Jeff Sessions Fires 46 Remaining Obama Appointed U.S. Attorneys #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

Jeff Sessions Fires 46 Remaining Obama Appointed U.S. Attorneys

Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked all 46 remaining Obama appointed United States Attorneys to resign late Friday afternoon. Some additional U.S. Attorneys appointed by President Obama have already resigned their offices.

U.S. Attorneys are generally appointed to 4 year terms by the President of the United States, subject to Senate approval. The terms often coincide closely with that of the president that appoints them, so it is somewhat common to see a new president appoint a large number of new U.S. Attorneys when they take office. Each U.S. Attorney is also subject to removal at the request of a president.



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  1. The judges being fired who are in the middle of a case are going to be allowed to finish that cases. CNN innuendo is always against Trump. Go figure.

  2. You dam ass holes are not telling the people that this is what happens with every new administration.

  3. draining the swamp and watching CNN fall all over themselves about it. Priceless!!!. What about vault 7 you idiots!

  4. Yeah, yeah, yeah! We hate Trump! We hate Trump! CNN has gone mad! What about the CIA spying on us and HHS stealing babies.

  5. Dont let the door to hit them all into their behinds…on the way out.

  6. Don Lemon, moron. Clinton fired them in 1993, oblunder did the same thing in 2009.

  7. Don Lemon SUKS . CNN is FAKE NEWS.

  8. CNN Is full of spin and lies. Every new president does this. CNN should go away.

  9. Clinton fired all conservative attorneys.

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