Kellyanne Just EXPLODED! She Ripped Traitor Comey To Pieces And Drops SHOCKING Demand Details #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

Kellyanne Just EXPLODED! She Ripped Traitor Comey, To Pieces And Drops SHOCKING Demand [Details]
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As far back as President Trump tweeted out his allegation that the Obama organization had wiretapped Trump Tower amid the decision, it’s been the greatest story in America.

Allegations and disavowals have been flying on both sides. The media, having invested months printing stories about Obama’s listening in propensity, is currently attempting to persuade whatever remains of us that the previous president could never do a wonder such as this.

Presently a well-known name from the times of the presidential campaign — FBI Director James Comey — is additionally back in the news.

Obviously, he was a similar law requirement official who declined to indict Hillary Clinton for unlawfully utilizing a shaky server to send and get exceedingly delicate State Department messages. Will Comey be any more eager about pursuing a much greater focus on, that is, Barack Obama?

Trump campaign head turned Senior White House counsel Kellyanne Conway had now freely tested Comey to uncover all that he thinks about these wiretapping allegations:

“If Mr. Comey has something he’d like to say I’m sure we’re all willing to hear it, “Conway told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro in an interview on” Justice with Judge Jeanine. “” All I saw was a published news report . I did not see a statement from him. I do not know what Mr. Comey knows.

“If he knows, of course he can issue a statement,” Conway said. “We know he’s not shy.” (…)

Conway’s test of Comey came after the New York Times revealed that the FBI executive asked the Justice Department to freely reject Trump’s statement that he had been wiretapped. As per the paper, Comey contended that Trump’s case erroneously inferred that the FBI had violated the law.

At this moment, the FBI is excitedly researching the contacts between Senator Jeff Sessions and the Russian representative before Trump’s race win.

Both that office and Congress appear to need to keep everybody’s consideration on the peculiar “Russian hacked the election” image instead of considering that plausibility that the previous president was keeping an eye on his conceivable successor — and possibly doing as such illicitly.

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28 thoughts on “Kellyanne Just EXPLODED! She Ripped Traitor Comey To Pieces And Drops SHOCKING Demand Details #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

  1. What's next? John McCain should be retired from Washington. Another swamp creature that has consistently betrayed the USA for many years. McCain, retire and go home (poor AZ to have him there full time)

  2. Would everyone, please, stop calling Barry Soetero, President Obama. He is no longer in office.

  3. I totally expect to see a major reshuffling of the media news as those that had their head up Obama's butt are soon going to find themselves out in the cold. It's all about ratings and no one cares about Hilliary or Obama anymore. All this crazy stuff is just becoming more silly every day. When they start wringing their hands over something it always turns out bad for them. They cried about the election, then the recounts showed massive fraud on their side, they go after Flynn, and unveiled Obama's reprehensible wire tapping, the FBI and the DoJ have become the laughing stocks of mismanagement and dishonor. Everything they touch turns to scat.

  4. mc.cain is a sick piece of SHIT, HE NEEDS OUT OF HIS MISERY

  5. Comey needs to do the American people a favor and step down, he is crooked and needs to be replaced. He has made a fool of himself and needs to crawl back in his hole!

  6. I voted for Trump because I trust and believe he will be firm and Just. Comey,is a Slime Ball. I'm tired and pissed he still has a Job. Why? Everyone knows we as Nation cannot begin to deal with the Corruption,Treason and Sedition until Comey is Fired and replaced with Trey Gowdy. It's not Rocket Science. Gowdy,is aware of the Crimes and all the Players.

  7. Much worse than Watergate!!! Obama, pedophile, drug trafficker, embezzler, traitor needs PRISON!!!!

  8. Kellyanne please tell your boss, who we gave the job to, that we have had enough BS we want action on his pre election debate, commitment to bringing in a special prosecutor. We have given him 3 months, and that was more than enough time to act. Kellyanne this is not going away, we will not put up with these people being above the LAW.He has a lot more to worry him than the left.

  9. Oh, By the way. . Is Hillary, Comey, Obama, In Jail Yet?? We can make Room,! Since it has been shown, that the Intelligence community and the Executive Branch were the "U.S.'s" Largest Drug Dealers, with the Best Stuff? Seems to Me, All Non-Violent Drug related Prison terms and Arrests , should be RELEASED. ! ! But that's just Me. . . .

  10. I think it's Great that we finally have a President that isn't controlled by 3 mainstream media Giants! ! ! Gee, I guess they just forgot an ELECTED President is in Charge! Be Great Again? Were getting there. . . . Thanks!

  11. 5 two minute ads. 4 of the ads were the same ad. dumb. I wonder if the advertiser knows they are being charged to replay during the same 11.5 minute broadcast? Doubt it. Youtube messed everything up still. but an ad every 2 minutes is rediculous. Worse than TV and I don't watch tv.

  12. It saddened me when he left his position. I personally think the did not want to hurt Pence because of his best friend.

  13. TREASON no other term fits-Capitol punishment is the only possible sentence. the sooner the better.

  14. How come he's still got his job its all a load of BOLLOX

  15. Arrest Comey for aiding Hillarys escape justice..

  16. Obama forces illegally survailed President Trump. Lets back up.
    Lets review the illegalities Obama and his administration has commited. Even jyst starting with Obama swearing in as President NOT BEING BORN IN THE UNITED STATES. Bring his criminal behavior to date….
    Lets start there!!!!!
    He was a terrorist in the US on THAT day!!!

  17. Kellyanne is a good role model young woman Comey is the worst role model for a human

  18. One reason the Democrats have had the nerve to do such things that they have done is because they never get convicted of anything. The Republicans make a lot of accusations , just enough to let people know something wrong was done but for so reason they won't follow through and convict people. The Democrats are masters of doing just enough to cast doubt or make accusations against the right to counter what the right knows is true. It's time to indict these shameless treasoness bastards and then convict. Stop listening to their counter strikes and get on with it.



  21. jim

    Kellyanne is another elitist asshole

  22. This Russian involvement in the election narrative from the losers is absurd; their candidate was rejected and no amount of forced fantasy will change that. It serves them right after what they did to Bernie Sanders. It's just payback.

  23. The dumbest white people in the world live in america,and the the dumbest of the dumb white americans are republican voters…..mexico will pay for the wall….lol
    Chump is a traitor…LOCK HIS GINGER GARGOYLE ASS UP!!!

  24. E.

    Comey is dirty, VERY DIRTY. Get his info as to where all the bodies are buried–in the Democrat community, there is a new one every day. The Democrats are terrified of exposure of their corruption, larceny and their voracious appetite for raw power. Comey's HSBC Bank association–a DRUG money laundering operation for Clintons; Sandy Berger cover-up; HRC/ Abedin email perjury, sedition, treason; Clinton Foundation "pay for play" and G-d knows what else with the Obama surveillance scheme. Could Comey really be impartial?  His brother, Peter, is the Clinton's tax attorney! Expose him and his minions to the country through the Congressional Hearings and then to court; convict and imprison all of them  for a long as it takes until no one remembers their names.

  25. This guy needs to be put away for a long time! He's bad news!

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