Jared Kushner under scrutiny in Russia probe #LatestNews

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CBS News has learned President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, in under scrutiny in the probe into Russian election meddling. Azi Paybarah of Politico New York and Philip Bump of The Washington Post join “Red & Blue” to discuss.

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13 Thoughts to “Jared Kushner under scrutiny in Russia probe #LatestNews”

  1. Has CBS "learned" of Hillary's uranium deal?   Has it "learned" the Podestas lobbied for Russia firms?

  2. ER Doc Who Operated on Seth Rich says he was expected to make a full recovery & a staff person said that something fishy happened in ICU after about 8 hours. A week before he was attacked he sent over 40K emails to WIKILEAKS about the DNC & how they sabotaged Bernie's campaign. It was Not Russia.

    1-Kushner is not believed to have committed any crimes.
    2-Kushner IS NOT the "subject" of any investigation.
    3-Kushner has already communicated through his lawyer he will cooperate by turning over all information needed.

  4. squeeze Kushner and watch chump…… excellent tactic. Bravo!

  5. Dose Jared Kushner owe George Soros a bunch of money?   The borrower is servant to the lender.  remember?

  6. Drain the White House!!! put Blue back in!!!

  7. KIM DOTCOM TO TESTIFY IN RUSSIA PROBE SETH RICH WAS WIKILEAKS SOURCE: CNN, WaPo, Preventing Truth – What is more likely? Russian hacking election or Seth Rich Hit? – Uncle Hotep chimes in: http://trumpisright.blogspot.com/2017/05/kim-dotcom-to-testify-in-russia-probe.html HNN: Even Some Corporate Media Outlets Admit The Trump Russia Story Is Fake News – Hannity: The Russia collusion narrative is crumbling: http://trumpisright.blogspot.com/2017/05/hnn-even-some-corporate-media-outlets.html

  8. Zero credibility.All based on rumours and makeup stories.

  9. Please somebody get some of those big fat crayons,the type Donny can understand. Then explain what exactly NATO is to him and how totally out of line he was. Geez the way they looked at him in total amazement. Treating world leaders as if they personally owe him money..How can he still have even 38% following. Seems like if you can tie your own shoes you should be able to see right thru Trump.

  10. I love the idea that my taxes will be used to help Trump and his goons develop and deploy a propaganda department to help cover up his crimes.

  11. What about the probe into Hillary's Russian ties?

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