Jared Kushner New Target of Trump-Russia FBI Investigation #LatestNews

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Jared Kushner New Target of Trump-Russia FBI Investigation



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11 Thoughts to “Jared Kushner New Target of Trump-Russia FBI Investigation #LatestNews”

  1. Vote for me to be president another George in the white house?

  2. The link between Kushner and Russia has been known for a while with his real estate deals and working with the Rusian bank locked in the what was known as the KGB and the Kremlin. What they may be looking at now is What they called incidental connections. Where 'wire tapping' Russian officials like Gorkov has caught either them talking about Kushner or talking directly to him. If that is the case and he was Trumps top advisor during the election and even now after, that is collusion and will drag Trump directly into it.

  3. All the rest of this investigation has been nonsense but Kushner is the real one. He definitely has ties to Russia working with them against America that I don't agree with but ties yes also has ties to China. This could be the one that brings down the Administration.

  4. Trump makes himself look so childish.. Seriously? You need to push a man out the way to puff up your chest to be in front like a 3yr old? Come on! Have some Presidential dignity please, humility or something. That was just horrible.

  5. How many people do these net works want to destroy ,,
    My god they would never investigate Clintons family
    My god they would not investigate Obamas family

    They will not investigate Seth Rich Murder why??????
    God I hope they all get caught in the end ,,

  6. Wait a second, people. You are making very little of Trump shoving aside the prime minister of Montenegro. But did you see Trump's face and demeanor when he grabbed the primer minister's shoulder and pushed him back? He didn't even look at him and acted as if he was upset at him. And did you forget already that Putin is not happy with Montenegro joining NATO? Get it? Putin upset at Montenegro. Trump upset at Montenegro. The "collusion" continues…

  7. This is so much cooler than the news. Hardly ever watch the news anymore

  8. Trump's a tweeting asshole. He's a classless moron and an embarrassment to America!

  9. Drump is an embarrassment to US, a bully child trying to be first gosh this man doesn't have any class maybe that is why Melania wants to stay away from him😩

  10. One by one, the dominoes of the trump. Administration will fall…


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