Is #Pizzagate a Complete Psy Op? #PizzaGate #Corruption

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20 Thoughts to “Is #Pizzagate a Complete Psy Op? #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. leftovers from P.I.E. pedophile information exchange, from the 60s and 70s,

  2. When do we fight the Jew?

  3. They all implicated themselves on social media. LOL Pizzagate is justice. Pizzagate is real Firestarter… its too real.

  4. Here is a very good video on the subject from 'Reality Calls'. It is hard to believe this is a psy op after watching this and similar content. It also shows just why these people are above the law.


  5. Sinead, Barcroft released this video two weeks ago…… you might want to have a look at this shit


  6. I don't know. All I know is that we need to hunt these people down and publicly lynch them.

  7. My 2 cents: ODD said that it's a psy op and an effort to censor us (that could very well be the case), but he didn't say it's not true. It can be true AND a psy op. They love making truthers out to be crazy. Flat earth was also a psy op but it's freakin true! They just did that to make us look stupid. Personally, I think they want everyone who cares about important stuff to exhaust themselves and simultaneously work against their own efforts. They could easily do this by releasing information that is true (stuff that only effects people with values) and watch us do what we are doing (ie: freaking out about it). I don't think this means we should stop freaking out! I don't know what we should do, to tell you the truth. I love your videos, though, as I try and figure out what to do. You are very helpful and your authentic expressions do not go unappreciated!! :)

  8. You are going to hell sick lady

  9. I'm now convinced that someone, or some group, from the NSA intentionally leaked the emails to Wikipedia. People in government have consciences too and wanted this pizzagate out, it's out in a big way. It's no psyop.

  10. ANdrew Breitbart actually was NOT a jew. He was adopted and raised by a jewish family. And yeah I believe ANdrew was poisoned. He had just had drinks at a bar in L.A. and was crossing the street to his car and collapsed & died. Then the coroner who did his preliminary autopsy had a press conference to state he would soon have the full autopsy report. He knew that many felt he was murdered. Then a couple days later the coroner ends up in the hospital w/ arsenic poisoning. He died the next day.

  11. There seems to be a gag order concerning this on the MSM.

  12. There is a story going around that came out a couple of years ago, about a secret memo from the Justice Dept about legalizing 12 new perversions, including bestiality, pedophilia, and others some that have already been legalized, like gay marriage, and LGBT public restrooms. Bringing this stuff out into the public eye is the first step. It may not happen within our lifetimes, but with constant media brainwashing and pushing the envelope further and further, who knows what will be "acceptable" in 50 years. It's the new generation, our children, that they are working on. Just look at how TV has become total garbage over the years.

  13. Pizzagate perhaps whilst this is distracting the alt media, they have passed draconian laws such as the snoopers charter and others.

  14. Just checked out some of your other videos, you Satanist.

  15. NO. And stay away from children.

  16. It's all of a sudden a Psy Op once it gets attention. I'm sure the trustworthy jews will tell us of how much of a "forgery" it is… just like the Protocols of Zion.

    Also wikileaks is also bullshit. Julian Assange is controlled opposition. Everything he has ever said was public knowledge already. I find it hilarious that he never "exposes" Israel for any of the very real shit they commit.

    Let me tell you what happens to people with real information. They get murdered and covered up. They don't become international celebrities!

  17. While I don't doubt that the elites (including Clinton, Podesta, Alefantis, etc.) have pedophile rings, it seems unlikely that they would operate one from a popular pizza joint/music venue. Nor does it make sense to me that the Podesta brothers would personally abduct Madeline McCann. They have intermediaries to procure children (such as the "Finders" cult). PizzaGate reminds me of the "satanic panic" of the 80s; by mixing their disinfo with the truth, they can discredit the very notion of elite child sex trafficking.

  18. these arrogant baby rapists are getting sloppy cause they've gotten away with it for so long on such an extensive level, certainly this baby rape torture murdering implicates the entire echelon of these degenerate politicians, jews etc etc and likely leads to all sorts of other depraved behavior we haven't heard about…if info was released on purpose they would have to be very careful due to massive implications, seems extremely risky to leak info simply to induce mass trauma or screw over some of their cohorts…but that could be part of it

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