Kanye West Proof of Life Needed #PizzaGate #Corruption

Not trashing google and facebook much anymore is he. Assuming hes alive that is which we actually have no way 2 confirm. Wild.
Heres the links in order that they appear –
Full Convcert Rant – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAin15lq1nQI dont ask 4 donations i get paid very little 4 my noble work here. All i ask is that u thumb up, comment and or share the video pls. thx Enjoy!
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6 Thoughts to “Kanye West Proof of Life Needed #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. He's a loose cannon. If he cannot be successfully reprogrammed, they will suicide him.

  2. well whatever it is as much as i don't really like him i Do hope he's ok. . we're all given so much information now it's true it's Not it's this group No it's that group on N on to the point nobody knows what is What. . dam that double agent Yuri was Spot on :/

  3. no your not an expert, so lets get you more skills eh? first of all dont be so dang gullible, kanye is IN the illuminti, dont you think he knows exactly to tell the people what he knows they want to hear? alex says 'its a publicity stunt' which the definition of that is a staged event, thats what they do, illuminanti, is staged events ,dont be so gullible..

  4. same hospital Britney Spears was in when she had her "mkultra" melt down.

  5. he was kidnapped, and we may never see him again… follow the money… Kanye owed lots of $$ …

  6. Strange that he falls ill so suddenly

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