Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Embassy Final Countdown What’s happening, What to Expect #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

After being kept holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for over three years, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange announced that he will accept his fate .

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30 Thoughts to “Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Embassy Final Countdown What’s happening, What to Expect #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)”


  2. ok he is obviously not there, there has been no physical proof of his face seen since over a month ago.

  3. Were you on xanax when you uploaded this?

  4. Let freed Julian Assange. He has saved American and innocent people around the World from Demonic, Greedy, Murderer, pedophile GOVT.

  5. Youtube has been taken over. I am totally convinced. This is almost a year old. I think it is a way to confuse and divide the masses. I believe Julian is in grave danger.

  6. I pray for his release and well being.

  7. it doesn't matter who brings information into the public domain , we've lost recourse to the law so it's all just irrelevant basket bunkass.!

  8. in Europe the dec 2 2016 would be written 02-02-2016

  9. Unclear if this is from February, or today's date 02.12.16.

  10. Am I the only person that sees the Feb 4, 2016 date on his highlighted statement? This isn't even relevant. It's click bait.

  11. What date is this from?

  12. bring him over to the USA….Trump would love to pardon him

  13. if they claim he is dead he was killed and we need to up rise

  14. any more news on Julian

  15. Why is this republished to day as if its news, this is from months ago
    This is the definition of fake news
    Put the original date in the title or you are complicit

  16. the UN already made the decision back in October..   this is bogus. And..if they're promoting health issues now (after CIA has been around) they're setting everybody up to find him dead ….mysteriously…     sigh.

  17. The typed portion of Julian Assange says  … "Thu Feb 4 03:01 GTM 2016"  This YouTube page just keeps misleading people into thinking what Shannon Bennette publishes on her page daily is current. This YouTube page is not credible because nothing posted here is current.

  18. it's unbelievable and totally nuts: exposed criminals such as Clintons are still free, whereas an honest person has been locked for past 4 years and still have a risk facing jail time…

  19. pretty sure this is all a show as julian was most likely already arrested forcefully the beginning of November when there was mass CIA surrounding the embassy. theres a reason we only see a tweet from the now hijacked wikileaks instead of an actual video message to RT as he used to do consistently. dont believe the lies!

  20. Nobody asks her when was the last time she saw him with her own eyes

  21. there is no legal way the un can rule against him. they have his pass port and have now legal reason to hold it. without the pass port he is legitimately being held hostage.

  22. Every journalist in every country should be fighting for Julian Assange. If you don't say something now, you could be next.

  23. What if he has already been removed, even deceased and this is a body double to cover it all!!!

  24. This has everything to do with the criminals Hillary and Bill Clinton and release of their long and filthy lawlessness perpetrated on innocent American citizens and innocent children of Haiti and elsewhere. The Clinton's own the media and government in the U.S. but not for long. Things will change in January.

  25. The UN already ruled in Julians favor, no?

  26. may ALLAH save you and protract ,,,,,

  27. God will shield him anywhere he goes..

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