Kennedy Grills Jill Stein On Recount: ‘Is This How You Want To Be Remembered?’

On the Fox Business Network, Kennedy faced off with Jill Stein about her push for vote recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The former Green Party presidential candidate insisted that she doesn’t want to change the outcome of the election, but instead that she wants to root out fraud. Kennedy pointed out that Stein wants recounts in three states won by President-elect Donald Trump, and none won by Hillary Clinton. She added that there’s no evidence that any voting systems were hacked in any state. “We’re going to the three states that are most likely to show hacking because they had razor-thin margins, because they have corrupt voting machines,” Stein said. “In Wisconsin, they use voting machines that are illegal to use in California because they are so tamper-friendly. They are wide open, they’re an invitation to tampering.”

While Stein acknowledged she has no hard evidence of hacking, she pointed out that there has been election-related hacking on the periphery of the campaign, from private emails to the DNC database. Kennedy argued that all the data shows that Trump won the election due to shifting demographics, not vote irregularities. She praised Stein as a woman of “great integrity,” but said she must know that there is no justification for recounts. “Is this how you want to be remembered?” Kennedy asked.

Fox Business: Kennedy
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23 Thoughts to “Kennedy Grills Jill Stein On Recount: ‘Is This How You Want To Be Remembered?’”

  1. Kennedy is an ugly bitch.

  2. I think she's full of crap

  3. A fucking fraud. She's not fooling anyone she's funded by Soros because she has NO interest in the states where Clinton won by a "razor thin margin".

  4. Stein just wants to be remembered in the history of most interesting election ever.  But history will remember there was a shrill.  She personally will be unremarked and unremembered.  Test the machines, I do not trust any but paper.  What she did was not representative or effective.  So the shrill will be remembered but not her lie.

  5. Boy what a nut stein is.

  6. this is not a conventional election the only way to hak into the system is reach the machines it is the only thing to do as she know…really? thats lame is like loose the school for being cheat on the exam….she is dam rigth by the way miaw

  7. Stein is full of shit. Nobody goes to this link for no reason and she is a liar just like Clinton. She has destroyed any future election for herself. Good riddance!

  8. I would have voted if Steiny went again in 2020 but no, screw this lady. Accusation first, evidence later lol nope, I think not!

  9. Those glasses are way out freaky. What's the idea?

  10. This host is rude, interrupts too much and needs to stop talking over her guest.

  11. Fuck this lying Commie bitch. Why not recount New Hampshire? Hillary only won it by 5,000 votes – a MUCH SMALLER margin than WI, MI, or PA!

  12. WHAAAAAAAAAA boo hooooooooo😭

  13. Ha ha ha there is no evidence and tell you look for it at least people are so funny just a bunch of butt hurt losers with no dignity she can't even sit up there with a straight face jill Frankenstein

  14. Machine error- machine malfunction- hacking- um what about paper ballots? Those cant be hacked. 90,000 blank ballots in Detroit, well tons of people said they weren't voting for a president. Also, all the fraud I heard about was republican votes switching to democrat on Election Day.

  15. Hey Stein, why not recount NC? The margin is even closer here. Why not VA? Why not OH? This is such a joke. Really. Jill Stein is another lying libtard, surprise surprise. There is NO evidence of fraud, her words, then she says, these states are 'suspect' because the polls and blah blah.

  16. Jill Stein smells like boiled cabbage, urine and farts too.

  17. In every county there are checks and balance system so the ballots are counted and recounted before ever calling the results. I don't think she has a valid case.

  18. Jill Stein is a closet Liberal/Democrat. It's written all over her face. Whoever donated 7 million dollars to this Green Party nut job is a moron and I don't feel sorry for you one bit. A last place finisher in the election is challenging the results….. I'm confused, perplexed, appalled, all of the above. I'm so glad Trump won in a landslide. I cant imagine idiots like Jill Stein or Hillary Rotten Clinton running our country

  19. Jill is a Clinton stooge.

  20. She has completely lost my respect. She needed to get it together and be honest.

  21. Jill Stein is full of shit!!

  22. I have no sympathy for those who donated to Stein's idiocy. I hope people take out a second mortgage and go bankrupt if they are stupid enough to fund Stein's efforts toward self aggrandizement of her own piggy bank, which is worth $8.5 million, according to her own financial disclosures!!

  23. Give stein a tin foil hat!

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