Ici Londres: Anti-Trump protestors aren’t mainly interested in Trump



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26 thoughts on “Ici Londres: Anti-Trump protestors aren’t mainly interested in Trump

  1. Guys, do please keep believing that liberals are just crybabies. When the serious backlash arrives, you will be totally unprepared for it. Because… surprise, surprise… people who are often treated like rubbish (you know, Latinos, blacks, the whole bunch Trump has problems with) are actually pretty tough. Have to be. White guys that assume that all they have to do to get their way is complain to the nearest authority are the ones that behave like crybabies when confronted with the fact that some people can actually handle problems on their own, and need no help from authorities to do so.

  2. generation of sissy's !!!

  3. "This is the first generation that has been brought up not to tolerate opinions that they dislike." What kind of ridiculous hyperbole is this? The generations that promoted segregation would beg to differ. You need go back only 2-3 generations to find institutional racism at work. You may argue this generation has regressed relative to the ones immediately before it, but this blanket statement lacks any historical or rational basis.

  4. The left don't seem to recall that fascism was their creation. You say this and in true character they scream at you like dictators-in-waiting. Mention Mussolini and they look blank and just call you Hitler for having an opinion. You tell them that Nazi stands for NAtional SoZIalists and has roots in the left and they insert fingers in ears and repeat la-la-la. Any extreme of right or left becomes totalitarianism. Yet they project fascism onto the right or anyone who disagrees with their views. The blatant and dumb hypocrisy is beautiful albeit frightening because half the population appear to be blind screeching imbeciles who want to de-platform everyone who disagrees with them. Now what in history do we call that? Call them liberal fascists because that is exactly what they are. Except the liberalism they are being duped into is simply totalitarianism by stealth. Virtue signalling is the clever part of the self-deception that they are the intelligent, caring people, and everyone else the bigot who should be denied a voice and a vote. Stupid people in large numbers are dangerous. To the parties that manipulate all this they are the useful idiots, the hired thugs. Specifically, we know that Soros and his organisations are funding the incidents here, but of course you won't read about it the MSM.

  5. Very well put. I'm becoming something of an expert on this generation as I have three kids in it and my wife also is another one. Not to mention employees. Everybody gets a prize, no isn't something they tolerate and narcissism reigns in every one of their individual universes.

  6. I see it at all levels of management. people feel better when theres someone over them thats politically correct and a bullshit artist that'll coddle and baby their asses vs someone who might be the best man for the job but not quite so personable. what do people really want, someone that might get some shit done, or a phony spokesman that tailors words for sensitive asses.

  7. It's the snowflake generation! They are a bunch of whinny phucks that have never been told "NO".

  8. The other thing about these kids today is that they grew up eating junk food full of chemicals and plasticizers, packaged largely in BPA-ridden plastics, all of which convert testosterone into estrogen, and the result is they have been turned into complete and utter wussies. That's why we have all these metro-sexual, transgender pussies who are at the mall getting their hair highlighted and their nails done, instead of going to the gym and the gun range where they should be! JMHO.

  9. To some extent it is a good reaction in that they are responding to a needed isolation into a "similarity" group, and when it goes past the threshold of personal tolerance they search for comfort in isolation as they learned as very young individuals ought to do to be responsible and control socially unacceptable behavior.

    The problem is they are fixed at that stage for problem resolution, and maybe is like that because the global view and high tech wide spread use is overwhelming, particularly when other happenings show the power is invincible, is way ahead, has all the control of future generations because of a man-made social key construct called money-economy.

    Since now they see the parents were wiped out of the basics in spite of all the efforts the kids witnessed growing up they realize is, indeed, too much of an unneeded load to carry on.

    I agree with them, It just won't work in the ongoing social construct. So that now the developmentally mature and grown ups realize that is even worst of a scam keep going that way.

    useful jobs/activities where they can appreciate how things got to this point. Pushing buttons to accomplish the high tech treats of today has a lag period of unrecognized contributors, and not everything is "magic" but rather how the reasoning of the earlier people led to today. The improvements should include quality rather than speed, and maybe that should bring back the self-esteem needed.

    Don't make fun of them, but we are indeed powerless by many criteria. And that is still the advanced west civilization.

  10. Well said! We need 1,000 people on each college campus in the US and Western Europe promoting this simple and blatantly obvious truth. Talk about an elephant in the room that so few people are even able to see, let alone properly express. Great job!

  11. Sweet and to the point!

  12. People really accepted disagreement in 1915? People wouldn't have even accepted my existence in their neighborhood, let alone let me stay safely in their neighborhood while advocating for individual rights. That is a total misreading of history.

  13. It's a generation of crybabies, spineless no balls men is what it is! If things don't go their way, they throw a fit … basically 3 year old's that never grew up!

  14. Another way the Virtue Signalling becomes competitive is by estasblishing higher and higher (lower and lower?) standards of rule-breaking so that one might harvest and signal more. Let me give an example; They used to gain 1 point by catching someone who opposed homosexuality. but to get more points they had to make simply 'opposing 'born-gay'' theology worth a point. But then they need more Virtue points so they move it back to even opposing 'gay marriage' (something even many gays opposed) but THAT counts as 1 'homophobe catch' point. When everyone could get a point by catching the use of 'chink' and there wasn't enough they themselves deemed 'Chinaman' worth a point. When those dried up they had to make 'Oriental' worth a 'racist bigot point'. Sometimes they just change terms entirely. 'Black' WAS incorrect and you could get an easy 1 point but then 'African American' was actually worth half a point when 'Black' became correct again. So yes they need to keep moving standards. This is competition virtue signaling and I wonder when they have to start turning on themselves eventually/

  15. This video TRIGGERED me! I need a blanket, a binkie and a lolly to nibble on while I curl up in a fetal position. sigh

    I was in an elevator with some limp-wristed little dick nibbler the other day. He loudly asked his coworker if there were any more protests downtown (Chitown). Dude told me didn't know nor care. Snowflake then told him there was a protest on the FUCKING LA FREEWAY and a snowflake got hit by a car. He was so worried about whether or not the dipshit moron was okay. I replied, "Gee, I hope the car was alright."

    Snowflake told me to go fuck Trump. I told him I didn't vote for that dipshit, but I would not even consider voting for Killary the Terrorist. Bitch almost started tearing up as I walked out of the lift. Is all of this bullshit created by the media, or is it real? Please tell me it's bullshit……but I guess Snowflake proved it was real.

  16. Well there you have it Lefties & from one of your own.
    So Dan here & Sargon & Johnathon Pie all have told you why you lost and are losing.
    Will you self reflect & learn from this…? Time will tell I guess, but if current form continues then obviously no.

  17. maybe it IS!craigslist recruitment adds were offerin 15-35 dollars an hour with bennies. what ltruistic pap.

  18. LIKE OMG! Like it's the current year. lol

  19. This is a good point: "An age that is moralistic rather than moral."

  20. It goes way beyond opinions and egocentrism. There's also lack of self esteem, work ethic, calmness in tough situation, and an overall stilness of mind that all our ancestors had. anyway. I'm out now

  21. Two minutes of uncomfortable truth for the snowflakes……

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