Joe Rogan: WWE is fake as shit! Joe Rogan on CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Batista #WWE

Joe Rogan: WWE is fake as shit! Joe Rogan on CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Baptista

Dana White: Diaz brothers turned down all fights! I met president Donald Trump! Ronda and Conor:

MAX Holloway: Conor is not real champion! Nunes: Valentina Shevchenko is my next fight:

Francise Ngannou: I want Velasquez! Masvidal: Damien Maia is coward:

Dana White on Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen fight! Sage Northcutt is huge talent:

DANA WHITE: Ronda Rousey’s UFC career is over! Francis Ngannou is f*cking monster:

Floyd Mayweather: Fight will happen! Conor Mcgregor: Dana White is not my boss:

Conor McGregor on Ronda Rousey after two losses in a row! I love Ronda Rousey but:

Conor McGregor: Dana White is not my boss! Dana White: I promise EPIC FALL for McGregor:

Conor McGregor: Nick Diaz is a bitch! F*ck Diaz Brothers! Khabib and Ferguson are bums:



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20 thoughts on “Joe Rogan: WWE is fake as shit! Joe Rogan on CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Batista #WWE

  1. Brendan Schaub has always had a weird thing with Brock

  2. lol dude thought the rock wasnt on steroids lmaoo

  3. IKE

    Wwe is fake? No!!! So is UFC nowadays.

  4. lol @ this vid. to these guys… muhammed ali less than 230 who cares. holyfield, tyson who cares… all the greatest fighters of all-time who cares…rocky marchino who cares…A FAILED FOOTBALL PLAYER…A FAILED UFC FIGHTER with a .500 win percentage LETS TALK ABOUT HOW HE IS SUPERMAN !!!!!! LESNAR GREATEST ATHLETE OF ALL-TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!! CUZ HES JUICED TO THE GILLS AND HAS HUGE RIPPLING BICEPS LMFAO gay guys like brenden and joe who go gaga over roided up super freaks make me laugh

  5. I never know what the fuck I'm talking about – Brendan Schuab

  6. Joe is a dumbass that thinks hes smart.

  7. i wonder if theu feel cool to curse so much

  8. pro wrestling is a brutal circus. their schedule is fucking brutal, their whole lives revolve around travel, Gym, and work. they have the least time to be with their families than any other form of sport or entertainment does.

  9. When non-wrestling fans talk about wrestling…. ugh Joe sounds so stupid.

  10. 2:40 "talking trees and shit" Lord of the rings had talking trees, were those bad movies? Loser

  11. "I hate to piss on your entertainment". You're Fucking loving it you liar!

  12. All of these nobody's in this video all look high and don't know shit.They would get there asses handed to them in the world of pro wrestling

  13. This nigga jumping ten feet from a standing position? WTF

  14. listening to people who have no idea what wwe is about is hilarious

  15. Here's my take on it, I am a wrestling fan and grew up as one and still am, I also like MMA, there's actually a few guys who do mma based training. This whole need to bash something because it's staged and choreographed doesn't mean its without injuries, these are guys that go out there 300 days a year on a grueling schedule, they have to pay for their own transportation and hotel rooms.

    Yeah it may be "fake" it's fake to the point that they do the moves carefully and a lot of work from both guys is needed, some of the great matches tell stories and requires the suspension of disbelief, now you may not think about it that way and not like it, that's fine, but don't act all elitist like you're better than people who like it. There are athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, and even presidents that have a love for wrestling.

  16. they fuckin destroyed this kid I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂

  17. it's kinda fucked up that they're pretty much bullying Tony and shitting on him for enjoying pro wrestling. I can remember numerous times when Joe got offended when someone said mma is stupid. plus we all now wrestling is scripted and some aspects are fake but those dudes put there body throw some crazy stuff to entertain the fans. sad people don't respect it more.

  18. dude 6'3 280 and ran a 4.7? put him at Fb or TE. coaches could of easily trained Brock in those positions. He sucked at DE tho.

  19. How naive is that skinny schmuck ?????

    Of course theyre on roids, dumbell

  20. Yes we know its "fake wrestling". Its a performance art. I never heard a WWF/WWE performer go "YEAAA! THIS IS REAL AS SHIT!" Its basically a live action movie. If you can't comprehend what they do in the ring, then don't watch or comment.

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