How Obama, Trump and Congress are responding to Russian hacks in the U.S. election #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

U.S. intelligence agencies blame Russia for a series of hacks meant to undermine the presidential election. President Obama said the U.S. will respond in a yet-to-be-determined way. But President-elect Donald Trump still questions the intelligence assessment and the belief by some that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed the attacks to bolster Trump’s campaign. Trump also announce his choice for secretary of state: ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson who has close ties with Russia. In his year-end press conference, President Obama also addressed the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria and the options being considered by the White House.


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34 thoughts on “How Obama, Trump and Congress are responding to Russian hacks in the U.S. election #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

  1. You guys suck with this idiotic video! You have more hates than likes! Bad video and stupid talking people! Trump 2017

  2. this is a table of s*** starters they are feeding you propaganda ,lies, and BS. They all work for a fake news organizations

  3. of course he was trying to tip the odds in Hillary's favor. Barry Obama, Michael Obama,and pervert Joe Biden we're all out there doing rallies for her.
    America better wake the fuck up. we will have to force these criminals out

  4. the Rino Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats they will all go down soon

  5. Former FBI agent and whistleblower Coleen Rowley says we've heard from the FBI and the CIA, but it is the NSA that would be the critical agency because of how it monitors communications
    That sounds more like true statement!

  6. Russia should have paid big league to Hire some Democrats to hack there own party Because they know how to Lie ,Steal, and Cheat better than anyone on the planet.

  7. What a fitting end to a failed presidency. It ended like it began, with lies, fear mongering and incompetence.

  8. VLADIMIR PUTIN  a former KGB AGENT,  absolutely  HATES  The United States and the American People. We cannot allow our Elections to be Hacked.
    During the Presidential Campaign, when I went to HILLARY CLINTON'S WEBSITE where People can DONATE MONEY ONLINE, various Messages appeared on my Computer Screen that essentially indicated that that Website was being HACKED.   It's very possible that during the Presidential Campaign, VLADIMIR PUTIN caused ONLINE MONETARY DONATIONS to Hillary Clinton's Campaign, to be DIVERTED from Hillary's Campaign; if that did occur, that probably DRASTICALLY HARMED Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign and that probably cost her MILLIONS of VOTES.   That Website should be immediately INVESTIGATED  to Discern whether PUTIN DIVERTED DONATIONS AWAY FROM CLINTON'S CAMPAIGN.
    I voted for Hillary Clinton, and I like the Clintons.  Allegedly Vladimir Putin absolutely Hates the Clintons, because supposedly during Bill Clinton's Presidency, Bill Clinton very Skillfully got Boris Yeltsin to essentially allow NATO to expand to Russia's borders.

  9. every thing the white house has said has been proven to be a lie,, Obama really shouldn't be in the oval office… No one knows anything about him or Micheal.. Dodgy birth certificate

  10. abit like his birth certificate,,, ?????

  11. The world is dangerous enough why do we allow liars to push us over the fence? stop it there are no winners!

  12. what's missing here is the truth.

  13. maybe Hillary Obama and McCain will nuke Russia. Maybe they could use a war with Russia to stay entrenched in power.

  14. The elephant in the room is Seth Rich.

  15. Negligence and simply negligence (for security, welfare and law implementation). This is how Obama government hammered its legacy. Obama got no teeth, no backbones and no claws – a leader compared to a plain squid. While basking with his political glory promoted by US media – China made all its upportunity to exploit Obama's weakness. Who whined when Obama get insulted in a China tarmac during a recent summit? China just caught a US water drone to copy and mass-produce. What reason made China a veryfast tech monster?…..somebody's negligence

  16. When one country hacks into another country rim of communication of the way it carries out it's way of living, they doing because they have investment or wants to gain an investment. People speaking "in the what is the next move" know they step already or they will behind. America has hacked into other countries ways of life, but this time the enemy is doing it to them. Russia is not the country you want to make deals not in this day and time.

  17. CIA LIED about WMD's and many other thing before. They are also fabricating the entire lie about russia hacking the election, don't believe what they tell you.

  18. See the movie Wag The Dog ……

  19. Did ever see the  movie wag the dog??  Demon crats have shown themselves to be great liars…News does not want to lose their ignorant base. And Is Julian dead????? Something is not right here. I smell stink..Could it be the swamp creatures stirring???

  20. During the election Obama said she didnt get hacked…now she has? LOCK HER UP

  21. its what Russia found is whats being ignored….PROOF HILLARY IS CROOKED.

  22. United States can't be trusted !

  23. How bout pizzagate u faggot ass

  24. Shut up obama . Ur voice is bad enough

  25. It's all BS , it's Obama trying to stab Trump in the back , Obama is a FRUAD and a TRAITOR to the people of the US . TDS .

  26. They keep saying hacking the election! No they hacked Hillary (somebody did) and exposed what we needed to know. I guess we should not know the truth to make a clear choice! Far as Obama goes he is just Butt Hurt!

  27. Why should the American people believe a word our intelligence agencies say, they've done nothing but lie and shred the Constitution in more ways then I can count.

  28. Obama , show the prove and fact or SHUT UP !
    thats what now in our country so popular responding your FAKE NEWS " Prove it or SHUT UP ! "

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