INFOWARS The Alex Jones Show 30/11/2016 #PizzaGate #Corruption

On this Wednesday, Nov. 30 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into the ongoing purge of independent media as the ruling elite desperately attempt to regain control over public opinion. Trump insider Roger Stone co-hosts two hours of the show today to break down the latest power moves by President-elect Trump. We also look into the latest violence directed at Trump voters and how Europe is now so overfilled with “rapeugees” that 27% of Europe now thinks rape is justifiable. Tune in!

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19 Thoughts to “INFOWARS The Alex Jones Show 30/11/2016 #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Hillary Clinton has had connections to actual Klan Leaders from Arkansas. George Soros is a past Nazi Collaborator. Now these loser dooshbags want to label Trump a Nazi or Racist. F you.

  2. 5. Robert Kennedy Jr, "Trump Has A $2 Million Stake in the Dakota Pipeline" Watch it on “The Big Picture” on RT.

  3. 4. Trump announced he supports the Dakota Pipe Oil Plant against the interest of Dakota’s people and the health of our environment.
    5. Robert Kennedy Jr, "Trump Has A $2 Million Stake in the Dakota Pipeline" Watch it on “The Big Picture” on RT.

  4. Re: Dec 19 Electoral College final vote. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Mr. Trump ends up with 318 or even 330 votes?

  5. A question for Info Wars. Why you are not covering the Dakota Pipe Line News…? Native Americans are fighting a cold bloody battle against the Dakota Access pipeline:
    2,000 Veterans are heading to protect the rights of American Indians as a peaceful unarmed militia. American Indians have been attack by police dogs, water cannons, bitten, and now our soldier (veterans) are coming to protect their right to defend their Land and freedom to protest on December 4th.
    Is not this a subject good enough to be covered by "Independent Journalism"…?

  6. Mr. Stone, England made slavery and slave trading illegal 1 or two decades before the civil war. This is something they are quite proud of. The only blemish on your otherwise brilliant analysis. Reach me at _____. What is the name of your book.

  7. CNN needs to lose more power. I don't see people waking up. They are buying into the narrative b/c they think they are on the side of anti-racism and civil rights. Until people fully understand the history and methodology of the occult they will be duped!

  8. the electoral college is corrupt I voted for trump but still

  9. Breit-fart at 1:31:36! ROTFL!!!!! Phewwww! That smells! :D

  10. Owen I believe the reason Mitt Romney needs to be Secretary of State is because he is heavily invested offshore and Trump wants to repatriate as much offshore funds as possible… People would take advantage of the opportunity if Mitt Romney did it himself and was sitting as Secretary of State… Let him bring home 10 trillion and we will get a new secretary of state and one year after the amnesty period is over

  11. Alex..sue their a$$e$ off.

  12. By burning the flag you opened the door to burning down homes and business. Don't see the left paying the bill.

  13. the Stanley Company management was forced to move off shore due to taxation and regulation. The sorrow in that presentation was inspiring. They hated to move but it was move or close. these were in their commercial to try to reach the government  to make a way for them to stay.

  14. kanye was just released today..

  15. Law makers are a threat to freedom, regulations need to be removed. People can't know every regulation. We have a law library the size of a small town.

  16. Turkey you have no business declaring war on Syria. NATO is almost dead you will have no backing in this war. You will be left with nothing but a deficit of a defenses of your own border, so why a war just protect your border, and a defenses against ISIS. VET people with extreme measures and stop ISIS all together. And renew your good culture of life with out the threat of ISIS a u.s.a. made band of extremist. Don't be fooled by NATO . NATO is a world government, don't be fooled…………

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