Illuminati = Rich People in Strange Clubs Doing Weird Stuff Thant Controls Your Life #PizzaGate #Corruption

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23 Thoughts to “Illuminati = Rich People in Strange Clubs Doing Weird Stuff Thant Controls Your Life #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. This is an excellent explanation – thank you so much, Paul.
    I've shared this but people don't want to listen!

  2. Skull/Bones. Moronic scumbags who wear their mothers underwear and keep it secret.

  3. you can do a couple things. live in society, be content with your lot ? rebel, be refused. excel, live by your own ideals and conscious . sow then reap.

  4. The emotional programing through the educational system. The Philosophy of Moral Development: Moral Stages and the Idea of Justice (Essays on Moral Development, Volume 1 Lawrence Kohlberg

  5. Excellent information!

  6. Do some research! Skull and bones isn't new!!!


  8. skull and bones isn't new, do your research

  9. That Emotional Intelligence program they're pushing in schools seems like a transparent MK Ultra program aimed at an entire generation of children. Really creepy. We all knew the Sandy Hook psyop had more to it than just the anti-gun agenda. The elites always try to kill multiple birds with one stone.

  10. was that snoops? or snopes, in the first few seconds? lol

  11. 2nd method of killing: "suicide" by nail gun – like that banker who "shot himself with '7 or 8 times' with a nail gun" until he died. Uh, yeeeaaaaah…… not quite as subtle as an ice bullet – but effective. Well….sort of.

  12. Why isn't our Senate going after Soros? He has an agenda, it's been posted The Who what where when how .The amount of money that he's spent and intends to spend before Trumps inauguration to cause civil unrest. This guy pushing his wants on the people of the US is costly to us the government and insurance companies. His intentions are to bring down the Government of the US and by his own words to eliminate the people by whatever means necessary.

  13. Uhm, actually it's a Sacred Trapezoid. The eye in the triangle is not 3D, like the trapezoid. It is 2D. Therefore it is not the capstone of a pyramid. Just sayin'.

  14. Heart attack gun murdered Andrew Breitbart also.

  15. Awesome report with new info for my research. 😊

  16. Tim Russert had his heart attack during a Sunday morning taping of Meet The Press and actually asked both Bush and Kerry a couple times each and got responses from each candidate. You can easily YouTube and watch for your self. I like how he drilled Hillary Clinton in 2008 about her Bosnia sniper fire lie.

  17. Wow! Nothing but a tsunami of veracity here. Thanks for the heads up on the pineapple flavoured bovine saliva.

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