iCitizenNews PizzaGate Investigation. Metro PD #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2

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10 Thoughts to “iCitizenNews PizzaGate Investigation. Metro PD #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2”

  1. The businesses tied into the pedo abuse issue are components of the problem, a leg of octopus. There has been more than enough evidence to at the very least investigate, really disturbing way MSM used the alleged incident of guy going there with gun as if purposely to add more to "fake" news interpretation. I've seen more than enough evidence to smell suspect, if problem is as big as could be the MPD would provide cover. Alefontas of comet PP ranked by mag

  2. Coming together, doing our best is all we can do here B.
    seeing through the fog, lies, and bull crapola is a huge job all by its lonesome ugly self.
    Then actually demanding some real, solid, factual proof that somebody did something.
    The sad ones are the believers that there is a huge force of investigators just waiting with baited breath for the next case to hit them. It don't work that way at all.
    Nor is there a co equivalent force sitting somewhere labelled media waiting either.
    But instead, a whole bunch of bean counters and bureaucrats eating…never mind…

  3. It makes me made as hell that they are not investigating this!! For the sake of innocent children lives souls…….. Come on…..do your job!!…….

  4. We are so close to taking the Narrative… as they squak fake news… ritual abuse victims are getting courage and coming forward..,their house of cards… Merry Christ mass to yours

  5. This is a complete and utterly, ludicrous, bullsh!t outrage!! We need to rise up together, I am NOW going to share everything that has the most credible resources until they come and kill me, I cannot imagine my grand babies going through this, what must we do if they are sooo damm protected??!

  6. I guess we need to shout it out from the rooftops… the libs ( who are small# do it) If we had a campaign and focus on one issue and post the police# and articulate something like you just said… Shall we take the truth bomb to another level

  7. Exactly! B Rich…. I'm behind you.

  8. wow b ! you'r the only one who is REALY doing something about this , i see so many people doing video about it but NO ONE is demanding answer from the police. much luv brother !

  9. I heard that! You're the man B !

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