Julian Assange Exposes The Terrorising government! #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

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46 thoughts on “Julian Assange Exposes The Terrorising government! #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)

  1. The interviewer is an idiot, what a shame, he is way over his head and hasn't got a clue about the answers he is getting, oh well he got his pay i suppose.

  2. Que bono, who benefitted? The truth is always better than deception in politics. As an American, I praise Wikileaks and the courage of Julian and see him as a hero. They're just ticked because they were caught with hands in the cookie jar and want revenge and for the leaks to stop by making an example like they did to Manning, but nothing to Hillary or Obama, creating ISIS, training and funding and so responsible (but never accountable) for terrorist murders of Americans. They're the real cause and enablers of domestic terrorism. Transparency is necessary to keep any power honest because you can't trust them. They taught us that when Bernie woke us up and we paid attention to what they were doing.. Did the book talk about that? Doesn't helping ordinary people get justice count? Isn't standing for what's right, regardless of the cost, a bedrock value of America? It sure used to be.

  3. You are always in our prayers Julian…may God keep you safe!!

  4. That 'journalist' had a discrediting agenda. I hope Julian is okay. He's a bloody hero imo.

  5. the KJVBible says the TRUTH shall set you free!! Thank you Julian for the truth. God Be with you!! praying for you & family to be safe!

  6. the us government's case is a sham to silence julian assange nothing more

  7. He's doing the bbcs job for them cos they're a bunch of crooks trying to keep the people dumb and stupid

  8. Julian Where R U God protect U IT Won't Stop If u hear me I AM HERE THANK U thank u

  9. He's not in that equadorian ambassy in London since around October 18th, people from London say there's no more police around that building… See this link, which says he may not be alive….http://www.wykop.pl/link/3452961/co-sie-stalo-z-julianem-assange/#comment-40923285

  10. such courage that our corrupt idiots in Washington have never tasted of

  11. ticker tape parade for JULIAN!!! – please come and be an american – pardon Assange

  12. It's all about the people, Julian must resign as the agent for his person because fictional governments only have jurisdiction over persons, not man, and Julian is the man of the century.

  13. 'We the people' are so very grateful to Julian Assange and 'we the people' of the United States believe he is a hero. He is a whistleblower and MUST be given the protection afforded by law to whistleblowers. I think it would be difficult to find an American among the 99% who would not defend Mr. Assange and his efforts to expose the illegal, immoral, unethical and overall 'bad' policies, people and entities who use our government to perpetuate their ill doings. THANK YOU, JULIAN!

  14. Julian Assange Is a fake,he belongs the satanic scum too


  16. i thought you guys said he was dead.

  17. What is the "truth" that we are supposed to wake up to? Honestly asking.

  18. When has this vedo been shot ?

  19. julian where are you? nobody is going to believe your alive and well without proof.

  20. Why must be he killed ? This man is in peace with himself ! ! what those globalist devils are so afraid of if they are so powerful ? ?? They see themselves most powerful than the truth, than God!! kill somebody saying everything that enventually everybody will know never will stop the way of truth, the way of winsdom ! ! History teaches us that our expense! eliminate someone giving informations for the good of humanity is not a act of power but of weakass weakness ! ! The devil act ! ! Those who do shit behind the door, why they don't act by themselves to catch this man instead of sending some other guys to do the shit ? ? In the age of information there is no escape!! the good ones will be praised and the bad ones will be denounced ! !! We must move with our times ! !

  21. hmmmm….."The bad guys" like "Russia?" hmmm. I'm not convinced. there is something fishy about this. he looks so uncomfortable, like someone has a gun to his head, hope not. We thank you Julian Assange for all you have done for USA

  22. Once again no word of Israeli part in all the murder and mayhem , this is how they operate make the plan then get someone to do their killing ,while they distance themselves , Rothschilds have been doing it for centuries

  23. There isn't a scrap of evidence that Assange is still alive. I regret it but I believe he may have been disappeared.

  24. Julian Assange deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Wikileaks was able to wake up the masses that had their head in the sand to what the US government was doing. Obama,Hillary and the Bushes need to be charged with War crimes

  25. He handled that very well. Thank you Julian for all your efforts as we know why you do it! And we are grateful that you do, do it!
    We pray for your safety and continued work for as long as it takes.

  26. When was this interview?

  27. America has 2 governments — one is shadow — and run by dual citizens. "The Khazarian Conspiracy."

  28. Can't here it volume too low.

  29. God bless Julian Is he still alive? I prayed so much for him I hope he is well and fine. Love that man.

  30. This interviewer is so bias and blind to reality…

  31. The journo is an asshole

  32. thank you, thank you for all of your videos!!

  33. This world is not a good place to be living in at the moment.

  34. Smack him Julian, Smack him!!!

  35. I though the things Julian said were common knowledge. I don't understand what he Would be charged with.  Snowdon was a soap opera planned in the early 90's…  as it is I am not sure Julian isn't the same.  its all about handling the sociology of the masses with latent suggestions from programs like this.  by the þime you all catch on it will be too late.

  36. wish the damm interviewer would stop interrupting and pushing his opinion all the time,

  37. The guy interviewing Assange keeps interrupting him when he starts to answer. It seems he does not want to hear his answers. He seems to have preconceived ideas as to the effect of Wikileaks and wants to put these forward. He is a very poor interviewer.

  38. Why are proven criminals of the most horrendous crimes walking about freely while a man who risked his life to inform Americans of the corruption & unconstitutional crimes being perpetuated against them is basically imprisoned in a room in a foreign embassy at best?

  39. is this recent? like is that an actual footage proving he alive still


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