James Comey Embarrassed EVERYBODY! | Louder With Crowder #LatestNews

Help us get this information out there, share this article around, make people aware of what is really going on.

Breaking down everything wrong with the hypocritical media and political hysteria following James Comey’s termination as FBI Director.

Taken from episode #166 of #DailyCrowder at @CRTV

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38 Thoughts to “James Comey Embarrassed EVERYBODY! | Louder With Crowder #LatestNews”

  1. 'Member the internet? The thing anyone can use to fact check everyone? 'Member?

  2. I thought it was hilarious how people on the left thought comey was going to tell every one something that would give them a chance to get trump impeached but nothing happened ūüėÄ

  3. It hurts when you're insulting someone over doing something bad when your points are completely false themselves.

  4. What is similiar with Reality Winner and Comey? Both are leakers. What is the difference? Only one faces jail time, the other is still walking free. Just like Hillary and the sailor who is in jail for taking pictures of his sub.

  5. Everyday I wake up and say to my self: gee what are those damned democraps are going to blame on trump today?

  6. Comey should have been given a pink slip the moment Donald Trump was sworn in. Comey was just so contaminated that he had to go willing or forcibly.

  7. trump admitted its cause of the russia investigation lol.

  8. i like how you conveniently gloss over the the timing of the firing. thats what people are upset about

  9. government will fall, yet again. nothing new when it comes to corruption

  10. what if Comey is actually a Patriot and he sacrificed his career in this elections going so public to show everyone how much control and politicized are the government agencies

  11. Somebody please beat the shit out of Tai Lopez!!!  If I see another ad with this guy I'm going to freak out

  12. just for clarity ive supported trump since day one cause hes an out sider and disliked comey since day one because it was clear he would never prosecute her for such blatant crimes

  13. Instead of pointing out how "the left" is being hypocritical, everyone should be focused on the investigation into ties and communication with Russia and Trump disclosing information to Russia. That's all. Stop slinging mud

  14. Hey guys! Could so do me a HUGE solid and briefly sum up this whole Trump/FBI/Comey/Russia thing? I didn't keep abreast of the story when it started and now I can't find a consistent, non-biased report on it. Thanks guys! Keep it up, Crowder & Company!

  15. Steven, if you're going to complain about hypocrisy about the left like you're infatuated with doing, maybe stay consistent yourself and call out Paul Ryan for complaining about Obama pushing Obamacare through with " not fully understanding the bill before they pass it". Ryan didn't share those beliefs when "Trumpcare" is being through congress. Oh right, he's conservative like you, so you're blind to it..

  16. Watch the video of the Islamic mob charging through Germany. That country is done

  17. I'd like to see a follow-up video. If Comey's paper trail is real, I see Pence being our next president… not that there's anything wrong with that. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching Republicans and Democrats completely fall apart lol

  18. Even when leaving, Comey just fucks everything up.

  19. so Dems are mad at President Trump, not because he fired Comey, but when he fired Comey; but what if the President doesn't believe Comey is competent? doesn't he has every right to fire him? then what should he do, wait until Comey finishes the "Russian Collusion" investigation? but if he doesn't trust Comey, he'd be an idiot to not fire him. what if he f's it up? if you knew you were being investigated for something you didn't do, by someone who's incompetent, wouldn't you want to replace him/her w/ someone who's not? so what the sh!t? i'm not his biggest fan, but give me a a mother-lovin' break! if the President's really as bad as Dems say, just give him time, and he'll do the job for you… or at least admit that you hate him enough that you'll try to get him out of there by any means necessary! stop claiming that you're "standing up for justice/the Constitution" (of which you cared nothing for over the last 8 years) and just be honest about your feelings, and you might find that people respect you for it. HONESTY. Pass it on!

  20. I have said the same thing. It doesn't matter who it is. There have more flip-flops over this guy than a seaside boardwalk, and it's all based on if he is helping a given side or not. Right or left, they all look like idiots, and they have no clue that they do.

  21. Hypocrisy? Like ignoring shit Trump does that would have made you furious had Clinton done them??!

  22. She should've offered Spicer gum instead of milk.

  23. Lol, hopefully the FBI can now focus on crimes that actually matter as opposed to covering up massive frauds (Clinton Foundation) and then turn around and offer 5k for leads on people who put bacon on buildings. Comey was also connected to the Clinton foundation through HSBC bank. Anyway, why is this news.? Who cares, and yes, Trump can do this. Also, Trump can record conversations at the White House without approval. Lol, as far as Russia, Trump is massively connected to jews. This is news to you? LOL! No they didn't interfere in shit. Still 0 proof, investigation has been going on for close to a year and Obama/Susan Rice spied/monitored him and his associates during the campaign.

    While there are various federal and state laws prohibiting the interception and covert recording of conversations by third parties, most do not apply when a party to the conversation makes the recording or consents to it. Unless the recording took place in one of the few states that prohibits nonconsensual recording, there is nothing to prevent a federal employee from surreptitiously recording his coworkers or supervisors absent an order or local policy.

    Anyway, other interesting stuff>





  24. The main problem is that they all operate in an echo chamber and even when wrong, it doesn't matter because they can just say oops, if they say anything at all.
    My biggest issue is that even when people have someone in a lie or a screw up, they don't really go ask if their opinion has changed (they wouldn't lose face, but i digest), but try to ram home that they were wrong and they end up looking like bullies.

  25. So can we get back to what's happening with Radical Islam?
    Comey just seems like a 'welcome' distraction…

  26. not that i want him back in, but i think it would be absolutely hilarious if trump decided to rehire comey in a week or so. just to watch everybody flip flop again and yell and scream about what an awful FBI director he would be

  27. So true crowder, people don't have any balance of values anymore, even conservatives are way too unbalanced to their side and can't accept when they've been wrong about something, they won't criticize trump on his shortcomings and that is just as horrible as the far left

  28. i still think comey was fired cause of "russian connections" trump may not have them but … his kids do and his handlers like rex tilerson really have connections with the russian gov … and you also see it when trump was trying to make comey pledge his loyalty to him ūüėÄ … he did really fire him for investigation into his cabinet and the fact that comey didn't want to pledge him self to obama 2.0 who also rode that populistic wave into the oval office but as soon as he got in … ohhh my how things changed and alot of the things became "complicated" ūüėÄ

  29. the demarcats are a bunch of the biggest idiots.

  30. Comey was an accountant for the Clintons in the 90s. He was involved with criminal activity and thereby Hillary's manipulation was "If I go down, you go down". Glad he was fired because he was being manipulated.

  31. Entirely in the same boat. Comey should have been let go long ago, so it's of no consequence to me when he got fired, regardless of the timing. Most of my repub friends say the same, and my dems haven't even mentioned it. This doesn't seem to ping real high on the radar for most normal people.

  32. I'm glad to see you got some advertisement from Prager U!

  33. He needed the AG to do it, but the AG had to be in office for a number of weeks. The timing looks weird but he's been planning this for a while

  34. When your job is to enforce the laws of the land but you conduct yourself like your job is to give free passes to law-breakers who share your political leanings, you need to be fired.

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