Illuminati Pizza Party | Pizzagate Psyop & The Fake News Agenda #PizzaGate #Corruption

My thoughts and opinions on #pizzagate based on my observations. You don’t have to agree.

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28 thoughts on “Illuminati Pizza Party | Pizzagate Psyop & The Fake News Agenda #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. That F*** from FOX NEWS Claims to have taken his kids to Comet Ping Pong.
    This shows how sick this guy is
    as the art work in the bath room is extremely not age appropriate.

    Another Pedophile to the rescue cover up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. something is definitely fishy. JAMES ALIFANTES wears a shirt that says j'aime Les enfants- "I love children"?. prob not his real name. The strange artwork in podestas house? the trail of bread crumbs can't be that good.

  3. yep, you see it the same way I do, and most of these so called 'truthers' have never read books like Propaganda. I've seen Zachary Hubbard's videos on pizzagate as well and it's pretty hard to ignore the connections. Glad to see someone else with some sense.

  4. Thank you bro, theres been only a few people talking about this

  5. THAT PIZZA HUT commercial….. WTF? They've gone too far, fuck corporate shit heads, fuck you PIZZA HUT, you're SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

  6. yea the pulse shooting landed on 666. June 12, 2016. the month 6, 1+2+2+1=6, last # 6. it may be a stretch but these people aren't gonna make a ritual out of anything and not have it fall on some kind of symbolic day, number ext. they use the number 23 to symbolize 33. you have 2, 3's. anyway just wanted to mention that. sorry it's kinda off topic.

  7. zero evidence? you actually sound like a pedo… you have a fucking faggot voice with a lysp

  8. they've been already censoring us, even if we all stop talking about it, they will still do what they want, the damage is done, the real fake news is being exposed and these psyop videos are the ones muddying the water now, if we want to expose and take this shit down through our evidence that the psyop side doesn't have then we need to start our own website similar to YouTube that is really free, let's think about our next move to keep the info flowing because they already announced their next move

  9. +ODD Reality Just an FYI … David Seaman was FIRED from the Huffington Post after writing a critical article about Hillary a few months ago.

    Also, two countries in the UK (Norway is the one I can recall at the moment) have made several arrests of government and law enforcement officials over similar issues in both countries … but oddly enough, Norway was said to have been tipped off by the FBI. Use the search engine of your choice and type in "pedophile ring" and see what comes up.

  10. Wikileaks is the same hub that told us "9/11 truthers are annoying" because they're seeking out a "fake conspiracy". But here you idiots are running with their story because it fuels hate for people we already can't stand, (Clintons, pedos, etc.). You call this the "truth movement" yet none of you fools have pointed out the obvious facts that the top two fall guys in this story have the fakest names on Earth. Podesta is annagram for "Pedo" and James Alefantis is an obvious-as-day malopropism for "J'mae Les Enfantes" or "I love children"!!! Get with it, fools. You're being played yet again.

  11. l.m.a.o. love that pizza hut commercial

  12. I'm with you – I got it wrong. This is so mindblowing… what do we do now?! The UK have passed so many laws lately we won't be able to even talk about things that we think might be going on without being locked up.


  14. how can pedophilia stop the itiernent from free speech when MC MA'AT is still doing their thing?

  15. Hey, ODD, glad to see your take on this subject. I do agree that this is being used to have restrictions on the internet, however, I wonder why you didn't touch on some aspects of the whole pizza gate thing, if it's because you are just 100% sure that it's a psyop or because you weren't aware.
    The first thing that seems off to me is when you started off by saying you have been watching "pizza gate" like the rest of the world. I don't think people around the world are being made that much aware of the issue and I don't think "pizza gate" is even near to being made into big news whatsoever, not in the way Orlando or other psyops have been pushed. The reports on it on NPR and such are more of a "review" and closing statement/dismissal of "pizza gate" than actually giving the public information to react in anger toward the owner of comet pizza. If anything they seem more like damage control.

    I read about pizza gate a few months back when it was barely starting to be talked about in some "conspiracy theories" forums, before the owner of comet pizza made the account private, and not only his account, but the accounts of people who would interact with him on his posts have A LOT of very creepy and suspicious posts as well. The emails from podesta's account only make sense if the "code" is taken into account, there were also people who recorded inside "Besta Pizza" which is owned by the same guy who owns Comet Pizza, and there are a lot of things that are off. Also the fact that podesta's house is not even 10mins away from both pizza places. The fact that they changed the logo on Besta Pizza's website right as "pizza gate" started gaining some momentum on the web. The fact that the owner of Comet Pizza had photos of him being inside the white house while Obama played ping pong with some kid, and he is said to have visit the white house about 5 times in 2016, obviously not to deliver pizza, the photos of obama and podesta with band aids on their middle finger, which matches perfectly with one of marina abramovich's rituals, the emails between podesta and his brother about marina's dinners, the photos of podesta's brother's house and the art he has all over the place. the whole story with marina in and of itself, how she was a broke "performance artist" and then she got influential enough to have NY Modern Art museum closed only for one of her performances?? the money that has been given to Marina from the Clinton Foundation, the money that Soros and Podesta have given to Comet Pizza. I mean there is A LOT more than just creepy photos on instagram.

    Now, I do agree the people sending death threats and such aren't making the smartest moves, however, you yourself admit that pedophile rings are something that has been going on for a while in bank, entertainment and politics circles, so what are we supposed to do? Just dismiss it because it may be turned into an excuse to control the internet?
    I will look more into it but I don't believe the guy who has written for the Huffington Post is a dis info agent, just because he has been featured in those platforms doesn't make him a disinfo agent. There was another author, a woman, who about 6 or so years back wrote an article on the HP about occultism in pop culture and how it was bad for kids to be exposed to satanists propaganda regardless of religious credo in their home, and you could tell she was reading Vigilant Citizen.
    I myself have sold pieces and worked with some media companies that certainly do not reflect what I stand for, but sometimes there is an opportunity to make some money and put some good information out there, and as a freelance writer, you go for it.

    You mention Alex Jones is reporting on Pizza Gate, so therefore it's a psyop, so then the attack on the twin towers being an inside job is also a psyop because Alex Jones has talked about it? Come on, he may be talking about it in ways that it is inciting his audience to do dumb stuff like send death threats, however, I don't think it automatically writes the whole thing off.

  16. Check out the data on missing kids in Virginia and DC. They go significantly up in Sept-present and the number of kids with no photos is nuts.. Who doesn't have pics of their kids? They are probably fraudulent claims to make this seem even more real. It was an average of 5 missing kids per month till Sept, it was 23, Oct 40 and Nov 70+. These are just the ones with no photos. Could be a link but Idk.

  17. I don't know if pizzagate is real or not, but you brought up a great point about how they use children to stir up our emotions. This is what they did with Sandy Hook, and I wonder if that is what they are doing now with pizzagate.

  18. you are wrong I KNOW, for I have been through it. Have you heard of The Franklin Cover-up? Just because you think something does not make it true. Say all you want, pero, this is the first time I disagree, the shit happens and the information age is real like it or not. How can so many people have the same knowledge,feelings and information at the same time? It is NOT viral or gossip it is all of us telling truth

  19. This may well cause more censorship, but it definitely is NOT in itself a psy-op.

  20. You are a fucking idiot top think all of this was pre-mediated. Yes the elites do that all the time but guess what? Sometimes they need to cover up shit that lead to real crimes like the potential with this pizzagate investigation. People loike you who want to deter people,from investigation by parroting the term psy-op at everything being exposed (like Hamstead) . So Comet Pizza owner posted all those pics as did all of the others on Insta linked to him, knowing they would get exposed by truihers in a psy op….then try real hard to cover it up? sigh ….they really have done a number on the truth movement with people like you labelling everything a psy-op….90% of things are but you need to be more objective as there is no harm in investigating if there is nothing to hide.

  21. Don't agree and you're 100% wrong. What you fail to mention here is Wikileaks as the source. Wikileaks has to date not been proven to release false information. The source is the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. These emails led to people on the emails that used coded language. That coded language is known as pedophile language -100%. The information collected – photo's, comments has led to volumes of evidence it's a pedophile network connected to Podesta. The photo's and comments come from various sources on the internet – 100%. Therefore, if the evidence of sick art depicting children/babies sexualised, cannibalism, satanism and human butchering from all different sources connected to many people, then what you're saying is 100% bullshit that this is another false flag to censor the internet. The internet can not be censored and that simple fact is the existence of the unindexed web servers (aka dark web). So what you can say is, Fuck CNN and mainstream media, Fuck Google, Facebook and Reddit and all the assholes with opinions without having one ounce of evidence in the videos that provide substance to back their claim. Lastly, 50,000 plus emails and only a handful had pedophile coded correspondence – this means they fucked up thinking it would never be exposed or at the very least got careless because these sick bastards know they are untouchable.

  22. Pizza gate may be a psyop but not in the way some people think. it is very likely to be true and they are simply going to try to bury it and make it look like it's a conspiracy.

    Jesus says:
    Luke 8:17
    For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

    Luke 12:3
    Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

    Solomon says:
    Ecclesiastes 12:3
    14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

    I think what is happening is that the deeds of these evil men and women are being exposed by the Almighty just before He returns.

  23. To be honest, it makes not much difference to me if pizzagate is real or not real. I will use all available tools to fight what I deem evil, tyranny. The corporate/government-controlled/sponsored "media" have done so much damage for so many years against the American sheeple,… I look at pizzagate as a gift from God. A valuable tool if you will. Put it this way: It's the same like for Alex Jones… Alex does far more good then harm IMHO. So I support his efforts. If you think this is a psyop,… so what! IT WILL BACKFIRE ON THEM!!!!!!!

  24. Ask yourself, what's worse…online bullying or raping, murdering little babies?

    Fuck Comet Pizza, they are guilty and them denying it means nothing and the mainstream media calling it fake news means nothing. Burn the fucking place down.

  25. The elite know they have to reveal their agenda now in these transparent times so it makes reason that they are actually exposing themselves to the masses in the hope that the cognitive dissonance will knock us all sideways as well as act as an advert/signal for the wrong ins..they have indeed been planning this for it is fair to say it's psy op and it's real you are correct in a way but the human trafficking and sacrifice is real and is connected to these people,places and organisations.I think you underestimate the dark side Obi Wan..Namaste X

  26. Oddtv I agree because they wouldn't have this open ring and they wouldn't let it get out because they wouldn't take a chance in getting caught do you agree

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