How “THEY DID IT”!!! HOW The Mandela Effect WORKS!!! EXPLAINED! #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2

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46 Thoughts to “How “THEY DID IT”!!! HOW The Mandela Effect WORKS!!! EXPLAINED! #PizzaGate #Corruption #pizzagate2”

  1. When something is being observed it reacts as we expect it to…when we don't observe it, it reacts quite differently.  (Scientific find)

  2. If you think that is proof take a look at Carl Sagan the "pop culture" Astronomer who I watched through out my childhood and really got me interested in all of this. You may want to break out the champagne since this proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are NOT CRAZY:


  3. I've watched this several times. 999 out of a 1000 videos are just playing around with the same pieces of the puzzle, adding essentially nothing, while this video changed my whole perspective on this mystery, and where to look for answers. Good finds, and agree with much of your reasoning. Some people think the answer will turn out to be that someone pressed a button at CERN, or that the shadow gov. have mastered mind control via radiowaves and are simply planting false memories in parts of the population for reasons unknown. I don't blame them really, most people would choose to explore the theories that don't force you to change your view of space and time, and what, or who, your soul/consciousness really is. I fear that the closest we'll get to a correct answer in our life time will only be about as correct as people sitting around a fire in the Stone Age and come to the conclusion that the sun must be someone making a really big fire somewhere in the sky.

  4. if I married Jim an had 3 children time line 1 .But married Joe and had 1 child time line 2. The time lines merged together and I think I have 2 husband's & 4 kids.WTF

  5. you got the Forrest Gump line backwards unless this is also Mandela effect

  6. Hello.
    Lately there have been happening stuff to me that somehow it's showing me how everything falls into place. And weirdly makes sense.
    You and your channel are part of that.

    (Excuse me if this doesn't make sense, and excuse my English if it's a little weird).

  7. i have been trying to find a paper written last year by a prof at oxford, who theorises that the branching of timelines is what dilutes DNA causing mutations.
    these mutations are basically read/write errors in our dna and cause cancer, he goes into more detail but thats the rub.
    but it seems to no longer exist .

  8. oh OK I'm a benevolent being how can I join your group

  9. but what is happening to the alternate me's becuase I have had the memories and actual lived in other lifelines that I was not married and a other actual life that I was heading down married to another you know what you get it I have lived all these dif lifelines so what happened to the other mes hey I just heard what to say I'm no troll I'll replay and see how to join your group

  10. wait what? it was always Flintstones lol

  11. and a version of us that never left the spiritual realm at all. So these elite are a virus of evil in the construct? or another splitting off of ourselves? Our dark side?

  12. P.S. And, yes I will pay the $5.00. Only a week into it. Have had little sleep from looking at lots of videos about it.  When one views a lot of Mandela Effect videos, you can get the bigger picture. Personal experience is Billy Graham. Definitely remember him dying a few years ago. But really remember it, because at the time the news had said something that Billy Graham was the kind of person that did not allow abuse to himself, and he did not allow abuse to people around him. I took on that philosophy. That's why I remember THAT memory so well. Thank you again. A new saying…see you somewhere here or there. OR How about a TV Reality at CERN? :)

  13. This is one of the best videos I've seen that explains the effect to the core!!! Fantastic job. I want to join your group and anything you have to do with it. Thank you so much!!!!

  14. I apologize. Let me say that one part a little better. This Earth is Ascending to a new vibrational set point. Those of us that match that new higher frequency will find a "new" Earth. Those of us that are still at the lower frequency levels will remain on the lower frequency Earth.

  15. rhubarbcheese – To answer your question – There are at least 2 Earths located 80 million light years apart. Each Earth had (only Creator knows) how many different parallel reality streams. The reality streams on at least my Earth collapsed together leaving only one version of each human. For some reason which I assume is due to being "awake" our conscientiousness's were relocated on this Earth. My guess is that this Earth is located in the correct position for the Galactic Wave that we are NOW experiencing. I believe from here the collective mass consciousness is breaking into 2 distinct consciousness groups. Those that are living at a higher frequency will go onto the the 5th dimension & the other group remains in some form of 3-D.

  16. Thank you for your work. Lately I have been telling people: “I am gathering all my “fractals” and I am leaving this place.” When I say “fractals”, I mean all the “other” me s that exist in all the other realities. There seems to be an infinite amount of them…. For some reason I just want to gather up all my other selves, put all of us back together and leave. Not sure where I'm going though…….

  17. It isn't weird when you realise that observation IS reality and there is no such thing as objective reality. There is only observation. This indeed events are created as they are observed. We think am event occurs and then we observe it. But that supposition always wrong. We assumed events caused observation. We did not realise that observation is the whole thing

  18. I'm a benevolent Being and I would like to be part of your group!

  19. It might be apparent, but the issue with the double slit experiment, is that you eject photons from your retina, and also from any sort of camera that you could use (to pick up the image). The collision between the photons and the electrons collapses their wave behavior/cancels out the motion. So the issue is that you can't witness it without making physical contact.

  20. What about the Animals Observing in the forrest when the tree falls.We are animals too and we can hear the sound of the tree

  21. Is this falling back into the one real main timeline the explanation for the resurgence of the flat Earth model and the awakening that many are having that we are not on a spinning ball but instead on a motionless plane and are in fact the center of the universe?

  22. the multi verse is real and when they entangle things can be altered

  23. scientists have detected another universe bumping up against ours and that's how quantum entanglement works. not some remote viewers going back in time and asking them to change it.

  24. even if things have changed that's not how it would happen.

  25. Maybe the Mandela is just a side effect of something else?

  26. what the french toast just 3 days ago it was The Flinstones without the letter T and now it's the real FlinTstones again like it always was from the beginning , what the hell's going on????

  27. so if nobody heard your video or saw your video then that means you never made the video,( LOL) because IT) you video was never there acco, LOL, LMAO, acording to your theory

  28. I'm pretty sure Einstein got it just fine.

  29. so what is causing the realities to suddenly start blending together? also, where is this all leading to?

  30. why did your old channel get shut down?

  31. Maybe we're melting into the zero point. I think so, been feeling that way for about 3 years. Maybe, we were "moved" out of timelines litterally, perhaps to avoid a catastrophe as other people have suggested… such intense times we live in, love it… lol… for the most part.

  32. For those that want to blame all this on some kind of mind control – You are giving away all of your power. You are simply continuing to do what has gotten us into this 3 Stooges reality in the first place. You actually believe that something can intrude upon your consciousnesses without your permission. IMPOSSIBLE! You are still asleep. And there is nothing wrong with that but try to recognize this absolute truth that NOTHING can force itself upon you then you will begin to wake up. NO FEAR

  33. Oh. And i am the most benevolent being you will ever meet! ^_^ I never hurt anyone!

  34. Thank you, the Orcas told me this many years ago, there life is like that, but I did not realise that we do the same. Now I realise what they wanted to tell me 😁

  35. Hi nice to have your perception on ME. I have been hearing about reality shift/ timeline merge/multi universe etc. As many feel or believe if we have been shifted to another reality or dimension, my doubt is – for eg : do several maaya(self)exist in other realities or just one maaya exist and getting moved to other realities? Infact since a year or so I feel so different than before not in appearance but in my attitude and perception to look at life. Why I feel so as the changes was almost sudden and dramatic. Is it normal or part of any evolution or is it just another personal ME? If you can put some light on these doubts it would be wonderful to have your call on it.. thank you.

  36. It makes sence to me, yes I would like to know More about this.thank you.

  37. Speaking of time lines there is a YouTube video Dan burisch Arggo explains it all.

  38. What do you mean WE are fixing things? At th e end of vidio. Do you work for someone?? You know! Thank you for th e vidio!

  39. As Lorde sang…I live in a hologram with you. 3 eyes, 2 are thieves…the truth of existence is mind-boggling.

  40. Hey is a hologram, a computer program!!! The controller can do what ever they want to the program.

  41. That was so beautifully explained, thank you, Byron!

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