Jimmy Comet: Pizza-Gate Ping Pong Parties and Political Pedophiles #PizzaGate #Corruption

I don’t usually share other peoples works but I felt this interview so important I had to reshare it to get the word out. This will set the stage for the next upload where Cathy and I discussed this last night on show.



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16 Thoughts to “Jimmy Comet: Pizza-Gate Ping Pong Parties and Political Pedophiles #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. my prayers are with you brother and your family. Love you BROTHER… See you in HEAVEN

  2. Obumma's new home after office, is TWO doors away from J Podesta's home…..

  3. A careless rotten sack of shiitt

  4. Transformation of America and Access Denied For Reasons of National security by Cathy O'Brien details many of our elected officials who are deeply involved

  5. Okay i see you posted his got it

  6. Hey Zen is this guy apart of the channel?

  7. I shared this on facebook

  8. remember that first picture.
    Was Brock on the stairs , and the lady was MADAM ROTHSCHILD

  9. how will it be stopped when the authorities are corrupted …

  10. whats the name of this guys channel

  11. PRAY for these children and monsters in Jesus name please.  MSM like Fox News, CNN and ALL the other are NOT talking about it. The few that are just say it's "Fake News" and offer NO proof OR THE SICK PICTURES OF CHILDREN.  Pray the FBI can wait till TRUMP is in office and they can open up the investigation. We all get sick from this but this IS where the end of the rabbit hole leads along with the Jesuits that evil uses near the top.

  12. By the way ICCC stands for international Criminal Court Case. Kevin Arnett has been gathering evidence of child, kidnapping, rape and sex trafficking. Against the elite all over the world. The Vatican, Queen Elizabeth, even our own CIA in regards to children in Canada. Lots of documented evidence including testimonies.

  13. Kevin Arnett has filed a lawsuit with the ICCC. PLEASE look this up. He's been fighting this by gathering evidence for several years now. PLEASE BE ACTIVE AND AT LEAST CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE.

  14. they will come and attack your family first …….Believe me it happened to someone in Canada who tried to expose this in 2013 ..they destroyed the whole family

  15. The wicked have all-ways worked together……..

    It is time for FATHER GOD'S true family to link up and work more so together as parts of the one body against wickedness!

  16. Brother Zen. Thanks for shining a light on this. You are obedient son of The Most High. Admittedly dark things are at times disgusting and heart wrenching. Thanks for your courage. I must also comment on how much I appreciate your ministry. I comment rarely, however I feel I must share with you how much I value you.

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