Jail political-govt Nazi Fascists (WA) for Attempted Murder #Australia #Corruption

liberal, labor, greens, and nationals, politicians are stealing, torturing-murdering communist-fascists; they’ve tortured & killed Australian citizens in the tens of thousands in govt facilities over the past 100 years, for power, control, & money; genocide; they all deserve to be jailed, their parties removed from the AEC, & banned from contesting elections forever.

I want violent evil Nazi govt fascists, Stephen Ryan (PD 13845) & Chris Viles (PD 13723) [Local Policing Team 4], jailed for violently assaulting me, & having me locked up (tortured) for 3 hours, for FREE SPEECH, 6th June 2015. They deliberately cuffed me tightly as well, causing redness & bruising to my wrists. I want Nazi fascist Paul James Donaldson (PD 15538) also jailed for assaulting me. All their Nazi fascist male ‘sergeants’ are evil violent fascist cowards as well; you govt rapists, torturers, & murderers of women & children; most men deserve to be removed from policing.

I want four magistrates Steven Ross Malley, Robert David Young, Kathryn Elizabeth Langdon, Richard Simon Huston, jailed for attempted murder against me, leading up to & including 4th Nov – 16th Dec 2015, at Bandyup Womens Prison, as well as Susan Park, Natasha Lorens, J Dyson, Mr Henderson, W Reid, and S Devereux, 6 prison staff, jailed for attempted murder, Mr Barker, as well, over ‘wheel clamp video’.

The entire concept of ‘policing’ is to enforce genocidal male political-govt power; only women detectives & women gun rights will bring justice against male power genocide, in all its forms, actioned against women & children. Unless they’re on my team, men deserve to be removed from parliaments, courts, & policing, unless they support women to full-fill their potential; male power historically is genocidal.

The following video evidence proves I was simply using my voice, FREE SPEECH, against the evil man with the microphone; their group was supporting the killing & rape of Christians & women & children throughout the world; Ryan & Viles are violent fascist govt cowards who harassed me the woman, rather than the ‘Coptic Christian man’ in the video, who was actually louder than me;


Our group, the Christian group, organised the event; it was ‘gate crashed’ by the violent pro-murdering-raping morons with the microphone, the police should have removed them.

Since Nov 2013, I’ve been violently assaulted ELEVEN times by WA Nazi govt fascists, locked up (tortured) 52 days, as well as stolen money & my research equipment, for my political, economic, & social rights, they destroyed my professional practice, & attempted murder in Bandyup Prison, between 4th Nov – 16th Dec 2015.

WA govt Nazi monsters recently corruptly cancelled my Teacher Registration, I’m one of the worlds greatest & most important Teachers of biblical eschatology; the evil govt men behind this deserve to be jailed as well (will be uploading video soon naming them); Richard Miles.

For thousands of years, male political-govt power has actioned GENOCIDE against women, children, and vulnerable men, this continues today, they’ll all burn in hell for it.

Only women deserve to work in the govt, & men on my team, on account of their male power genocide against women.

Published 2008, $30 million, Royal Commission Report into WA police, proves political-govt men use the police men for Nazism, to steal from, kill, torture, rape women & the vulnerable, 1000 page report, spans 20 years;

Australia is also the rape capital of the world; 100% the fault of political-govt men who enforce men raping as a ‘political-sociological weapon’ against women & children.

The cowardly corporate media fails to correctly print govt is repeatedly using Nazi violence against me;


Australian politicians, federal & state, have actioned globalisation politics, economics, & society, bringing in foreign men & women to work & vote for them, to destroy our rights, freedoms, & interests, Australian born citizens; the ultimate acts of treason against us, genocide, to keep their power & wealth, all the while serving themselves & the top 5% rich. Globalisaton is also very violent & dangerous to Australian women.

Also, Australian politicians & police have used magistrates for genocidal (torture & killing) purposes, against Aboriginal, our poor, vulnerable, women, for over 200 years, also to steal from the public, stealing billions $$ thru their evil violent fines laws; male dominated political-govt power is 100% guilty.

From the very start, I’ve told the evil violent Nazi govt to STAY AWAY FROM ME; these torturing-murdering imbecile men have no brains and no morals, STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU EVIL GENOCIDAL MORONS.



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8 Thoughts to “Jail political-govt Nazi Fascists (WA) for Attempted Murder #Australia #Corruption”

  1. OTO. It does not take much thought to realize that this little band of misfits are some how mentally deficient…..that's the easy part.The only question to ponder is whether they are dangerous?

  2. The WA govt tried to kill me at Bandyup Womens Prison, by trying to send me to the Franklin Centre, Graylands, to have me drugged to death (10th – 15th Dec 2015)

  3. I want the fascist corrupt Perth magistrate doing their case, Richard Simon Huston, I want him jailed, all magistrates in WA, are evil, violent, fascists.

  4. And the 40 evil corrupt violent Nazi fascist magistrates in WA, deserve to be jailed, and senior management govt, especially evil violent corrupt dogs like Robert David Young and Steven Ross Malley, and all WA politicians.

  5. below is something you may be interested in, I hear in one of your videos you want to abolish this psychiatrist thing so this info may give you more insight to what's really going on . this is one of many truth seeking dvds you can get in Australia

  6. political-govt male torturers and murders will burn in hell, and good riddance.

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