SDVOSB LATVIAN CONNECTION LLC can say from experience that Hillary Clinton is Anti Veteran and Anti U.S. Small Business. The State Department is hiding solicitations from U.S. Small Businesses on 270 different websites and one of the reasons the Board of Broadcasting Governors and the Department of State do this is so that they can pander to companies engaged in Human Trafficking violations. In the case of the Middle East – all of the employees on contracts with the BBG and State Department have their passports confinscated. That is modern-day Slavery. Hillary had the chance to fire those incompetent contracting officers and did not. She also had the obligation to only solicit contract from U.S. Small Businesses under the Rule of 2 and under the Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business Program and did not. She chose modern-day slavery.

SDVOSB Latvian Connection also sees accomplices in this modern day slavery that Hillary Clinton was the Head Slave Master of the State Department Slave Ship


Help us get this information out there, share this article around, make people aware of what is really going on.


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One thought on “HILLARY CLINTON HUMAN TRAFFICKING SLAVE MASTER ANTI U S SMALL BUSINESS ANTI VETERAN 3 #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries

  1. http://www.SDVOSB-AGAINST-HILLARY.com I filed 2 GAO Protests against Hillary for violating the Small Business Act at just one of 270 consulates. These 2 protests are documented on https://www.SDVOSB-AGAINST-HILLARY.com and so is my video of the 2 protests to the GAO filed on AUG 5, 2016 and the GAO covered up for Hillary's crimes by diverting the attention from those 2 protests and issued B-413442 on AUG 18, 2016 to circumvent their responsibility under the Competition in Contracting Act and the GAO's own decision that if the white collar criminal contracting officer fails to publish on the ONLY OFFICIAL website to post solicitations, http://www.FBO.gov then a protest can be filed well past 10 days because there was no constructive notice.
    B-296984,B-296993.4 WorldWide Language Resources, Inc 6 MONTHS LATER in the WORLDWIDE case. I just filed against the white collar criminal Hillary Clinton a couple of years later and also against the white collar criminal Procurement office of U.S. Embassy Kuwait.

    Before you say but the contract was awarded already and appear to know more about filing GAO Protests than I do, then look at the 1 agency our of 440 called the Department of Veteran's Affairs went to the Supreme Court and was ruled on 8 – 0 against the white collar criminal Procurement Offices of the VA.

    however, there is still a live controversy between Kingdomware and the government because the same scenario is likely—indeed, virtually certain—to repeat itself again and again in the future for contracts of comparably short duration. The case thus falls squarely within the “special category of disputes that are ‘capable of repetition’ while ‘evading review,’” Turner v. Rogers, 131 S. Ct. 2507, 2515 (2011), and therefore are not moot even though the specific “order attacked has expired,” Nebraska Press Ass’n v. Stuart, 427 U.S. 539, 546 (1976). Indeed, disputes over government contracts are a paradigmatic example of controversies capable of repetition, yet evading review, particularly the types of contracts likely to elicit bids from small businesses like Kingdomware.

    REPETITION WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL REPETITION OF DENNIS J. GALLAGHER who Latvian Connection LLC has beating dozens of times where this lawyer cancels the solicitation rather than face another loss to Latvian at the GAO. I beat the State Department and FEDBID ( bid-rigging corrupt monopoly reverse auction with an Obama Appointee Joseph Jordan [ SBA ASSISTANT DIR and OPFF appointee who violated the United States Executive Ethics and Integrity rules to jump over to FEDBID in 1 week instead of waiting 1 year] ) LATVIAN BEAT WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL GALLAGHER IN B-410947 where the SBA were invited to comment and LATVIAN beat GALLAGHER again in B-412814.

    REPETITION WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL INCOMPETENT CAMP ARIFJAN KUWAIT LAWYER CHARLES WILDER III and the FOUNDING RACKETEERING INFLUENCED CORRUPT ORGANIZATION contracting office that LATVIAN has beaten dozens of times but these white collar criminals lost when they had to shut down their bid rigging website http://www.USMILITARYCONTRACTING.com and then the Army had to shut down ASFI when they lost to LATVIAN in B-411489.

    The Army's SWAMP RAT CORRUPTION Head Quarters of Camp Arifjan caused Congress to say WTF Pentagon – are you guys really that fucking corrupt and dishonest ……………….. AND CONGRESS CREATED THE ARMY CONTRACTING COMMAND which is still as corrupt and CHARLES WILDER IS STILL INCOMPETENTLY ADVISING NOT TO PUBLISH SOLICITATIONS with a value of greater than $ 25,000

    The GAO stated exactly for Charles Wilder and the RICO operation in Kuwait :

    For the record, we also disagree with the Army’s argument that the protester had constructive knowledge of amendment No. 4 as of April 28, the date the agency posted amendment No. 4 on the AFSI website. The AFSI website is not a government-wide point of entry (GPE) designated for the publication of solicitations. Instead, FedBizOpps has been designated as the GPE–that is, the single point where government business opportunities greater than $25,000 (such as the solicitation here), including synopses of proposed contract actions, solicitations, and associated information, can be accessed electronically by the public. FAR §§ 5.101, 5.101(a)(1), 5.102.4
    While offerors are charged with constructive notice of procurement actions published on the GPE, Latvian Connection did not have constructive notice in this instance because AFSI is not the GPE. See DBI Waste Sys., Inc., B-400687, B-400687.2, Jan. 12, 2009, 2009 CPD ¶ 15 at 2.

    3 days after the GAO ruled in favor of LATVIAN CONNECTION GENERAL TRADING AND CONSTRUCTION LLC, the corrupt Pentagon shut down bid-rigging site ASFI ( Army Single Face Industry ) and 2 days after that – the corrupt Pentagon shut down PROCNET.

    But the corrupt Obama Administration and the Racketeering Criminal Enterprise Pentagon now either email directly to circumvent the Small Business Act or they post to https://www.JCCS.gov an illegal improper site run by the Racketeering DLA -Defense Logistics Agency.

    WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS LIKE DENNIS J. GALLAGHER AND CHARLES WILDER III are wasting U.S. Tax Payer money incompetently advising that Competition should not take place and that it is ok to steer contracts and take kickbacks.

    In fact Charles Wilder covered up for 2 companies that MAJ John Cockerham stated he took bribes from and kept the GULF GROUP Court of Federal Claims Court case under seal so those 2 companies could continue to get contracts and CHARLES WILDER did what he could to cover-up for this and many other white collar crimes on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait – like Prime Contractors stealing their employees over-time pay or committing fraud by filing fraudulent contracts that under-report the employees pay to defraud the employee at a later date. This is the integrity of a U.S. Army lawyer that defends white collar criminals and even encourages white collar criminal activity and cheating SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESSES.

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