HUGE!! #Pizzagate John Podesta’s Pizza Mansion?! Podesta Horror Film? Clinton Sandusky Connection. #Pizzagate #PizzaMansion #Pedogate #Skippy #ArrestPodesta

I am reaching out to those on 4Chan, Reddit, and Voat. Please contact me. This matter is urgent.

Podesta Horror Film link (caution- extremely disturbing):

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39 thoughts on “HUGE!! #Pizzagate John Podesta’s Pizza Mansion?! Podesta Horror Film? Clinton Sandusky Connection. #Pizzagate #PizzaMansion #Pedogate #Skippy #ArrestPodesta

  1. god bless, keep up the good work

  2. Does anyone know what the source of that awful video was originally? I wonder how it got leaked. The only thing I can make out at one point is a figure sort of jumping and bringing his arms down at the same time. The screams are horrific. Whatever is being done is a whole lot worse than poking with a stick.

  3. It's sad that trolls are here too😔.

  4. I came across your channel few hours ago and just can't stop watching your videos..My stomach just rolled at all the information… thank you so very much for what you're doing..

  5. Why is it taking so long to bring these vile, evil people down? This needs to come out NOW!!!! These are babies we are talking about!!!

  6. J Noir, that video yesterday was hysterical!!! As far as DS concerned, not sure what's going on w him. Definitely overly stressed. Regarding gold thing, I have always thought gold/silver better investment yet still have the elites. They just won't go away! lol. Also, I have heard the feds are going to raise rates next meeting BC that is one way to hurt Trump and his efforts. Either way we all better figure out a way to keep our investments secure.
    I love idea of interviewing. Will be great! Don't Stop!!!!!

  7. I bet his torture chamber is located there.

  8. Keep it real!!! So glad there is another real passionate truther…satanism is rapidly growing through out this country! Thank you so much for your brave heart that searches for real honesty. The light is a good point. The fallen angel Lucifer was called the angel of light and was the highest angel( before he got jealous of the special relationship of Adam and God had). That is the light that we finally are seeing those waking up at least. We do NOT want to be PARTICIPANTS to the ancient mysteries and knowledges. And by seeing the new darkness sinful disgusting acts AND IGNORING IT?????that is participating! Thank you for making the spiritual side of this EVIDENT AND THAT IT IS A MAJOR WAY TO SAVE THE CHILDREN! You are one brave soul. Never Defend yourself. Never give them the power of seeing you in any suffering of your flesh heart or soul. Don't even give them the satisfaction of mentioning that you know they are there or your reading the comments of the child loving sick MF!!! You are way too good for that bc you are wanting only positive effects to the world around you! When you suffer it's no dif than those poor kids suffering. They are empowered by both

  9. 0:50…true dat!!! You are a very, very smart guy.

  10. the flag on Google as is still there and only there a week ago as far as I can tell

  11. Oh God Almighty! I'm seeing a little girl with her wrists tape to a wall on one of the pick me pictures. It was put up by negligent gamer.

  12. I think the child in the shower was drugged on hallucinogens. It's very reminiscent of what I've read about MKULTRA victims and causing splits in personalities…

  13. J Noir…. Jeremy, right? I need to contact you. Are you available on Twitter for a DM?? I found something strange. Thank you.

  14. found it… DHundrethMonkee…

  15. John Podesta is a sadistic and deranged insane maniac!! This is so awful! I can't stop thinking about the children. Where are all of the children? Where do they actually live?? In these awful prison cells?! I keep hearing this in my head and visualize their horror!! Oh, my dear God! Please, please let these awful people be caught and severely punished or put to death for the crimes committed to Your little ones!

  16. Coming to you from another channel. Going to just watch you. Stay safe and blessed! I research on my own and the mansion blew my mind.

  17. what is going to take to arrest these people? THIS is what our country needs to riot about

  18. A group of people need to find this place and do some digging the FBI are doing jack shit …we the people need to solve this …go there search around you never know what you might find all it takes is one piece od evidence to blow this wide open.

  19. Guys read this article, is a DHS guy answering questions about Pizzagate

  20. Don't enjoy the real horrific videos either so disturbing. Prefer to hear about it than watch it.

  21. There is a multi air strip right by the Bohemian Grove at: Rail Road Ave. & Bohemian Ave.
    So the address to this supposed Podesta prop is 22169 King Ridge Rd. Cazadero, Calif
    It is listed as a private road and the camp for kids near there "Camp Cazadero" is rated 5 stars but looks like 2 stars with no photos of great activities or crew (boring photos shown) and it (camp) has been there since 1957…*the whole area is creeepy!*
    I just went down the road-(google maps street view of KING RIDGE ROAD) after entering the whole address and you will see no homes. You will find a drive with old gate. The addresses do not jive between the "man on street view" and the "google address view" while in that area but they have good power lines down into the property.

  22. Continued Prayers for the Children! May the Light of the Father continue to expose all the evil works done in darkness. May the Father Bless and Keep you safe in your work J Noir.

  23. omg we were looking into this on endchan…. nobody could figure it out what this was… Holy shit

  24. The video's been removed. No big surprise there. I think that Youtube a few other places should go down with the pedophiles for protecting them.

  25. Keep up the good work!

  26. Keep up the good job! Expose the Truth!

  27. the twitter link of Podesta does not exist. it was removed???!!! by who???!!!

  28. great stuff brother keep digging and pushing for this to come to a resolution the number of kids that go missing in the vacinity of DC is staggering at minimum 10 times the amount of kids missing in states much bigger keep doing this j noir THIS MATTERS MAN THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK

  29. I HIGHLY encourage people to read this essay/article
    If you are unfamiliar with David Wilcock, he has basically dedicated his entire life to exposing the corruption of the system that we have been in. He has a few shows on GaiaTV, which is like Netflix for consciousness. The amount of information this guy has put out there is absolutely staggering. And another thing – people tried to pass off this whole #pizzagate thing as something Trump's people came up with in order to derail Hillary's campaign. Problem with that is I have been hearing about mass institutionalized pedophilea ever since I "woke up", which was almost two and a half years ago. How the mainstream media made it into a joke was nothing less than sickening. Really, it's up to the collective consciousness to catch on.

  30. I watched it and felt the same way, it was horrific and it did sound like Podesta. What freaked me out was that the child cried "John" more than once, and then the evil voice from John. It was abhorrent and left me feeling sick. I can't watch it again. This thing needs to break. I don't know why more people are not making a big deal out of the the Podesta brother McCann abduction police sketch. It is a direct connection. Freaking bizarre world that we live in brother.

  31. I ain't watching that shit !

  32. Why….. Omg!! No words!!

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