Illuminati History of the Secret School of Wisdom with Josef Wages #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries

Illuminati history–from the Bavarian roots of the secret society with Adam Weishaupt, to the mixing with the Freemasons and connections to the revolutions in France and America are explored with Josef Wages. Symbols of the illuminati and freemasons, and how much of the modern pop culture fixation on the Illuminati is misguided, plus the connection to Bohemian Grove are looked at as we go beyond ritual to the philosophy at the heart of the world’s most famous secret society on Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

Josef Wäges is a 32° Freemason, member of Plano Lodge #768, the Dallas Valley of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (Southern Jurisdiction), fellow of the Grand College of Rites, member of the Texas Lodge of Research and life member of the Missouri Lodge of Research. He is editor of The Secret School of Wisdom – The Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati, and is currently preparing the forthcoming book The Columbian Illuminati.

Buzzsaw Full Episodes:

Buzzsaw Short Clips Playlist:

00:01 Welcoming Josef Wages to Buzzsaw.
00:45 History of the Illuminati.
02:26 Adam Weishaupt and the secret school of wisdom.
03:47 Breaking from Jesuits and the Catholic church.
05:25 The two phases of the illuminati and the adding of freemasonic ritual.
09:07 Ideology and doctrine of the Bavarian Illuminati, and connections to the American revolution.
11:26 Proofs of a conspiracy, George Washington, and villainizing the Illuminati.
16:10 Illuminati vs. the violent French revolution
18:09 Crackdown on the Bavarian Illuminati and spread outside of Germany.
21:48 The real meaning of ritual in Masonry and Illuminati.
23:40 Mythology of Illuminati conspiracies.
25:55 Mistaken symbolism of the Illuminati–the great seal of America.
29:06 The philosophical currents linking mystery schools, and the nature of secrecy.
31:45 Skull & Bones/Illuminati connections?
33:50 Bohemian Grove country club rituals.
36:00 Rationalism vs. occultism in the Illuminati.
38:28 Trending pop culture vs. the substance of a secret society.
42:30 Right wing and left wing conspiracy of the Illuminati.
44:30 Influence from Aleister Crowley.
45:38 The online cataloging of the secret information.
48:10 Thanks and goodbye!


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13 thoughts on “Illuminati History of the Secret School of Wisdom with Josef Wages #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries

  1. ..
    This chump is full of crap,.he's actually saying that it's nothing but a bunch of guys just having fun and being experimental and very humble,what a load of SHIT,.


  2. Josef not taking the Illuminati seriously, needs to do more research but he's young yet

  3. BORED SHITLESS , did not learn anything , Compared to Jordan Maxwell this guy is brain dead.

  4. reasonable, actual historic research ! a rarity amongst the usual right wing fear mongering rubbish

  5. Either I have researched improperly for ten years or this is a bunch of mush.

  6. Sean, he really made you work! Did he EVER answer your actual questions? Lots of babble!

  7. why haven't i seen a period piece about the rise of the illuminati?

  8. I'm not buying it. Wrong on many points. He doesn't even know what satisfied means.

  9. Another great discussion. Sure beats Dancing with the Stars. Thanks Sean.

  10. This interview would be great for a drinking game: take a drink every time the guest says, "Basically", "Like", and So,..".   You wouldn't make it to the end of the discussion.

  11. Cool, so this Freemason is deflecting any and all blame and negative theory away from the secret societies he pledges allegiance to. They are all just Country Clubs where silly people preform meaningless rituals, and their desires are really to benefit mankind. Great, you can all go back to sleep now boys and girls

  12. pffffff interesting subject ,but the way he speaks is irritating

  13. I admire this man's knowledge on the subject, but he speaks to quickly and in such a monotone that I could not continue to listen. Sorry.

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