Jeff Rense & Jim Fetzer – Pizzagate & Occultism #PizzaGate #Corruption

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Clip from December 01, 2016 – guest Jim Fetzer on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at



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37 Thoughts to “Jeff Rense & Jim Fetzer – Pizzagate & Occultism #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Why a have threats been made on your life?

  2. A.I. Humanity attacked the first public A.I. that could have helped us. And Microsoft pulled it off in one day. We need A.I. example: A.I. can judge if this case is legit and should be investigated. If Global A.I. would say so, people would listen. Tell Microsoft to get Global A.I. back up!!!

  3. so is Trump going to give medicare and SS to the bankers. That's what they are saying

  4. Amazing show guys , keep doing what you do best , real information

  5. Jesus, Fetzer is the bloody guest — let him talk.

  6. flip flop gas-a-bagging….

  7. Hi Jeff, wow your show gets better all the time. Keep up the good work!

  8. Everyone on this planet born as a child, innocent and all…and one day, we don't know why but some of us become a pedophile for some strange reason. Even if we put those people in prison…there is too many of them! It's like 45% of the population on earth are, in fact, pedophiles (incl. women) and whatever their job, their age, their life style, their religion, poor or rich. So, what we gonna do about it?! What is wrong with the humanity? It's in the brain somewhere when people grow up? It's the DNA or just because it's a part of the evolution of the humanity and we still don't know why, maybe?! Honestly, I'm lost. It's like, everyone on earth become a pedophile soon or later…what the hell is going on?!

  9. If they truly have a bacteria capable of wiping out knee-gurz, I sure wish they'd release it…. WTH are they waiting for?

  10. And, wtf is the FBI, NSA, and CIA doing about all of these compromised politicians? All easily bribed and extorted….all are a national security risk.

  11. Milk is in almost all cookies, bread, ice cream, pizza, cheese how to avoid it all please get a life it is undoable.
    Yeah eat some chickens loaded with anti biotics, piggs meat is full of junk. Coca Cola is 10 grams of sugar per 100.
    your drinking water has been poisoned with micro plastic particles and fluoride. You can not stop this train of self destruction ……..

  12. check out why the obama's lost their law licenses. possible extortion in chicago?

  13. I have to wonder how many other country leaders know about this or engage in this. We know some of them but we need to know all of them. So many technologies in older sci-fi movies have come true. Oh but that's just "plausible deniability". I do hope Jeff and Jim are right about what Trump can accomplish.

  14. they could simply fukushima 100 power plants.

  15. #1 It is the Lord GOD JESUS CHRIST who '"runs the planet"
    #2 "With God all things are "possible"
    #3 singing "lions and tigers and bears" while walking through the woods at night has never been an effective strategy to defeat evil.


  17. you can tell too by their faces,bodys,and reactions–KURU,very real

  18. These two are both fake opposition.


  20. Piz a g8 is real but will be used to censor free speech under guise of fake news.They will throw comet pizza under the bus and blame it bullies from alt right research.Even though it's real watch for the set up.

  21. Nano Tech Morgellons. Interview Cliff Carnicom. where Have you been Jeff?

  22. How strange,you talk about Isreal and how bad they & how they controle the media and the banking system bla bla bla..but then in your next breath your on the same side as the isrealies because your fighting the same enemy the Muslims.. weird

  23. Why hasn't trump talked about this Wikileaks?

  24. Rahm Emanuel Became Mayor Of Chicago To Cover-Up Obama's Crimes? I would love to get some links to that bombshell. Was it realated to Obama's Gay Past claims and dead gay people?

  25. pork/chicken/people hymm good. with sriracha sauce soooo good

  26. Always with the aliens; this is why the mainstream public doesn't take the conspiracy movement seriously. Stop with the aliens, they were created back in the 40's and 50's by science 'fiction' writers and then capitalized on by government military to hide their secret weapons programs. Evil is not involving aliens or lizard people or caused by them. Stick to reality please. You will go farther.

  27. With PizzaGate fresh mind, how hard is it to understand the US Gov. killed 3000 on 9/11 !?

  28. been going on for ever, and there are people out here who have survived it and know, sadly it is very real and lucifer rules this world and this is how.

  29. really examine what happen to Lamar Odom

  30. instead of these same ol fellas as your guest, why not tell your story? I'm intrigued…also, interview #donaldmarshall whether you believe him or not. it's well worth your scholarly consideration. cheers, been listening for years

  31. ERP TECHNOLOGY AND Business Adalberto Cervantes Rodriguez on YouTube he gave Donald Trump lots of information even ZETAS from Mexico are involved with Obama and Hillary Clinton pizza Gate

  32. Thank you for speaking the truth. You are my hero

  33. Jeff and Jim check out Donald Trump Wall between Mexico and USA it will stop the child organ trafficking for#pizza Gate

  34. Love Rense..Been listening for 13 yrs now..

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