Julian Assange about Google Meeting Must Watch #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)




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12 Thoughts to “Julian Assange about Google Meeting Must Watch #PizzaGate #Corruption #Wikileaks ( NOT #FakeNews)”

  1. old news "dislike" for misleading content you could have dated it properly and would be ok

  2. That's old footage . I watched this interview on YT over a week before u posted it…. Breaking what? Nothing…… FUCK OFF u noob page…it's NOT News in any way/shape….

  3. This meeting took place in 2014 so why are you publishing it now and why are you using 'breaking Wikileaks' inferring that you are Wikileaks when you are not?

  4. Thetr is somthing about Julian Assange I since good in this man. IDK the wicked ones they try to shut him down. To many Americans stand for him and want him free.

  5. Share and report this is Old.

  6. NO not new they think we are all stupid…….. End this facade, where is Julian Assange?????????

  7. is he dead or alive? must know

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