many refereces to the scandal is called "Weekend at Burnsie's" !!! ….. It´s from 2002 !!!!

  22. Boycott all Hollywood movies. Filthy things.

  23. I don't think Keanu is necessarily consciously partaking in their…agenda.He simply doesn't give off that vibe to me.

  24. Seeing this is the results of the people turning their back on God and not giving Him praise and glory and not keeping His Commandments! 2Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. God Bless and Run To Christ!

  25. Excellent find! These reprobates keep using their symbolism to push their agenda. We need to just stop feeding them and supporting them and just boycott all of it.

  26. Awesome!
    I've been trying to get people to pay attention to this movie clip for a while now.
    btw the director, Eli Roth, is a huge fan of the Olsen twins

  27. the movie was stupid, but good point on him saying those words. that right there shows what PizzaGate is all about 😕

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