Key Senate committee denies credibility of Trump’s Obama wiretapping claim #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

After a growing number of top Republicans & Democrats say there was no proof of Trump’s claims, the Senate Intelligence Committee ends doubt with their statement that they have seen no indications of surveillance.



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18 Thoughts to “Key Senate committee denies credibility of Trump’s Obama wiretapping claim #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped”

  1. United States has a goof for a leader. What a joke. Still can't believe Americans voted this idiot as leader of the free world.

  2. 5dd

    Trump has always acted like a spoiled child, it's about time everybody starts treating him like one. Good to see that the grown-ups are finally holding his feet to the fire in an effort to teach him a long-overdue lesson about lying and accountability.

  3. he needs to sue the fuck outta this putin ass kissing bitch but he won't. like you said

  4. Wonder what he's going to leak soon

  5. trump,bannon,briebart,fox news are all retards

  6. We played this game with his birther allegations.

  7. Trump is a liar created by Republican lies and twisted agenda over the years.
    Republicans have no one to blame but themselves. They strayed far from the conservatism that deferred to business concerns and stood for everyone's right to live one's life as one sees fit. Until Republicans return to that they will have nothing but the lies of the past 30 years. Both parties simply are not the same. You can disagree with Democrats, but you cannot find an inveterate liar like Trump in the party.

  8. Can we please impeach him already…. I mean really

  9. Wow, that Trump budget was horrible.

  10. How can someone deny credibility of a claim if they have not received information or investigated the claim? How can you deny credibility if you gave the DOJ until next Monday to provide information? HOW? Ohh wait, you're a Democrat. YOU don't need sources or proof. After all, you attack Trump for having ties to Russia, against the testimony of 0bama's CIA and FBI heads, but refuse to investigate Hillary Clinton after she received $15 million for her foundation from the Russian government directly after she sold 20% of US uranium to the Russians.

  11. The time has come to impeach Trump.

  12. Obama is a liar and has no credibility.

  13. I feel bad for spicy 🌶 but I don't know

  14. Lier Trump. manteliy I'll god help American people

  15. 45 America's embarrassment!!

  16. good. ! his "alternative facts " looking ass

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