Jared Kushner Is Under FBI Scrutiny Over Russia Ties, and He Speaks Publicly #LatestNews

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Jared Kushner Is Under FBI Scrutiny Over Russia Ties, and He Speaks Publicly

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20 Thoughts to “Jared Kushner Is Under FBI Scrutiny Over Russia Ties, and He Speaks Publicly #LatestNews”

  1. Tired of people also making coments that someones jeoulous of Ivanka just cause they say the truth about her. She had tons of plastic surgery done so no.

  2. Only dumb russian trolls support this coruptions. Btw They werent good guys in the past. They tried to 'help' the people in Europe by getting rid of nazis but in meantime they spread communism forced people to learn their language, murdered kids and raped women as well as puting parents in there own concentration camps if they were well off.

  3. Waters has 2.8 million dollars in a Russia retirement account what's her connection to Russia . She gave her sister millions of dollars of her campain money . she's using family to hid money . Pedestal 35 million from Russia McCain 1 million from Russia . Hillary and bill millions from Russia . but there not being investigated .

  4. Goes for every single company- my asshole boss is a daughter in law of an administrator.

  5. Im a woman and believe Ivanka's agenda for "working" women can really do some harm. It's like some unrealistic superwoman agenda.

  6. Dr., they just want to talk to Kushner, have already said he isn't under investigation. As part of transition, he spoke with foreign leaders on Trump's behalf, including discussion about setting up a back channel with Russia – which is normal – Obama did it with Russia in 2014 and Iran even as a Candidate. Kushner didn't lie on application. Became Sr. advisor because Trump trusts his loalty. Trump is at war with globalist and deep state and needs loyal persons.

  7. Doctor..when are you going to do a story about ivankas nude photos all over the internet! what kind of husband encouraged his wife to do such a low thing?
    jared is sneaky AND EVIL!

  8. kushner will be locked up just like hos father. what is this slumlord that terrorizes his tenants with multiple lawsuits doing the white house? ??
    i cant even look at this yuppie yoga scum!!

  9. I am a Trump supporter, but I don't agree with hiring your son-in-law or family for government positions. The video clip you just showed is a fucking fraud!

  10. I agree. Kared need to go. son in law is stabbing him in the back and Ivanka is part of it to. he will be shocked of whom they ae worshiping. that daddy don't know.

  11. he need to remove Jared. he is the snake about to bite his father in law and his daughter about to betray her own father.

  12. Way too fuckin funny holly shit Doctor!

  13. I once had a manager who hired her son, son's friends, niece and tried to hire her sister. Corp. said NO to the sister….told her ENOUGH RELATIVES. She fired one guy only to give the position to her uneducated, undeserving son. She would promote her niece and son's friends at the drop of a dime. Her family (and family friends) would start crap in the department with co-workers, but guess who would get blamed? Certainly not her brood. Once her fat ugly niece started some crap with me. I forgot that I was at work and tore her a new one….yup I had enough of their bullying. Yeah, I got written up (she did not), but the pleasure I received from telling her off was priceless. After that, many people in the department gave me the "high five".

  14. JFK appointed his Brother, Robert, to the position of Atty. General. But at least Robert had experience….and was actually an Atty.

  15. Yes ET we knew bc you told us.

  16. I did not vote for Kushner or Ivanka, I voted for Donald Trump. Get family out of the WH .

  17. It won't matter because Mike Pence will be President and he is OWO.

  18. Jared Kushner is also tied to George Soros. Kushner had taken a multi million dollar loan from Soros. He needs to go like yesterday!

  19. You can just hear Co-President Ivanka now : "DADDY? DADDY? DAAAADDYYYYY!!!!!! MAKE THEM STOP. RIGHT NOW !!!!"

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