Jill Stein Recount and Brexit Delays Defy Populism

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28 thoughts on “Jill Stein Recount and Brexit Delays Defy Populism

  1. Paul,
    i've heard the no Brexit elites are doing everything within their power to stop it, and continue letting the UK be the EU'S bitch. the same is happening with the leftists and their plans for the US in general (north American union). now that Trump has won and is willing to dismantle everything that has been forced on the working class for 35+ years, the global elites are mad that they came so close, and tripped at the finish line.

  2. Change.org got the bundy ranch invasion to happen over the desert tortoise.

  3. I heard brexit has a day of July 43 3026 to take full effect

  4. @ Paul…. Supreme Court to hear Government's Brexit appeal….

  5. I wish people would stop calling it a democracy, or a democratic election, it's not, the founders didn't want majority-rule tyranny, which is why they set up a Constitutional Republic, and the Electoral College. If it were a democracy, Clinton would have won because she got millions more votes.

  6. I've also noticed the BBC now only allow commenting on a few selected articles and will frequently disable commenting if it looks as though too many people are putting the 'wrong type' of comments on there! They are an absolute joke and should remove the word 'British' from their name.

  7. Jill stien intentionally waited to the last
    Minute to recount votes if Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania don't recount the votes
    By the deadline then the votes don't count
    The states forfeit the election

  8. A radio station phone interview asked her when the 2Nd vote was she didn't like it & put phone down PMSL

  9. What do you think about Austria? I give the Greens a year tops. Austria will be annexed by Germany- it was never the separate.

  10. As a Brexiteer I voted against rule by lawyers – and look what is happening. A group of lawyers are trying to mess the whole thing up. As for Richmond by election… meaningless. As for Sky news… does anyone take it seriously? Any station which employs Kay Burley is in the Poundland strata of media credibility. Zac Goldsmith is a born loser in every respect. What did he expect?

  11. What is the federal "Safe Harbor Law"??? Why do you think the opposition is so stupid when they picked out the states with the exact number of electoral votes that would put Trump under 270??? And now they have 15+ electors that have sworn they are going to change their vote to Hillary, is this why they wont even need to recount Pennsylvania anymore??? Am I missing something here??? Or do you think that if this is pushed over to congress to make the decision of the presidency that there aren't enough RHINOS /coerced politicians/bought politicians to vote Hillary in?

  12. This is the 5 stages of grieving 1 denial 2 anger 3 bargaining 4 depression 5 acceptance and this is the bargaining stage. Come March these losers hopefully will come to acceptance and Obama will do what any past president has and turn his back on his loser ego and show support for Trump regardless of what he thinks as all have done before or go play golf and disappear. POS that he is

  13. surely an elector whos vote is swayed by his religion is unable to do their job and should be removed?

  14. Does Hillary and Jill realize that they will be considered high priority targets when the civil war breaks out and yes I believe they will be the first casualties out of the political branch of war we all know that Soros Stein and Clinton triggered this civil war

  15. You better check this outhttp://shoebat.com/2016/12/03/right-now-there-are-over-100-thousand-muslims-and-africans-waiting-on-the-us-mexico-border-to-invade-the-united-states-and-cause-massive-devastation/
    How did they get all those africans into mexico??? Obama plans to flood California with migrants that were shipped into mexico.

  16. Communists dont quit till u kill them.

  17. I think the recount bid in Pennsylvania has been dropped by Stein.

  18. Right from the beginning Trump spoke about Christian genocide and I'm thankful being a Christian, I'd hate to see this world filled with only Godless liberals 😬

  19. I'm in Oath (British Gov/ ID: 25148537) . The 1801 UK Society is an evil, tyrannical, nationwide cult and Britain's new No.1 Enemy. It does not server or defend Free British Subjects. It's actually been harvesting us of everything: land, liberty, property wealth and even our children.

    We British Soldiers and Police were also hijacked and transformed into UK Regime Troops and Officers. Please try to understand that voting is NOT democracy. Democracy is our Free People's Birth right to leave, join or form any society we choose with any 'statute' rules we consent to be governed by.

    Since the UK "Society" is a cult worse than scientology, I encourage my countrymen to RENOUNCE Citizenship and Join/Form actual societies with lawful rules you actually consent to be governed by. When you do renounce from the UK Cult it's 750 'statute' rules (acts) will no longer have the force and effect of law upon you.

    The only laws of our land are the non-revoked magna carta charter and British Bill of Rights. We are Free British Subjects (never be slaves). NOT CITIZENS of the UK Regime

  20. Stein and The Green Party dropped their Pennsylvania recount lawsuit. The Green Party lawyers claim they cannot afford the 1 million dollar bond fee due the court by 5 pm on Monday evening. What happened to the finances raised by the recount supporters?

  21. ~*~ Jill Stein Drops Statewide Pennsylvania Recount ~*~ This means that even if Wisconsin and Michigan do flip to Clinton, President-elect Trump will have 280 electoral votes. #LikeWinningAllOverAgain #LetTheTearsBegin

  22. When I liked the video and refresh the video it says I didn't like it. I feel like YouTube doesn't want us to support InfoWars or any other Real News Media outlets that tell the truth about the NWO, or the elite.

  23. I put forth the radical idea that Canada ,Australia and The USA shift their immigration policies to entice Europeans to our Countries. Lets Brain Drain the Brain dead governments of Europe and let the Commie bitches become A Sharia Land. BTW if we do that then Europe is fu*ked.

  24. Conservatives/May haven't got what it takes to deliver on Brexit. Their dithering is infuriating.

  25. Once and for all someone needs to wash this Jizz Stain out of existence ..

  26. I detest both Hillary Clinton and now Jill Stein. Both sister of their respective Satanic Coven.

  27. Congress still ultimately makes the decision so even if a recount stripped Donald of his votes, we now see why he chose Pence.
    With Pence at his side he will have the Republican congress on his side without a doubt.

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