Insider: Clintons Caught Conducting Voodoo Marina and Spirit Cooking #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

Alex Jones and Doug Hagmann discuss how the Clintons have been involved with some very disturbing occult practices.

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46 Thoughts to “Insider: Clintons Caught Conducting Voodoo Marina and Spirit Cooking #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate”

  1. Crying out loud I fell down the rabid hole coming here…….I now understand why Trump, a life long liberal choose to run as a republican…..their base will believe any crazy shit you put in front of them.

  2. Barbara Bush is Alistair Crowley's daughter, so the son in law and grandson related to the worlds most wicked man, all the his shit goes so deep and its been going on for so long, we are talking more than decades, it's in all walks or life, for some its about money but for most its just evil as evil does..

  3. I've known this for many years.

  4. These recent revelations of the pure demonic and satanic activities of Hillary and others is just more evidence that God is exposing all the evil in this nation and that he's not done with this nation. Don't be fearful and don't lose heart this is God's doing because he's not done with this nation and I do believe because of that Trump will win the presidency. You Christians out there who see this and understand spiritual warfare and the power of prayer you keep praying concerning this and that God would see Donald Trump into the white house and would keep America safe from satan and his legions upon legions of demons working in Hillary,etc. God Bless.

  5. if only the good people of America just do whats right in certain positions and go ahead and expose to the people the threats will be useless cause WE the people can and will over throw the few and as soon as majority (GOOD ) people stand up , do what's right will start a posse and more and more will make a stand , we need the few in certain positions to make that stand and start the process, time to man up. YOU KNOW WHOM YOU ARE…

  6. Trumps army is god's army. We must march forward in God's name even if he loses. This is a battle against the Big Battle.

  7. Trump equal arc angel, gabriel, Hillary satan. MK?

  8. Now we know why Islam wants to see us go down. They know this crap is going on. Maybe we ought to side with them to take down evil.

  9. Scull & Bones will come out next! Bushes are going to be exposed too! The Royals! Freemasonry and its level 33 up…. its just goes on & on…

  10. Prepare for the gradual unveiling of inter dimensional experiences and from there it will lead to a new reality for humanity as a whole! Time for enlightenment!

  11. I don't believe in guilty by association but since it's known Trump has been on Jeffrey Epstein's plane at least once and has spoken highly of him, what's their relationship? Did he go to the island and take part?

  12. Voodoo is a branch from Christianity a recognized and protected religion .. you should watch out what you said about voodoo mon. I love Hillary now.

  13. Aleister Crowley's cronies of Aleister's vision/prophecy of WW3. Who volunteers to accept the reins of the plan?

  14. Talk about the unsecured server and Hitlary embracing mandatory vaccines instead of unsubtantiated tabloid fare. Videos like this scream PSYOP.

  15. Is potato head gourging on White Castle cheeseburgers spirit cooking?

  16. Alex, you know we all want to believe this . . . . . but . . . . . . WE'VE BEEN HERE BEFORE WITH BARRY HUSSEIN SOETORO – and we ended up sitting on our collective asses for EIGHT FLIPPIN' YEARS WHILE OUR COUNTRY WAS SHREDDED FROM THE OVAL OFFICE!
    If you are certain, and these great guests are certain, can you tell me why we shouldn't be on our New York City, or, in the very least, FLOODING THE NYPD's switchboard, with INQUIRIES, (depending on their attitude – ANGRY INQUIRIES IF NEED BE) and put pressure on from the people, letting them know, this WILL NOT BE ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF DRAGGING OUR COUNTRY INTO THE HANDS OF THE GLOBAL ELITISTS!

    Please give us a lead, give us the call to do something, what should, what can be done, besides sitting on our asses waiting for nothing?
    How can you say, "you're so proud of the NYPD for doing the right thing?" They've KNOWN this for four days, probably longer, and have done nothing that we know of except bend over to BARRY and his criminal DOJ?

    I ask and point this out in all DUE RESPECT Alex, but I just don't see this going anywhere. And for the record, I know I'm not alone, there's people on the True Pundit, Breitbart, etc., wondering the same things. Lead Us Alex, it's what we've needed for far too long.
    Take care!

  17. Alex what if she looses will she be arrested? before she runs off to Qatar wear she will safe

  18. The only way to beat them in their game is vote for Trump!

  19. Why hasn't anyone been arrested yet?!???

  20. that's when they steal it look like it was legit but it's not

  21. it's not that close they want you to believe it is but it's not that close

  22. To the comment about the Trumps maybe not wanting to live in the White House, I read somewhere he was building a hotel right down the street from the White House. I haven't verified this is true, but I thought that means he doesn't want to move into the White House. At this point, if that's true, can't blame him.

  23. So these HODOO VODOOO belivers Trump Supporters will Make America Great Again .ha ha ha

  24. woe to  them that call Evil good and Good evil.

  25. Spirit cooking? Fck what can u say. Totally fcked up situation.

  26. Alex I am glad you do your reporting but please try to stop interrupting your guests constantly .

  27. Yes, finally somebody said it. The abortion is a satanic ritual as well. They've been promoting it as a social freedom but behind the curtains it is child sacrifice.

    Same is going to be the case with the gay/anal and oral sex.

  28. Remember way back…when Obama's mother-n-law was supposedly caught conducting Voodoo rituals in the Whitehouse? Yeah.

  29. Praise to NYPD for putting heat on FBI and giving them no quarter.

  30. yes…….the awakening is happening!

  31. The oldest Jewish trick in the book is sexual blackmail !!! What is it with Jews and satanism ? What's up with that ?!

  32. This is big. The FBI are on the move to do arrests within our Government for High Treason. This will be happening soon and before the election.

  33. DEMORALISATION…. your American and western governments are being demoralised.   Its a Communist war time tactic to bring down democracies and change them to either a socialist dictatorship followed by a communist dictatorship.  It means.. "to make your government not act with MORALS.  it takes fifteen to twenty years to demoralise a government and its democratic institutions (such as church, police, law courts, prisons, and government and congress).        The Bush family started it.. and 9/11 was to make you all start not trusting your governments.  Your media gets dumbed down, your education is dumbed down, and conspiracy theories abound becuause you are not getting any TRUE NEWS…. wake up America… your democracy is being destroyed on purpose by the ROMAN VATICAN… using Paedophilia (child rape), OCCULT practices.. Asset stripping your nation…. and no one in gov being held accountable for breaking the laws………… America is under attack by a well known Communist war time tactic called Demoralisation.  The second phase is a six week CRISIS phase…. this could include a banking crash.   Then the third stage is normalisation… which could take 1 year or 20 years……. but it always comes with mass genocide…. to aid the normalisation of the new political regime….. they killed 60 million Chinese when they turned china into a communist dictatorship after world war two…… so NON ROMAN CATHOLICS WATCH OUT.

  34. I think i am going to be sick.

  35. drag bill and hillary into the street and set them on fire like they use to burn the witches in Salem. oh wait… then i'd be as bad as they are. geeeez

  36. The innocent woman and children of Waco – Texas that were executed by
    Clinton's for belonging to a Christian "Cult" must be turning in their

  37. Vladimir Putin: "A nation that does cannot protect its children is a nation with no future"

  38. At this point i'm almost expecting Nuremberg-esk trials of everyone involved

  39. i know plenty of Wiccan's who currently support her. I've been trying to tell them that she isn't about the good, she's all about the black magic, but i just can't make them see the truth. Me personally my soul belongs to Jesus Christ, but i still love other's so i've been trying to reach them but can't seem to.

  40. Hillary Clinton drinks baby blood.

  41. I'm very curious about all this. It seems to me that Someone, should have been arrested by now.
    On the other hand, I think accusing someone of infanticide, cannibalism, and being a Satanist, might be considered libel, so maybe he's really got something here. I pretty sure you'd get sued otherwise….
    Wish NYPD would just arrest Someone in this mess.

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