Jill Stein May Save Hillary Clinton From Her Own Incompetence

Hillary Clinton has followed Jill Stein’s lead in calling for a recount of the election results.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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23 thoughts on “Jill Stein May Save Hillary Clinton From Her Own Incompetence

  1. Jill Stein is sabotaging the green party and distorting her legacy but aligning herself with Hillary and the corrupt democratic party. Where are the recounts in states Hillary narrowly won ?

  2. I predicted there would be yard long nail scratches down the side of the podium as they came to drag Hillary away.

  3. 9:25 – " How much experience does it take to do every shitty fucking thing in the world? Cuz that's what Hillary Clinton did." We'll have 4 years of Trump to see, huh? UGH for Trump!

  4. The mighty rich compared to us don't want to rock the boat and lose their "Politician" meal ticket and cushy life that we, the people will never experience.

  5. EXACTLY! 3:01 – "The electoral college is there in to make sure that if the electorate does something crazy like elects a crazy, xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, no experience madman with a narcissistic personality disorder as president…."

  6. Why attack Jill Stein, Jim? Are you the only champion of truth and justice? Stein and green party are motivated to provide transparency and legitimacy to the democratic elections. You assume she's just in it for the money; I wish you would educate yourself on other people working for the ideals of liberty, freedom and equality, rather than assuming you are the only one with a brain and moral center.


  8. Why would we want the electoral college to elect Hillary in the place of Trump??? Do you think they're going to elect Jill Stein?? Hillary's just as worse if not worse than Trump. Why are you even complaining that Trump won? You should feel relieved that someone who is criminal, corrupt and incompetent is not headed to the White House. And I mean – look at the criminal activities surrounding the Clinton Foundation – child sex trafficking, pay for play, money laundering, etc. Unbelievable that Hillary was even allowed to run.

  9. Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are acting more like concerned and responsible citizens now than either Clinton or Trump have acted all year. These are interesting times.

  10. Both Jill and Hillary are undermining democracy

  11. quit defending Jill Stein. Clearly she's a traitor to her cause. Don't be a hypocrite and delude yourself, your embarrassing yourselves. She's a total sell out.

  12. If you want to change the process in which you elect your president, you certainly do not do it to overthrow the immediate election. You do it proper and give it time. Your going to cause a civil war, what the fvck are you thinking? you actually would rather see Hillary in office. You got to be a total fvcking moron after all you've said about Obama and Hilary, you'd like to see her in the whithouse, ramming that tpp down your throat? Fuck man, your so ingrained with hatred of the right and Trump you don't see that at least Trump has said things that people wanted him to, maybe he will do some of these things.

  13. She is blatant and hypocritical and a few other gems. By the way, I am getting so sick of those Harry and David preshow commercials. Won't shop there!

  14. Worst Person Ever. This guy is an asshat.

  15. It's almost like Jill succumb to the same thing. So what's your point?

  16. I still think that her and man baby are a tag team!

  17. and they said the Republican party would be no more lol, you gotta love it. the more these people talk the deeper the hole gets

  18. lib tards are as dumb as they look – this recount will alienate the left from these formerly blue states for a good long time – and in two years there will be a rotational election for state and federal senators , reps and governors – good work lib tards – oh yes please deny the votes from both Wisconsin and Michigan – call both states dishonest and fraudulent yes yes yes – and then parade around and gloat anyway you can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    after clinton's remarks about election results and trumps atittude about accepting those results – this demonstrates what a complete hypocrite lying sack of shit she is and the entire DNC as well.

    oh yes go ahead and try and turn those states blue inbreds – and trump does not need them to win Pa gives him 20 for a total of 280

    jimmy dores opinion on the electoral college is wrong and prejudicial – as usual – the USSA would be ran by a mafia without that college – if dore cant wrap his walnut sized mind around the need of that stop gap – that worked by keeping gore and clinton out of the WH but allowed tiger woods – ( 2 out of 3 isn't bad) then dore should just stick to cheap hack jokes pretending to be an entertainer – leave the administration of constitutional law to the grown ups

  19. As for the electoral college, it has a purpose. It's supposed to anyway. Specifically, it's meant to give states with very few inhabitants a chance to have their voices matter. Without it, states like Texas, and California would be capable rendering several smaller states votes worthless, singlehandedly. If Texas went all red, it could silence more than 4 blue states, and still have enough pull to ruin several others chances. That is the purpose of the E.C. Without it, small states are fucked.

  20. Unless they can find a way to legitimize all the inevitable results that will show the fraud everyone knows she benefited from at the polls, it can only do her harm. Any machine that has a "Soros" stamp on it is guaranteed to show fraud in her favor, and if they claim otherwise, nobody is going to believe it. There's NO WAY IN HELL a "Soros" machine will ever benefit Trump, and nobody can claim otherwise and be taken seriously, unless the people listening are retarded lol

  21. 'In Michigan, which uses only paper ballots counted by optical scanners, a pending recount will be done entirely by hand. But Zeese is discouraged by the level of Democratic Party involvement in that effort, which raises his doubts that it will be conducted with complete integrity.

    Mark Brewer, for example, an attorney Stein has hired to represent the recount effort in Michigan, is a former chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party.

    LuAnne Kozma, campaign director of the Committee to Ban Fracking in Michigan and a Green Party activist, pointed out several other Democratic Party-affiliated figures involved in the Michigan recount effort in a widely circulated emailcondemning the recount.

    “We had a good crew of hard-working volunteers. We built the party,” Kozma wrote, referring to Green Party election efforts. “Now this
    news is devastating us and we’ve been completely sidelined and blindsided.”

    Even Stein’s running mate, Ajamu Baraka, is opposed to the effort.

    “It would be seen as carrying the water for the Democrats,” Baraka told CNN on Tuesday.’


  22. Not a single known computer scientist and I have no idea about the lawyers, but you can get a lawyer to be on your side no matter what, just open your wallet.


  23. Hey Jimmy, so you think Jill has a deal with the Dems? Really? Idk, to me it seems like Jill's recount was propelled by people like Bob Fitrakis and Greg Palast who have been fighting against Election Fraud for years. Regarding the rich people who would fund her as per this "deal", she has asserted that the money comes from small donations, last I heard 140K averaging $45. I am no Clinton supporter and while I donated to both Bernie's and Jill's campaigns, I am not donating to this recount effort. I think there are plenty of Democrats doing it already. I do appreciate the fact that Jill took the initiative to do it and that it is not costing the GP. There are very clear guidelines as to what can be done with leftover money from a recount campaign. They must be used for other recounts or donated to not for profit Election Integrity Advocacy Groups.

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