James Comey Thought News of His Firing Was a Joke #LatestNews

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Ousted FBI director James Comey found out he’d been fired as TV networks broke with the news, and he did not take it seriously at first. Comey reportedly laughed it off, thinking it was a prank. He was speaking to agents at their bureau office in Los Angeles, oblivious to his dismissal until TVs playing in the background blared the news. Back in the nation’s capital, President Trump’s longtime security chief, Keith Schiller, was hand-delivering Comey’s official termination letter to FBI headquarters.



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38 Thoughts to “James Comey Thought News of His Firing Was a Joke #LatestNews”

  1. 2:05 It simply never ceases to amaze how this is the nicest way he can present his hair.

  2. When things calm down, we'll have your ass impeached. Then we'll be thanking you. The next President should then put Comey back on the spot.

  3. That's so cruel! What a classless president… if you're going to fire someone at least fire him in a proper personal letter not on national TV! Smh

  4. Sadly, it isn't a joke. Comey had it coming, that's what he gets for defending a crooked witch

  5. Good call by the President. Rather than firing him during the Hillary emails, Trump picked his time when Comey's Russian influence investigation faltered. That probe by Comey was an obvious diversion tactic to take the heat and attention off Hillary, having no factual basis. Hillary had more to do with the Russians over her illegal sale of uranium.

  6. Trump obviously fired him because he knew Russia had helped trump

  7. I dislike Comey as much as the next guy but that's just messed up

  8. This is my opinion. I feel the reason the former FBI director was fired was because they were still looking into Tramps collusion with Russia. With the former FBI director out of the way there can be no " investigation " with the new FBI director no doubt that with a 9.99…..% scratch that 100 to the power of 100% certainty he will be in Tramps pocket, he will hide, cover up, destroy whenever excetera evidence or documents whatever it may be that could incriminate the "president". I would not doubt it if another person picked up the investigation "where it left off" that person what also be fired or something unforeseen what happened to them and/ or family. Again!! This is my opinion!!

  9. Their STILL talking about Clinton🙄😒

  10. ah ah no way..I would have fired Comey for being a big fat liar

  11. well of course. he was sure he was above the law

  12. people still associate trump with russia, even though trump bombed syria, russia's ally.

  13. Waiting for the day when Trump gets impeached .

  14. Trump looks suspicious everyday and idiots still support him !!! smh😧

  15. Your fired! Lol drain the swamp. First corrupt fbi director in history. F U clomey you should have locked her up.

  16. Trump is mental he should be stopped

  17. I agree he should've been fired BUT, if others find out you've been fired before you do, then your employer screwed up for divulging personal information before it was even available to you.

  18. Well…McDonald's is hiring.

  19. This "fired" me up this mornin'

  20. This seems like dictatorship of United States of Arabia


  22. Democrats wanted him fired 6 months ago. what caused them to change their minds?

  23. I guess he thought it was just another fake news!!!

  24. Shouldn't have kept the corruption going

  25. Trump must be thinking

    Trump: Can't have an FBI investigation if there isn't an FBI director.

  26. I still believe this Donald trump presidency is a joke.. a cruel and tasteless joke

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